It is an effort to share the universal truths through these quotes, thoughts, insights and musings. Prime objective is to connect/find my true-self through these thoughts and inspire/direct myself along with my world.

I started writing these truths many years back (may be more than a decade now) to reach to myself more & to everyone who needed some kind of inspiration, motivation and blessings to make lives better and more meaningful. Since then a lot of people have copied my style and thought process. I am so very happy & proud to see them doing it.

All my thoughts, payers, reminders, poetry & philosophies are just to help everyone to live the life simply with more love, peace & joy. Neither I claim to be inspired all by myself & nor I think all by myself alone. My work, in fact is ignited by every essence & element present in my circle, life, world and throughout this universe. I only compile these to make the readers smile even if it is only for a moment, increase their happiness, boost their positivity, promote the cheerful environment and bring some sunshine to them.

I wish you all the success, happiness, and joy in life! Stay Blessed!


Let’s build something together.


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