If it should have, it would have… don’t take too much stress! 😂

Darling listen – don’t stress over all the Could haves. I mean if it should have, it would have.

For me, this thought always bring a smile to my face & sigh of relief. I hope it does the same for you!

Think about the things you want to achieve & take ownership of them, don’t let these “should have thoughts” drive your life for long. Every one get lost on their way & feel overwhelmed, it is quite normal. But you have to get rid of all these remorseful “should thoughts” asap & push forward to do things that help you keep going.

Also one very important recommendation – during this period, don’t be tempted by the things you “shouldn’t have.”

I know a few of these things will entice you, may be as an immediate solution to your “should thoughts” or “problems” & also taste the sweetest, but the regret you will feel after having these is not worth the feast.

I’m practicing to reduce these “should thoughts” & I sincerely hope you too will!

Please begin to create alternate thoughts that are more realistic, logical & long-lasting. These should be thoughts, ideas & plans that acknowledge the concerns & identify an effective change that you can really make. Start reminding yourself of what you should be doing in present moment rather than just feeling anxious & disheartened over all the “Shoulds”.

I know I have written about these things many a times earlier also but time & again, these come up in conversations I have with people. So many of us are really good at these & keep our minds plagued with these “should thoughts.”

Sweetheart, be in driver’s seat! Take action & start changing your life from today itself for the better tomorrow!

I pray & wish a shift in your perspectives so that you can open yourself up to new opportunities & attract new blessings filled with great experiences 💐

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