To your growth, happiness & health πŸ₯‚

As long as you are alive, waking up is normal but waking up with full intentions is a blessing.

Darling listen – I know some of us love these mornings, some, not so much. Regardless of what time you wake up, I just want you to wake up better, happier, healthier & with the clear intent to push yourself in every way throughout the day. Stay connected to that larger momentum that you have created in the morning itself.

I want you to announce your intentions to the Universe at the beginning of the day itself (during daily prayers). Please remember that setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity.

It is for this reason that some people remain happy, focused & motivated during the whole day. Because they know that it is not only them, but the Universe is working behind the scenes to effect the miracles they’ve requested at the beginning & they have faith in themselves & the Universe.

According to our Upanishads (Holy Vedic Text), β€œYou are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your action. As your action is, so is your destiny.”

Let your morning intentions set the Universe inΒ  motion in right direction. Do whatever you can do with love & dedication throughout the day. Wait & trust the Universe to orchestrate the complete fulfillment of your desires as & when it thinks the season is right. That’s it. Hope you have understood it well.

Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings πŸ’

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