Begin to do what matters to you, makes you credible, unforgettable & deserving of His blessings 🙏

Remember, the life you have left is a gift, privilege, opportunity & responsibility to do good, become better, live a productive life that’s filled with purpose & building a legacy that will outlive you.

Your remaining life is also about fulfilling your commitments, making some sacrifices, letting go & finding balance (peace).

Darling listen – you need to ask yourself, what legacy do you want to leave behind, what sacrifices you are ready to make, what are those things that you can let go & what type of balance you wish to achieve?

In my opinion the purpose of our remaining life should be to become calm, balanced, healthy, more useful, more honorable, admirable, more compassionate & make some difference that we have lived & lived well..

I pray God to guide & help you to cherish your life & learn to use your precious moments to live remaining life fully, every single second of every single day. Let you immediately begin to do what matters to you, makes you credible, unforgettable, significant, magnificent & deserving of His blessings 🙏

Good luck & Best Wishes 💐

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