Your Mask is not to kill the Virus or boost your Immune System or increase the Oxygen in the Air ðŸ˜‚

I am sure you know that these masks that we wear, enthusiastically or forcefully, were intended originally to keep the wearer (infected person) from making others sick & from spreading the virus. 🤔

But now in this spread, we all have been told to wear these to reduce exposure to airborne particles & protecting us from this virus. Hope it does!

But I am pretty sure that your surgical masks, N95 masks, respirator masks, or anything else that you wear, can not kill the virus or boost your immune system or increase the oxygen in the air that you literally have to breathe. 😂

If your immune system is compromised or you are not well or at high risk for complications from any kind of virus or flu, then best is to remain safe & avoid going out. Mask may not be enough to protect you. Social distancing is the best medicine for you. 🙏

Let me remind you that your immune systems originally is built to combat the wildest of things.

You need to very conscious about your health, body & immune system. Your healthy diet & exercise can contribute to general good health & can strengthen your immune system. But, instead of making it strong, you weaken it day after day. I think knowingly in most cases.

Similarly, your mind is one of the most powerful thing in this universe. When you feed it bad, bad things will come of it. It will absorb more of the negativity from surroundings & spread negative energy into your world. Remember, whatever you are watching & whatever you are hearing is your food for your mind.

Therefore in this covid time, I bring the following two thoughts/ scenarios to you in order to minimize the impact of negativity in your life & world:

  • Avoiding “INFECTION” when others bring negativity to you. There is so much negativity, pessimism, criticism, darkness around us, we should always take care of what to absorb & what to avoid. Take the right precautions.
  • Do not spread negativity to others when you are angry, grumpy or frustrated. So often, you begin to spread negativity through your thoughts, actions & reactions without realising you are doing so! Take the right precautions.

Let your positive thoughts, gentle words & good deeds spread positivity, optimisim, love & joy in your world.

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