Embrace & Reclaim Your Greatness & Muchness Again!

I am sure you will agree that this crucial time will make this entire generation to revisit their definition of life, success & happiness.

It is the time which will inspire all of us to move toward conscious living, enjoy regular family meals, meditate, pray, eat natural foods, reducing chemicals & purchase only what is needed & essential.

It is time to redesign your life – a simple life. It’s time to focus only on the essentials. Let you use this time to design a life of less & more, I mean more of what you love & less of what you don’t 🤣. It’s a process & the whole world is in it together.

In all these years, we all have learned & adopted some poor habits, bad life styles, improper behaviors & have unnecessarily burdened our journey of life. Now is the time to approach these issues as opportunities to learn who you are in real sense & who you are not. It is the time to make yourself free & once again to just be original you.

It is also an opportunity to learn to get out of your head & find your way back to your heart. I am sure It is the place where you feel what’s ‘right’ on an instinctual level ( this part can be different for different individuals 😉). There is enough time now to learn to read yourself better. It is time to learn to find what is good for you (when you feel light, bright & happy) & what is not (when you feel heavy, dark & sad inside). Yes you can!

Let you remind yourself that it takes more muscles & effort to frown than to smile, more work to build walls than to love freely. Let you remind yourself that originally you were engineered & made to live simply, lovingly & joyfully. It is the time to live freely & lightly once again.

It is also the opportunity to discover all those decisions & choices that are not in alignment with the person you are. No need to beat yourself up or tank all the hard work you’ve done to get yourself here. You have wonderful ability to choose again even if the moment has passed. Don’t be afraid to take words back & start redoing things because they no longer feel right & are not what you truly desire. Remind yourself that this is a sign of growth and learning. Let every word, thought & deed express who you are now & not who you were in past.

Congratulations… now that you have read this much, I and you both know that you are trying to make some positive changes, learn, grow, & develop yourself — Good luck!

Call to Action

Let go all the misunderstandings about yourself & let go all the fake egoism, fear, attachment & disorders, if any (obviously) & divert your remaining life completely towards happiness, peace & harmony. Let you discover your divine nature & true magnificence that lies within you. Remind yourself about your innate abilities to create a life that resonates with plenty & stability. Let you begin to see yourself & others as a loving, divine & blessed being.

I invite you to embrace & reclaim your significance, magnitude, grandness, greatness & muchness again.

Let you & your world remain free from this chinese virus. I pray to my God to let our country & world pass this storm unscathed. Stay At Home! Stay Safe!

If you have something to add… Please write to me on raj2021@gmail.com.

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