This is a perfect time to become the person you want to be…

This is a perfect time to think your way to the perfect state of health, joy in everyday life & to increase the momentum to achieve success in everything you think or do.

Darling listen – This is the perfect time to start your journey from good to great. This is the perfect time to run into a bright & beautiful future… ✌️.

Begin to focus on your daily routine, the daily process & do those things that you need to do consistently, over & over, again & again.

I wish & hope that while you are out there making your life all that you want it to be, you know that some people are there, who love you & care for you the way you love & care for people…

Here’s wishing you all the joy of the season 🥂. Blessings & Tons of Blessings 💐

Enjoying, Engaging & Savoring every minute of your life is a key to your happiness, health & success!

Today I want you to take every minute of life as a beautiful gift to be cherished & valued. I suggest you to enjoy & savor every minute of it.

Darling listen – I know savoring & enjoying life does not come naturally to you (most of the people). Perhaps because life is so full of daily battles that often we don’t have time to see the roses, what to talk of stopping & smelling them 🤣!

Sweetheart, when savoring doesn’t come naturally to you, I want you to put a few of following things into practice. These will surely help you to savor & enjoy your life.

  • Appreciate your everyday’s experiences
  • Allow yourself to find joy, feel joy & live joyously in this moment, this season & this time.
  • Engage, plug in yourself & participate to make memories.
  • Reflect on cherished memories.
  • Enjoy the feeling of anticipation you get when you look forward to events to come.

Sweetheart, time is an inescapable component of your life. Valuing your time adds meaning to your life. Hence you need to start making every moment count by living it your best.

Believe me, the moment you begin to savor, enjoy & engage, you will blossom in every single way imaginable. Everything about you will become magical for you & your world.

Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

Focus on people & things that keep your heart really pumping & joints in motion 🤣!

Today I wish to suggest you to lookout for good – goodness, genuine friendships, love, loyalty, inspirations & laughter. Start paying attention to all those people, places & things that gets your juice moving & lift your spirit, gives you energy, make you feel more vital & involved in living.

Darling listen – our connection to these people & things which make us feel excited about our life comes from above, call it the divine, source or god. Adore, Cherish & Treasure them!

When you are fully engaged with your life & feel good, alive & more vibrant, you will naturally draw more good events, right people & favorable situations to you. This is the Law of Attraction, which says the things that match your frequency will be drawn to you.

Sweetheart, please ask yourself, “what is catching my attention, making me feel good & motivating me to do something great lately? What is making me smile these days? What is calling out for me to seek, explore, learn or do?” Focus & align yourself & your deeds accordingly to begin your new expansion!

I wish & hope that your days ahead be filled with peace, joy, love, laughter & good cheers! Tons of Blessings 💐

You can’t have a clear head & enjoyable life without filling up with the good stuff!

I know it is hard to give up the junk foods, drinking to excess, criticising, judging, complaining, making excuses, blaming, throwing, exaggerating, lying, drama & dilly-dallying that we enjoy so much, but let’s admit that it’s even more harder & stupid to remain & become tired, weak, sick, addicted, aimless, confused, ineffective, insignificant & useless!

Darling listen – you need to keep yourself cherished & feed your body, mind, heart & soul with what they need, not necessarily what you enjoy giving them 🤔.

You need to remember that you’ll never have a clear head & enjoyable life without filling up with the good stuff!

Sweetheart, please feed them with a clean diet, mindfulness, positive thinking & intentional self-care. Start looking at healthy & positive options as necessary, delicious & satisfying. Start working on yourself & maximizing your potential.

A diet rich in fruits & vegetables, lots of water, walking 10000 steps, positive & optimistic thinking, doing what must be done, prayer, a good wardrobe, a solid fragrance & smile. Check with your world, most of them ignores all these 🤭.

I wish & hope that you become healthy & successful, remain gracious, mindful & present, start connecting more, find appreciation & a deeper level of peace in your life.

Tons of Blessings 💐

रविवारीय प्रार्थना – आपके जीवन में शुचिता, सुमधुरता एवं सुमति सदैव बनी रही।

हम सब के सब मुखौटे लगाते हैं। समय समय पर झूठ सच बोलते हैं, अपने फायदे के लिये। मैं जानता हूं कि हम सब राजनीति करते हैं, क्योंकि इस वक्त जो बाहरी जिंदगी है वँहा सभी राजनीति कर रहे हैं, सबने ही मुखौटे लगा रखे हैं। सभी झूठ सच बोल कर अपना काम चला रहे हैं। मुझे नही पता कि इसमें कितना गलत है और कितनो सही।

मैंने देखा है कि लोग जिससे कह रहे होते हैं कि आपसे मिल कर मज़ा आ गया, भीतर ही भीतर कह रहे होते हैं, समय बर्बाद हो गया 🤭।

