A Toast to Those Who Admire, Support & Love Us đŸ¥‚

Today, A Toast…..to all the people who carry peace, love, joy & good intentions for everyone & everything in their heart!

A Toast to all the people who inspire everyone, who fill people with enthusiasm & make everyone want to do more with their lives.

A Toast to all the people who encourage everyone around them to dream bigger, push harder & lead a more fulfilling life.

A toast to brightly colored, divine visionaries, magicians & awakened ones whose only purpose is to feed every soul & not drain it.

A Toast to all those who pray & include every near & dear ones in their prayers, speak to & listen to God, see God’s will in everything, do good & through their words & deeds shine light & provide nourishment for all the souls around.

A Toast to those also who are trying to find the answers to difficult questions & doing some of the hard things & handling the roughness of life..

A Toast to all those people who have made a difference in our lives & as a result have contributed—in one way or another.

Here’s to you đŸ¥‚.

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