With every thought, action & reaction, you are actively creating your reality & your future. Mind it!

Awakening, enlightenment, great experiences, success & happiness, all are assuredly possible for you. They just demand more attention, involvement, dedication, persistence & positive vibes.

Darling remember – Every bit of your existence is acting as a magnet sending vibrational frequency out of your concious or unconscious acts, reactions, thoughts, attitudes, emotions & beliefs, attracting back more of what you have sent out.

Unfortunately, you are blind to this incredible potential, making it too easy to leave your thoughts, emotions, energy & daily activities unchecked. This ignorance is actually making you to send wrong signals to Universe & in return you are attracting more unwanted experiences & unwarranted events into your life.

I repeat – every moment of every day, with every thought, action & reaction, you are actively creating your reality & your future. Believe me!

Darling listen – I want you to direct your all thoughts, emotions, energy & actions in a way that allows you to effortlessly attract what you truly want & experience more joy, peace & abundance in everything you do!

I sincerely hope that you will inspire many to believe in what’s possible by telling your story of success & how you made it through using this law of attraction thing.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

May you improve yourself both personally & professionally in this week.

Darling listen – in this new week, the best thing you can do is to do the things you said you were going to do.

If you are feeling luckless, dissatisfied & joyless, it is just because your actions are not in alignment with your words, because you lack consistency & perhaps because you are focusing more on others & less on yourself. Always remember that 🙏

I pray & hope that you start doing more of such things routinely that you can do best, solve the unsolved & be able to finish what you started successfully.

Stay Successful, Happy, Healthy & Blessed 💐


ईश्वर की इस सहज व्यवस्था और कुदरत में अज्ञात जैसा कुछ भी नहीं है।

मगर वो जो स्पष्टता और सरलता से सब जगह मौजूद हैं, हमारी दृष्टि, ज्ञान और समझ से परे रहते हैं। इसका एक महत्वपूर्ण कारण ये है कि हम अपनी उम्मीदों, आकांक्षाओं और लालसाओं की पूर्ति के लिये उनके पते-ठिकाने और उनके कारोबार का पता लगाने में लगे रहते हैं। उन्हें अपने आसपास या अपने भीतर अनुभव ही नही करते हैं। जो हमारी हर कोशिका से हर पल जुड़े हुए हैं, उन्हें असल मे हम अपनी चिन्तन प्रक्रिया के हाशिए पर रखते हैं।

आपका उनसे रिश्ता जानकारी की डोर से नहीं, बल्कि सहज प्रेम, अनुभूति और प्रतीति की कड़ी से जुड़ा है। उम्मीद है ये आपको समझ आयेगा। स्वयं ये समझना और दुसरों को ये समझाने का प्रयत्न करना ही उनकी प्रार्थना है।

मैं आज अपने आराध्य प्रभु से प्रार्थना करता हूँ की आपका आने वाला प्रत्येक नया दिन गौरवपूर्ण हो तथा आपके चारों तरफ शांति, समरसता और हर्ष का वातावरण बना रहे।

मेरी उनसे आज ये भी प्रार्थना है की आप हमेशा हंसते और खिलखिलाते रहें, स्वस्थ रहें तथा आपके घर-आंगन में सदा शुभता और मांगल्य की वर्षा होती रहे।

मंगल शुभकामनाएं 💐

Honour & celebrate all those people who made it through despite all the challenges & who are still trying & failing.

Today I want you to honour & celebrate all those people who made it through despite all the challenges & who are still trying & failing.

Please tell all those who inspire you to believe in what’s possible that you are a big fan of their work, thoughts & efforts.

I want you to recognize, appreciate & bless all those people who are working day in day out for your welfare, who are supporting & cheering for you without much reward, who dare to bring out fresh meanings & new interpretations, who are silently praying for you, who continuously want your best & inspire you to be your best despite all the misunderstandings & clashes.

I want you to adore & care for humble, modest, warm & down to earth keepers lovingly & make them realise that they are extremely beautiful.

I want you to send heartfelt shout-outs to all those who are trying to make you feel seen, loved, special, appreciated, wanted, worthy & important.

Wishing you a weekend full of pleasure, laughter & bliss 💐

Feel less overwhelmed, stuck & lost by increasing your self control!

Things that you can control in life but avoid –

  • Your attitude.
  • Your thoughts.
  • Your impulsivity.
  • The effort you put in.
  • Your procrastination habit.
  • How you interpret situations.
  • How you react.
  • How you treat others.
  • How many new things you try.
  • What you consume.
  • Who your friends are.
  • How honest you are.
  • How many times you smile in a day.

Darling listen – I will not say that if you control all these more consciously you will become super star, but the fact is, people who have control on their emotions, thoughts, actions & reactions are more pleasant to be around, have healthier relationships with others, generally beat their illnesses faster, usually accomplish any goal they set for themselves & have a fulfilling life.

Stay Focused, Persistent & In Control! I pray God to Bless You & enrich you in every way, a thousandfold 💐

Start today & use whatever you have rather than just being driven by factors outside of your influence!

Darling listen – you need to empty yourself of the old, stale, can’t-get-me-anywhere thoughts & start from where you are, use whatever you have & do whatever you can in order to be fulfilled, happy, safe, healthy, loved & blessed.

When I say “use what you have” means – begin to focus on making the best use of your present resources, your time, energy, skills, potential & attention rather than just being driven by factors outside of your influence.

Always remember that more meaningful actions you take, more conscious decisions you make & more distractions you resist today & on daily basis, more fulfilled, happy, safe, healthy, loved & blessed you will be.

Let you have a blessed, productive & favor-filled day. I wish & pray that you progress & move towards your goals each day.

Good luck 💐

Your sincere prayers, meditation & genuine efforts has the ability to bring you good experiences & happiness.

Darling listen – every single activity, if performed with bona fide purpose, clear intention, positivity, resilience, perseverance & grit is bound to bring you the desired results, sooner or later.

Your positive thinking, positive action & optimistic outlook will surely bring you good experiences & happiness.

Always remember – your focus on present, commitment, dedication, devotion & continuance has the real ability to get you to where you need to go.

Darling listen – the more smiling you are, the better the outcome will be for you & everyone involved.

Let you become more wiser, prosperous & successful than the day before. Good Luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

Success occurs only when your activities become bigger than your excuses.

Darling listen – Either you are making progress or you are making excuses 😂.

I know giving up on excuses is scary for you, bcoz you’re stuck in this rut….. but it is the only way to achieve everything you want – success, happiness, fulfillment & health. Once you get rid of your habitual excuses, you are free to try things, grab the opportunities, laugh, act, make mistakes & find your path. Believe me – you must immediately stop seeking comfort in excuses 🙏

I agree to the fact that sometimes we fail due to unfortunate circumstances or bad luck or due to things beyond our control, but most of the times we fail bcoz we have this bad habit of making excuses, we do not act as we should, we have a habit of postponing things or bcoz we are too lazy… blah blah…😷

Always remember – Excuses cannot bring value into your life. I will not hesitate in saying that habit of making excuses is a self sabotaging practice that is actually stopping you from fulfilling your potential & from pursuing your most precious dreams & goals.

I pray that everything you work on, believe in & pray for – become your reality, very soon. Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