Go Get ‘Em all!

I am sure you know this – Life Is A Gift! unwrap it, cherish it, live it, enjoy it, celebrate it & make the most of every moment.

Believe me, every day it offers privileges, opportunities & numerous possibilities of becoming so much more.

Darling listen – There is ALWAYS a way to become more & better. Sometimes it just takes a little longer & efforts — but there is ALWAYS a way. All we have to do is to focus & find it.

So what are you waiting for? Make it YOUR day!

Say your “Good morning” to your World & “Go Get ‘Em all!”

I wish & pray so that your desire, interests, intentions & energy encourage you to go out there, perform & help you to find whatever you seek today & everyday.

Stay Joyful, Healthy & Sufficient 💐

Make today count!

Let this day bring you clarity, brightness, good luck & new hopes to your doorstep. Let this day bring happy coincidences & uncover something mind-blowing for you.

Let you feel more confident today & direct your journey to a future of limitless possibilities & opportunities. Let you begin pursuing unlimited growth from today.

Darling listen, reach your full potential & do one thing today to make you feel proud of yourself. Believe you me, that will be good enough to achieve your real greatness.

Let you begin to follow your goals & ambitions more seriously & sincerely from today!

I pray & wish you all the great things in your life & hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest & most successful. Blessings 💐

Everyone has a future & nothing can stop what’s destined for you.

Darling listen – Yes, it’s all about YOU today & always!

Let me remind you that it is You who hold the key. No one else! It’s just that sometimes you have to test out a lot of wrong keys first to find the one that fits 😂

You hold the key

Embrace who you are & your divine purpose. Identify some of the things, habits, thoughts, intentions & confusions that are holding you back & develop discipline, courage & the strength to permanently move beyond them & start moving forward.

Remember, everyone has a future & nothing can stop what’s destined for you. All you need to do is, shuffle your initiatives to the top of the pile & rearrange your routine & priorities to allow enough time to pursue them.

You know what is right & good in your spirit & heart. Focus on your path & start pouring your heart & soul into everything you do today & everyday.

Darling, the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are couple of keys that will unlock the door to your excellence & power. Hope you begin unlocking fullness & greatness of your life.

I pray & wish for success on your every step. Keep smiling & have a wonderful life.

Good luck & blessings 💐

Evolve & unravel into your true greatness today!

Darling listen – There’s never been more successful, happy & healthy people in the world than there are today.

You could also find a million of things or tricks on Google about how everyone has got success in life but if you are not willing to do the real work yourself, it won’t pay off.

Ley me remind you that mostly we have two options everyday:

Option A: You start building something: a product, a store, a blog, an app, (fill in the blanks).

Option B: You accept the truth that you don’t really want anything, you only like the idea of being successful. And you go back to your own lazy routine for the rest of the day.

Most sincerely, I hope for your sake you go with Option A. But if you choose Option B, then also I wish that you find fulfillment, peace & happiness in whatever you explore, watch, do or play today & everyday.

All I want is to encourage you to live with no regrets. Start treating yourself & others more gently, with more love, tolerance & care.

Always remember, your state of mind, doing, thinking, daily choices, routine, habits & priorities – all together becomes your state of being.

One more thing I wish to tell you today – becoming successful in life or in any particular thing, to create something great & to become your greatest version is more about your will power, doing, persistence, consistency, discipline, than of skills, abilities or talent.

Darling – stop hanging too loose. Believe me, you’re not going to get your act together unless you START DOING. So, if you want to become the one you can be then it’s not going to happen if you don’t take the first step.

Start doing only things that are important & matter, work a bit harder & pursue your dreams & happiness today & every other day.

I wish & pray God to help you to evolve & unravel into your true greatness so that all your good dreams come to life!

Stop hanging too loose!

Don’t take your life for granted. Don’t take this moment for granted.

We’re all in the same line!

I just came across an Instagram post that gave me goosebumps. I am sure you too will get these once you read it.

This simple caption, picture & thought genuinely moved me & touched my heart.

Every minute someone leaves this world behind. We are all in “The Line” without knowing it. We never know how many people are before us.

No matter who we are, we can not move to the back of the line, we can not avoid being in the line & we can not step out of the line.

So while we wait in line for our turn:

  • Make every moments count.
  • Live the present fully.
  • Make your time count while you have it.
  • Make some priorities.
  • Make your passions & gifts known.
  • Make the changes you always wanted..
  • Make your voice heard.
  • Make some small things big.
  • Make a nobody feel like a somebody.
  • Make someone smile.
  • Make love. Patch up. Make peace.
  • Make sure to tell your people they are loved & cared today.
  • Make sure to have no regrets, grudges & frustrations .
  • It’s never too late. Do something great.

If you really want to enjoy all the wonderful things the world & life has to offer, then travel around the world, take risks, express emotions, do your best, fall in love & become your best ASAP. It’s the only way you are going to fully experience the life before your time is up.

Darling listen – I want to encourage you to do a couple of those things that I have mentioned here above & a few I couldn’t write here. Go out of your way & most importantly start living, loving & enjoying your life without much of a fuss.

Remember, you never know when it’s your turn.

Get off the fence today!

Stop blaming this & that. You are responsible for where you are, right here & right now…

Darling listen – your mess is gloriously yours. Accept it, Embrace it, Love it & Rectify it (if you wish so).

Decide that you can clean your own mess & do something better today 😂

Let you start putting your heart into your current affairs, possibilities & opportunities that are there in your hand currently & put these possible (not the impossible ones) things in your heart. That’s it.

Please allow yourself to take a step forward today. In my opinion the only way for you to grow & evolve is to keep learning, keep moving forward, keep jumping in & trying to experience happily everything that life offers you today & everyday.

