The Roadblock is YOU!

Every one is blaming others, but you shouldn’t. You must realise that you are your own obstacle. Allow me to say that you are getting in your own way, you are blocking your blessings & manifestations.

It is you who is standing in your way. Your stubbornness, Egos, your unhealed parts, your refusal to acknowledge when you’re wrong, your poor habits, your unhealthy lifestyle, your laziness, your anger & your wastage of energy & time are blocking you fom being as healthy, happy & as successful as you could be.

Whether it is too little knowledge/skills, poor decisions or choices, poor management of your resources – when it comes to road blocks to success you are usually your own worst enemy.

That’s the sole purpose of this note. To make you realise once again that it is you who is responsible for all the success & failures.

No advices today. Take time to fully consider & see if somehow this is correct that you haven’t been living a life as you always wanted.

It is not you alone, sometimes even the biggest stars & richest people also get lost sometimes.

Let me remind you that you can tear down all these barriers you have erected for yourself or otherwise, once you realize that you are the roadblock. I am of the firm opinion that you are unable to see that you are hindering your success. 🤔

Believe me, by making the decision to take conscious control of your actions, routines, habits, priorities & focus you can easily achieve anything you want in life. Yes, you can!

Let you switch your focus to what really matters to you & your world. 🙏

Good luck & Blessings 💐

Resist the temptation to be loud, negative, angry for being an Angel!

I have so much respect for all the Angels who constantly spread love, light, inspiration & encouragement, no matter what they are going thro. I am sure you know that Angels work for us in many different ways. This is one of it.

I sincerely love & admire gentle souls who encourage, inspire & guide others on their choosen path they need to go, encourage good thoughts & always invite others to do good.

You can also be an Angel for your world simply by choosing your words & actions that encourage, build up, inspire & value others. 😇

To be an Angel, the first & foremost thing is to resist the temptation to be loud, negative, angry unnecessarily & stop paying any heed to those who just gossip to hide their own failures & frustrations.

Believe me those who see only bad in others – inspire no one, they achieve nothing & they are worth nothing. 👹

Let you start believing in others & make others feel more worthy, accepted & approved.

Let your beauty, strength, awesomeness & greatness be seen when you celebrate happily the success & presence of others. 👑

Let you remain enthusiastic about what you are doing, your life, your family & intentionally try to convey your enthusiasm & good energy to your world. Let your thoughts, words & actions not only make people feel good but also inject your enthusiasm & prompt them to make their best efforts. That’s what Angels do. 🙏

I know that some of you call me a man from 90s… because of these thoughts. But that’s pretty okay with me. 🤗

Let me repeat being good, awesome & being an Angel is not about being the best or about being popular or cool. It’s all about your attitude, positivity & confidence in yourself & others. It’s also about knowing that it always impact others with what you say, do & how you treat others.

Let you keep being Angel, keep your heart pure & keep moving forward. Let you enjoy more peace, more success, more happiness & more God’s favours. 🙏

Good wishes & Blessings 💐💐


There may be thousand definitions of EGO but mostly it is about being the one who you are not is the worst kind of Ego. This is what you & your world is mostly suffering with. Check it. It’s a beautiful video.

How to evaluate reality more clearly, make better decisions & achieve what you deserve?

Today I wish to remind you that, the real glow up happens only when you heal yourself, break away from negative thoughts, stop frequent venting & complaining, when you make your inner self calm & inner voice friendly, optimistic & encouraging & last but not least, when you start putting your thoughts into action.

I mean you can borrow a book & read it thoroughly but you know it very well that nothing will come out of it ultimately if you never take any action. 😝

You have to become more organized, planned & finally get rid of your chronic procrastination disease where you waste all of your time & always keep rushing to do things at the last minute. You genuinely have to learn to get much more out of your time than you currently do. 🤔

Also remember, it is only when you begin to control your thoughts, feelings, reactions & behaviours, you can actually evaluate reality more clearly, make better decisions & improve your ability to achieve what you deserve & can gain success in life.

I hope this note fills you with positivity, optimism, enthusiasm & an urge to explore more on how to get what you want & how to achieve success in life, how to become a strong, calm, more purposeful person & best expression of yourself expeditiously.

I request you to investigate all this & more for yourself.

Let you always remain healthy, happy & enough competent to fulfil your true potential.

My best wishes & blessings are with you 🙏

Life is what you make it!

Today I decided to write about what the real success or real freedom is. In my opinion it is to have a life you don’t need to escape from or take vacation from. To be able to do things that makes your people, family & friends happy, proud of you & bring them at ease.

Truth is – Life is what you make it.

When you see all these Successful People, Celebrities, Leaders, Big Players, Company Owners, Big Lawyers & Doctors enjoying a life of endless privileges, you immediately start thinking that it is because they got all this from their family as legacy or heritage.