मगर ये सरासर गलत है कि इसकी आपको आदत ही लग जाये, सोते जागते आप अपने मुखौटे को लगा कर ही रखें। अपने घर वालों और मित्रों के साथ भी राजनीति करें। आपकी सब की सब बातें झूठ हो जायें। धोखाधड़ी – जालसाजी आपके जीवन यापन का साधन कैसे बन सकती है। ये अच्छी बात नही है।

आप घर मे भी राजनीति करने लगते हैं, मित्रों के साथ राजनीति चल रही है। आप दूसरों को देते देते अपने लोगों को जो आपको अपना सब कुछ मानते हैं उनको भी धोखा देने लगते हैं। उनसे भी आप रूटीन में झूठी बातें कहने लगते हो। आपकी यही आदत जटिलता पैदा करती है।

धीरे धीरे आप इतने कुशल हो जाते हैं कि आप स्वयं को भी धोखा देने लगते हैं, स्वयं से भी झूठ बोलने लगते हैं – ढोंग करने लगते हैं। ऊपर से दिखावे के लिये प्रार्थना करते हैं, मगर न व्यवहार बदलता है न ही कोई ईश्वरीय गुण या सत्प्रवृत्ति अपनाते हैं और न ही आपका ह्रदय पिघलता है, बस झूठ मुठ में प्रार्थना हो जाती है।

मैं बस आपको अपने लेखों के माध्यम से कुछ इस तरह की बातें याद दिलाता रहता हूँ, क्योंकि मेरा मानना है कि जो भी दुष्प्रवृत्ति है या जो गलत रूटीन या बुरी आदत बन गईं हैं – उनके प्रति जागना, उनको देखना, पहचानना और समझना ही शुरुआत है। धीरे धीरे हमारी अंडरस्टैंडिंग, उनके बाबत हमारी समझ बढ़ती चली जाती है और वे सब समझ के अनुपात में ही परिवर्तित होती चली जाती हैं – ठीक होती चली जाती हैं।

महात्मा बुद्ध ने एक बात कही है की जिस घर में अंधेरा होता है उसमें चोर आते हैं तथा जिस घर में दीया जलता होता है उसमें चोर आने से डरते हैं। जिस घर के द्वार पर पहरेदार बैठा होता है उसमें तो चोर कभी नहीं आते। बुद्ध ने कहा, ऐसा ही मनुष्य का चित्त भी है। जिस चित्त में बोध का दीया जलता है, उस चित्त में वे वृत्तियां नहीं आतीं जो घातक हैं। और जिस चित्त पर सजगता का, जागरूकता का, अवेयरनेस का पहरेदार बैठा होता है, उस चित्त में तो कोई भी बुराई प्रवेश करने में असमर्थ हो जाती है।

मुझे पूरी आशा और उम्मीद है कि मेरी इन कुछ बातों पर सोचने, विचारने, समझने से शायद उसमें से कुछ आपको दिखाई पड़ जाए। और यकीन मानिये की जो भी दिखाई पड़ जाए, जो भी समझ आ जाये वही कुछ आपको प्राप्त हो जाएगा – सिद्ध हो जायेगा।

मुझे पूरी उम्मीद है यकीन है कि जो परमात्मा मेरे आपके भीतर छिपा बैठा है, एक दिन हम उसे जरूर पा लेंगे 🙏।

इसलिये आज आज अपने आराध्य प्रभु से प्रार्थना करता हूँ की आपका मन ऐसा मंदिर बन जाये कि जहां ध्यान का दीपक हमेशा जलता हो, जहां जागरूकता और अवेयरनेस का पहरेदार 24 घण्टे बैठा हो तथा आपका सामान्य सा दिखता हुआ – झूठ सच से भरा हुआ जीवन दिव्य जीवन में परिवर्तित हो जाये। आपके हाथों गलती से भी कोई गलत कार्य न हो। आपका प्रत्येक कार्य, सोच और शब्द आपको और महान बनाये – दिव्य बनाये।

प्रभु की सुगंध, उनका स्पंदन और उनका सौरभ आपके जीवन मे सदा बना रहे। आपके जीवन में शुचिता, सुमधुरता एवं सुमति सदैव बनी रही। इन्ही कामनाओं के साथ साथ प्रभु जी से आज ये भी प्रार्थना है कि आप दिनोदिन स्वस्थ, सुंदर, सुद्रढ़ एवं सार्थक होते चले जाएं। मंगल शुभकामनाएं।

श्री रामाय नमः। श्री राम दूताय नम:। ॐ हं हनुमते नमः।।

Once you understand this truth, you will start blossoming.

Today, I want to remind you that you cannot get through one single day without having an impact on the world around you. You are that powerful.

Every single day you impact people & everything around you for better or worse…. Luckily, you get to decide what kind of difference you want to make.. 🤔..

