I wish everything that is good for you follow you, find you, embrace you & stay with you 🙏

Yesterday a dear friend called me & told me that manifestation & law of attraction is not working even though he is practicing it religiously since some time (on my recommendation). He said he is not getting what he wants.

My answer to him & everyone here is this – I never said that you will get what you want. I & this universal law says you attract what you are in real 🤣. Hope it is clear now?

It is amateurish & too ambitious to expect that Universe will send you everything you desire just because you are asking for it. You will have to put yourself out there completely to make universe to send you the good you deserve.

Darling listen – to attract iron, you must be a magnet & to attract bees, you need to become a flower. Don’t you know it🤔? Pay attention to what you usually think, feel, intent & do mostly, that’s what you are attracting. Is it making some sense?

There is no room for artificiality, faking, ill will, bad deeds & negativity. Genuinely be the magnet, become good & you will attract naturally. I repeat – if you want this law to work in your favour, you have to change your thoughts, energy, outlook & your daily activities (which for many of us is a lot of work 🤭).

When you become genuinely good, positive & do what’s necessary, you will attract good, positive & things or events that you deserve.

I wish everything that is good for you follow you, find you, embrace you & stay with you 🙏

Tons of Blessings 💐

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