May be a few of them, but actually most of them have not received a great inheritance, not atleast in terms of wealth. Almost all of them have created their own path in life. It is their belief & craving that has allowed them to follow their own passions, establish their own identity & later reaped their own successes.

Like you, their life also has begun with false starts, crises, blunders & has never been a straight line. It is only their push through, persistence, perseverance & hard work in challenging moments which helped them to create the life of their dreams.

Let me remind you that Life of dreams is a journey from discovering your vocations to living out your bliss & giving back to others.

In order to achieve this kind of life, be laser focused, de-clutter people, things & mindsets, keep out all the distractions & negativity from your life.

I cannot conclude my note without writing this – Achieving health, happiness, all the success & to achieve a Life of your dreams is only possible when you are self disciplined to do what you know you should do, even when you dont feel like doing it.

Let you take yourself to the next level. Let it be your time!

My good wishes & blessings are with you 💐

Don’t lie down & let adversity take control!

You were always meant to do Great Things. You were born to be Awesome & Successful.

I must tell you this today that people who will fail to evolve, develop & heal themselves will get left behind for ages. Because this thing, Corona pandemic, will not last forever.

I sincerely think that you like anyone else are capable of overcoming this Covid thing or any other inevitable challenge, setbacks, lean time, disappointments you face. I am sure, like many others, you too will be able to emerge from this situation stronger, wiser & ready to take on even bigger challenges. 🤞🏼

I have so many examples who have done that already & are constantly doing exactly that. We hear stories, read books & see this in n number of movies — about Ordinary people doing extraordinary things & overcoming all the odds. 🙏

Remember Adversity is Always a part of every life. It’s unavoidable. There are always people, obstacles & events who will stand in your way, forcing you to overcome them in order to succeed. Some people just lie down & let adversity take control. I am sure you are not one of them. 🤔

I wish to remind you that good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out & get them.

Let you quickly figure out what’s most important to you, set your Priorities accordingly, eliminate all distractions & start Focusing only on the areas that matter most to you & that offer the best return Time & Energy investment. 👑

Believe you me, you will soon be surprised at how everything suddenly & miraculously worked in your favor. You will realize how your current situation was only leading you to a blessing.

Let everything you have been praying for, manifest for you very soon – Happiness, Light, Brightness, Clarity, Abundance, New Beginnings, Success, Public Honours, Walkovers, Healthiness, Miracles, Love & The Life of Your Dreams. 🤞🏼

Let God help you & motivate you to put these & all other insights into action.

Good luck! Blessings 💐💐


सर्वव्यापी, सर्वशक्तिमान, सर्वहीतेशी, सर्वगुण संपन्न तथा सर्वदा-मौजूद परमात्मा सूक्ष्म रूप से हम सभी के भीतर और हमारे चारों तरफ हमेशा से ही विद्यमान है। ये सच हम सब जानते हैं।

और इसी दिव्यत्व, इसी ऊर्जा जो पहले से ही हम सब के भीतर है, उसे जगाने, उठाने और उसे प्रगट करने का निरंतर प्रयास ही हमारे लिए सबसे उत्तम प्रार्थना है।

आपके भीतर प्रेम, जागरूकता, सद्भाव, संवेदनशीलता की जितनी गहराई बढ़ेगी, उतनी ही बढ़िया आपकी प्रार्थना होगी। ये प्रार्थना आपकी होगी। और मैं बता दूं कि परमात्मा तक वही प्रार्थना पहुंचती है, जो आपकी खुद की है, निजी है। एक और बात, जंहा भी खुशी महसूस हो, शांति का अहसास हो, ह्रदय के बहाव का अहसास हो, जंहा संगीत हो, ऊर्जा हो, उत्सव हों, जंहा रोशनी हो – बस वहीं मंदिर है, वहीं तीर्थ है, वही परमात्मा का धाम है।

परमात्मा से प्रार्थना है कि आपके शुभ विचार, कार्य और संकल्प आपकी सभी मुश्किलें दूर कर दें और जल्द ही शुभता, समृद्धि, स्वास्थ्य, आत्म संतोष और लोक सम्मान का दिव्य प्रकाश आपके जीवन और संसार मे चारो तरफ फैल जाये। मंगल शुभकामनाएं।

INCREASE your well being, happiness & your chances of succeeding at anything.

What happened, has happened. Start giving your time, energy & attention to what matters now & what you want to achieve in future. That’s so simple!

Same thoughts, same routine, same actions, same habits, same priorities & same lifestyle will never give you newer & better results.

