Do not let the energy you expel zap others, not at least unconsciously 🤭.

I wish you to know that your energy speaks what you don’t. Your inner thoughts & intention aren’t truly hidden. Your sadness, happiness, calmness or anger is not really hidden. Their essence reflects in your energy emission.

Every individual constantly emanates or radiates energy – positive or negative. You really don’t need a master’s degree to understand or find out who is emanating a drab & derogatory air of influence or energy & who is radiating the happy, productive, fulfilling & motivating energy.

Sweetheart, please always remember that our energy introduces us before we speak or begin to do something. Our energy dictates how we are perceived & received.

Like everyone, you too have an inherent ability to transmit & receive energy. The way you smile, walk, talk, dress & generally conduct yourself in front of others sends signals that reflect your state of mind at that point in time, what kind of person you are & aspire to be…

Darling listen – be responsible for the energy you carry around with you because it has immense power. Reflect on your energy often & be conscious of how it ripples out into the world & into the lives of others.

If you go about your daily affairs with the mindset that your energy introduces you even before you speak or do anything, you’ll be successful in everything you do & will have better relationships with everyone in your world.

Do not let the energy you expel zap others, not at least unconsciously 🤭. Let it attract & inspire others. Let it be extra positive, enthusiastic & uplifting.

One more thing, before I end this, the energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think like that, that’s why you will mostly find me – jumping, dancing, singing around & trying to cheer everybody up.

Let you constantly radiate happiness, love, peace & bliss. I hope that your energy, excitement & enthusiasm for the things you love never fade. Stay Blessed 💐

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