Darling listen – many times, you feel as if you are not making a difference. However, you are! Believe me – you, me & all have beeb chosen to be here at this moment for a very special reason.

Sweetheart, once you begin to understand this truth, you will start blossoming. It will constantly remind you of what you must attend in life & what you need to walk away from because it doesn’t support your higher purpose or that special reason.

Let you find a special niche in which you can contribute at the highest level. Also commit to continually bettering yourself.

I wish & hope that you do your things more purposefully & mindfully.

Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

A Toast to Those Who Admire, Support & Love Us 🥂

Today, A Toast… all the people who carry peace, love, joy & good intentions for everyone & everything in their heart!

A Toast to all the people who inspire everyone, who fill people with enthusiasm & make everyone want to do more with their lives.

A Toast to all the people who encourage everyone around them to dream bigger, push harder & lead a more fulfilling life.

A toast to brightly colored, divine visionaries, magicians & awakened ones whose only purpose is to feed every soul & not drain it.

A Toast to all those who pray & include every near & dear ones in their prayers, speak to & listen to God, see God’s will in everything, do good & through their words & deeds shine light & provide nourishment for all the souls around.

A Toast to those also who are trying to find the answers to difficult questions & doing some of the hard things & handling the roughness of life..

A Toast to all those people who have made a difference in our lives & as a result have contributed—in one way or another.

Here’s to you 🥂.

Be encouraged… 2023 is the year God leads you to fulfill your real purpose!

I am sure you know that December is a month to reflect on the past year & set intentions for the new one. What you do is up to you 🤭.

Darling listen – a lot has happened over these past 334 days. No matter how 2022 has gone so far, you can choose to push it all under the rug & hope it doesn’t follow you. Or you can self-reflect on the aspects of 2022 that may help you make better choices in the year ahead. I recommend the latter.

To make this easy, here are six things to reflect on before the year-end:

  • Reflect on the past year & get ready for the new 2023..
  • Connect & communicate more with yourself, your world & your goals.
  • Make amends & tie up loose ends.
  • Finish what you have started.
  • Let go of what’s no longer serving you.
  • Make some space for what will help you thrive in the new year.

Yes, I know, I have added one more thing to your year-end to-do list. However, this “to do” will surely lead to a happier & healthier festive season & 2023. I guarantee you!

Sweetheart, during this reflection of the past year (I mean while giving feedback to yourself regarding how you performed, behaved or reacted throughout the past 11 months), if you feel that you have done something wrong or committed mistakes or feel like that you are left behind in life or feel not good enough or feel like a failure or burnt out, don’t become hard on yourself. Please remind yourself that we are all glorious human beings. We are all messy, imperfect, beautiful, ever-evolving, continuous works in progress. (Believe me – deep down, a lot of us are more alike than we think).

Be encouraged… 2023 is the year God leads you to fulfill your true potential & real purpose!

I wish to remind you that you are wonderful just the way you are. Let all that you do this month & next year be incredibly productive & successful. Let every bit of love & positive energy you contribute to your world makes it a better place for all of us…

I wish & hope that this beautiful month will bring you & your loved ones more happiness, good health, breakthroughs, prosperity, joy, love & blessings 💐

May you do everything you can to be worthy of the chance that you’ve been given to carry on…

We all know that there are Heroes all around us – in the books, in the shows & in the movies we watch. But today I am not talking about these Superheros who generally find their desired treasure after conquering a famous demon or who sacrificed themselves to save others’ lives.

Today, I am talking about those Real Heroes who exist all around us, serving others, showing up & doing their best each day. I am talking about these Real life heroes who are mostly Uncelebrated & are Quiet type.

Darling listen – I am talking about all those family members, friends & ordinary selfless people who give us so much more than they ever ask for in return.

I am talking about all those men & women who are inclined to do good, to be good, no matter what & make each day count.

In a world that is so selfish & cruel, it’s really heartening to see these people inclined to love one another, living with a sense of mutual regard, living each moment with that same compassion that they will have in their final hours.

My profound appreciation, love & admiration for all of them. A part of me also recognizes that their intent, courage, resolve & motivation is far greater than my own & that humbles me to my core 🙏.

Sweetheart, whether we know it or not, we all possess a capacity to rise to the occasion. We all have same potential to be a Real Life Hero & to be great.

I hope that you begin to encourage & support each of them with a full heart & allow yourself to BE a little more like them, the “quiet heroes” that surround us. I wish you to do everything you can to be worthy of the chance that you’ve been given to carry on. Let you live up to their example!

Tons of Blessings 💐

Day blessings…

Let this day inspire you to put your best foot forward, be thankful for what you have & share your love with those around you.

Darling listen – dont forget to carry your jacket & smile everywhere.. 🤣.

Tons of good wishes & blessings 💐