Let you recognise where your current flow is taking you & whether you are making progress or not on daily basis. If you feel that you are stuck, break the old patterns. Break away from the usual. If you decide then believe me, You can.

You’ll never be able to change anything in your life until you change something you do daily, your habits, your mindset & your routine.

Remember, knowing what to do is not an issue for a person like you, doing what needs to be done is the problem. I know this because I talk to so many people everyday like you.

For example, after reading this, just don’t stay in your chair. Get up. Smile & Move. Take a 15 minute walk. Give yourself some health immediately. You know what it means. You know the difference between knowing & doing. Difference between successful & failure.

Let you choose to do something significant & purposeful today which increases your well being, happiness, blooming & your chances of succeeding at anything.

I repeat, don’t allow your old habits, routines & unhealthy lifestyle to hold you back in life, not anymore.

Let your Angels protect you, guide you & direct you to live much happier, meaningful & fulfilling life from today. Stay Blessed!

Why you are behaving like a Super Villain or Evil?

Today I would like to ask you to try finding & recognizing your distress, pities, insecurities, incorrectness, senselessness, lies, regrets & conceit. These are the elements & reasons that you are behaving wickedly. These are the roots. Let me remind you that you don’t need to be a Super Villain or Evil, neither for others nor for yourself.

Remember Evil is the opposite of life. It is like a parasite, pretending to give you what you want, but ultimately sucking the life out of you.

Yes, Your haughtiness, viciousness, hypocrites, impulsivity, wrongdoings & wickedness is destroying you & others in your world, slowly & slowly.

For God sake, please check why you find it impossible to consider the possible correctness of anything your egos do not accept. Why you want to rejects all the good advices & universal truths without wanting to think hard over these.

I mean you can avoid being controversial, always confronting, bad-tempered, quarrelsome & blockhead person by merely having the intention to find why you are behaving bad & by merely considering the possibility that you may be wrong. 🙏

It is surely not meekness or kneeling or demeaning yourself if you become humble, compassionate, agreeable, sensical & more smiling.

Remember confronting unnecessarily & being wicked is a habit, just like any other habit.

Let you simply replace it with a “NOT-BEING-WICKED” habit to become good human being.

Being good, lovable, admirable, happy, healthy & successful person is not that hard, but surely it doesn’t just happen. As much as anything else, you have to want to be such a person & make choices that correspond with your wishes to be good & greater expression of yourself.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, you can make the choice to change your habits, routines, lifestyles & thought process to be your best self & shine more brighter.

Let your life be always filled with joy, laughter, happiness & let each new day bring you more moments to cherish.

Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Delay Can Be Deadly!

I know for so many of you – creating yourself is not an agenda. Not atleast for now. You are so much into the routine, so much in your comfort zone that you do not know what you are missing.

Furthermore, instead of working hard to improve your life & everything that is in your control, you are mostly busy in finding what is wrong with this world. Commenting & judging others. Like everyone else. That’s so easy & common these days. 🤣

Darling, this world has existed for 4.543 billion years & is good the way it is. You are just a nanoscopic (tiny) part of it. 😝

Please allow me to remind you that people created histories even when conditions weren’t like this, I mean much less than the idyllic conditions you have now. 🙏

For God sake, please stop controlling circumstances, things & world that is out of your control. You don’t notice but you have become negative, annoying, irritating & frustrated bcoz of trying to control things that are beyond your influence. 🤔

Can I ask you this: is it too difficult to start doing what you can, is it too difficult to start developing yourself, is it too difficult to start doing what is needed, is it too difficult to begin creating a life that you only wish?

Believe you me the moment you begin & focus on self creation or development, you will not only help yourself, but influence everyone around. 🤞🏼

Remember you can’t live meaningless anymore & have to make drastic changes fast. It’s the time to engage in self-development. It’s the time to begin creating a life you only wish for. It’s the time when you start creating your awesome self.

If you agree to this & have decided to be your best version then you deserve a pat on your shoulder.

What you have to do:

You just have to change what you pay attention to & become sincere & serious about your precious time, energy & resources. Start doing everything with love & joy.

Your happiness, weight control, sugar control, financial success, growth, relationships, career building, health & overall well being are all tied to discipline – self discipline.

I dont have anything new for how to be successful in all this & life. You already know every hack, tip & thing to do. Yet my advice is – if you want look at some of the habits of successful people around you, learn new tactics & strategies to implement in your own daily life. Cultivate & nurture those abilities & over time you may find that you have become better & have become able to achieve the life you deserve & desire.

If this year was a “bad incident” in your life, then let this month or next month be your revival, renewal, re-emergence & reawakening month. Let it be your golden period.

Let you soon become unrecognizable as you look in the mirror – so much successful, cheerful, happy & healthy.

My best wishes & blessings are with you 💐💐