Let you start living a front seat life in 2023… There is no fun in being third row 🤭.

In 2023, I want you to learn to take a seat in the front row. Except the movie theaters, don’t be afraid to sit in the front row.

Please allow me to ask this question – at this very moment, which row are YOU living your life in? I mean, in the grand joy ride of life, where would you say you currently sit? Or where would you like to sit?

Darling listen – there is no fun in being third row 🤭. I’d like to see you in the front row.

I am writing this because most of the people want to take back seats (habitually, just to avoid being seen, bcoz they don’t want to take responsibility, bcoz they won’t be able cheat in from rows or bcoz they have never done their homework etc.etc.) 🤭 …

Let you begin to take a front seat whether it is a conference, a joy ride or your life. No one gets ahead in life hiding in the back of the room. Let you start living a Front Seat Life. In short, to getting into the driving seat of your life in 2023?

People have become passengers in their own lives. Front seat living means acknowledging that you hold the keys & own the car! It means you acknowledge you are the driver on this road trip (Life). You are the one who decides to go left or right at the fork in the road. You decide when to stop & refuel. While you may not be able to control the weather but you do get to determine if you’re going to sing or sulk in the rain! That is truly living.

I want you to show up every single day & make it count.. Let you become determined to do more than exist. Don’t just put in an appearance. Be noticed. Put yourself out there & take the risk of being seen.

I wish & hope that you move up to the front row & start taking 100% responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. Let your life become all that you want it to be… Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings!

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