Focus on people & things that keep your heart really pumping & joints in motion 🤣!

Today I wish to suggest you to lookout for good – goodness, genuine friendships, love, loyalty, inspirations & laughter. Start paying attention to all those people, places & things that gets your juice moving & lift your spirit, gives you energy, make you feel more vital & involved in living.

Darling listen – our connection to these people & things which make us feel excited about our life comes from above, call it the divine, source or god. Adore, Cherish & Treasure them!

When you are fully engaged with your life & feel good, alive & more vibrant, you will naturally draw more good events, right people & favorable situations to you. This is the Law of Attraction, which says the things that match your frequency will be drawn to you.

Sweetheart, please ask yourself, “what is catching my attention, making me feel good & motivating me to do something great lately? What is making me smile these days? What is calling out for me to seek, explore, learn or do?” Focus & align yourself & your deeds accordingly to begin your new expansion!

I wish & hope that your days ahead be filled with peace, joy, love, laughter & good cheers! Tons of Blessings 💐

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