Believe me – if you come off the fence, NO ONE, not even yourself, will be able to stand in your way to a lifetime of achievements; a lifetime of greatness.

Stay Happy, Healthy & Blessed ❤️


अनिवार्यता, विवशता, निराशा, अयोग्यता, अस्वस्थता, अहंकार, अभद्रता, अज्ञानता, भ्रम और मूर्खता से बुद्धिमत्ता, शिष्टता, विनय, स्वच्छंदता, तत्परता, उत्साह, आशापूर्णता, समझ, सहजता, सरलता, धीरता, नीरोगता, योग्यता, स्थिरता और प्रसन्नता का सफर ही आपका एकमात्र प्रयोजन है, लक्ष्य है, उद्देश्य है और प्रार्थना है।

मेरे आराध्य प्रभु से विनती है कि आप सब की जीवन यात्रा हमेशा सुगमता से चलती रहे और आपके सब सपने और लक्ष्य जल्द ही पूरे हों तथा आप सब के घर आंगन और संसार में प्रफुल्लता, खुशी और आनंद की सुगन्धित हवा चारों ओर बहती रहे।

मंगल शुभकामनाएं 🙏🙏

अपनी वास्तविकता के साथ पंक्तिबद्ध होना प्रार्थना है।

ईश्वर का एक मतलब है ब्रह्मांड में फैला हुआ विस्तार और उस विस्तार में छिपी सहजता, सरलता, सुंदरता, आनन्द और पूर्णता।

याद रखिये – इस सृष्टि की हर एक दिशा से ईश्वर किसी न किसी रूप में निरन्तर हमारी ओर ही आ रहे होते हैं, मगर हम उन्हें सुन नही पाते हैं, पहचान नही पाते हैं क्योंकि सृष्टि के सभी तत्वों में (स्वंय में भी) परमात्मा को देखने के लिये भाव चाहिए, चेतना चाहिए और अंतरात्मा की पवित्रता चाहिए।

इसलिये प्रार्थना कोई विधि या संस्कार नहीं है, कोई औपचारिकता नही है और न ही कोई अभिव्यक्ति है – वो तो एक पवित्र भाव है।

एक बात और – अपने भीतर झांकें….जो भी आपको दिखाई देता है, महसूस होता है, जो संगीत सुनाई देता है या मौन महसूस होता है, पूर्णता या कमी महसूस होती है, वही आपकी वास्तविकता है। और इस काल मे – आपके और मेरे लिये अपनी इसी वास्तविकता के साथ पंक्तिबद्ध होना ही प्रार्थना है।

आपको जो भी मिला है वह आपकी पात्रता के अनुसार परमात्मा का ही दिया है। इसलिए हर मायने में शुभ है। जो भी उन्होंने दिया है – अर्थपूर्ण है, सम्पूर्ण है। आपके जीवन का एक-एक क्षण बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है। आपका समय और कहीं नहीं, बस यह यहीं है – अभी है। इसीलिये आज और अभी के होकर, प्रत्येक क्षण ताजगी, जीवंतता और आनंद से जीना ही प्रार्थना है।

अपने मन और आत्मा को शांति, संतोष, संतुष्टि और आनंद से भर लेने तथा अपने आस-पास हर चीज और जीवात्मा में उनको यानी के पूर्णता को और खुशी को खोजने और महसूस करने के लिए अपने दिल – दिमाग को प्रशिक्षित करने का निरन्तर प्रयास ही असली प्रार्थना हैं। अपने इन प्रयासों में सदैव निष्ठा बनाये रखें।

मेरे आराध्य प्रभु से प्रार्थना है कि जल्द ही आप अधिक सजग, जाग्रत और सुसंगत हो जायें और प्रत्येक क्षण आपको आनन्द और पूर्णता का अनुभव होने लगे। मेरी उनसे ये भी प्रार्थना है कि आपका हर नया दिन आपके लिये कोई शुभ समाचार लाये, अच्छा स्वास्थ्य और भव्य सफलता लाये। मंगल शुभकामनाएं 💐

Rise above the noise & take a balcony view today!

Do you know how brilliant, capable & blessed you are?

Yet, if you’re not really going higher, not experiencing fulfilment, happiness & sufficiency then darling, you just need to rise above the noise & take a balcony view 😂.

Darling listen – you are the only one that always holds the key to unlocking & unleashing what you’re capable of.You are your most important person, guide, helper, motivator & meaning maker for this lifetime.

Always remember – You are your most important person, guide, helper, motivator & meaning maker for this lifetime. Don’t hesitate to use yourself fully & nicely 😜.

However, you can take help from Google (easily accessible) & your Mind (you have it but not utilized much so far 🤔)

Please ask yourself this: What’s the most direct route to my dreams? Then, take the first & simplest step today itself—you will be surprised if it’s the most obvious one of all.

I wish you the very best in what lies ahead & pray God to help you taste the sweetness of your success & victory, very soon. Blessings 💐

What you think, what you say & what you do, that is your reality.

Living life beautifully & meaningfully is a conscious decision we need to make everyday & sometimes more than once in day 😂

Only when you begin to confront all the present options before you with sincerity, wisdom, courage & confidence, you open yourself to a fulfilling path of your own design, filled with numerous possibilities, shinning moments & be able to make the impossible possible. Rather than delaying things due to fear of making the wrong decision, let you weigh your options quickly & act on the best one (believe yourself & your angels).

Darling listen – a great life ( I mean a life you want to live) will not fall from sky, you can not win it in lottery, nor it will be granted to you by the Universe without you being willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Let you begin spending your maximum time in creating a life you truly want & not otherwise.

I wish & pray that very soon you start living out your dreams & see your good dreams come to life! Blessings 💐