Don’t Allow Your Great Self To Perish In Your Lonely Frustrations!

You know this & I repeat that you can be anything you want to be.

If this is true, then why should you choose to be less than you should be? Why should you choose to be shitty, crappy or lousy person all the time? For how long you want to remain so insignificant that you don’t matter anything to this world. What is the need to continue being a person of no purpose, no mission, no value & nothing to contribute to anyone around you?????

It’s so easy to believe that everything is too hard & that you will never amount to anything. I’m here to remind you once again that this thought is a completely bullshit! Believe me you are much more than you think you can ever be. You are a Hero & special, you have all the talents, capabilities & strengths to do great things. 👑👑

Do not allow this thought, your uniqueness & your hero to perish in your lonely frustrations, disappointments & desperateness. The world you desire can surely be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible & it surely can be yours.✌️

All you need to do is to allow yourself to cross the swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all & of all the hopelessness you have created for yourself to reach the other side of magnificence.

One more thing… please stop waiting for the bloody magical springboard to show up & launch you to the other side. There is nothing like this 🤣. Instead, let you immediately begin to explore your exceptional inner self for everything that is hidden in you. Let you quickly start doing the real things & learn those skills that you can acquire only by doing, I mean something like learning how to fly after jumping off the cliff. 🛩️

Let your explorations, thoughts, attention & sincere efforts bring you extraordinary levels of success, happiness, fulfillment & accomplishment, much sooner than you can think or imagine.

My wishes are with with you! Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐💐

आप जिसे ढूंढ रहे हैं, आप वही हैं।

आप जिसे ढूंढ रहे हैं, मेरा विश्वास करिये, आप वही हैं। 100%। आप जरा खुद के भीतर झाँकिये तो। अपने पूर्णत्व को, अपनी श्रेष्ठता, उच्चता, योग्यता तथा अपने दिव्य सामर्थ्य को जरा पहचानने की कोशिश तो करिये। और हाँ, जो खूबियां या देवत्व आप मे है, वह अवश्य ही दूसरों में भी है, इस सच को स्वीकार करें उनका भी आदर करना शुरु करें। अपने आचार, विचार और व्यवहार को नियंत्रित रखते हुए निरन्तर शुभ कर्मों में जुटे रहिये, प्रयत्नशील रहिये।

आप का दिन और जीवन यात्रा सफल हो – शुभ हो तथा आप हर प्रकार से आनंदित रहें, सुरक्षित रहें और स्वस्थ रहें, ऐसी प्रभु से मेरी प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

Know-it-all’s Are Big Time Losers

People with know-it-all type nature are those who brag & overestimate themselves all the time even if they don’t actually have any idea of what they are talking about. Everybody knows them: At least, that’s what they believe 😂. They pretend to understand everything, they feel more than everybody, but in reality they are always misinformed.

It’s funny. These know-it-alls always want to prove how smart or knowledgeable they are. They take every opportunity to let you know that they already know everything.

These fools make continuously bad choices & mostly reach to the wrong conclusions. Their pretentiousness & high headedness robs them of the ability to realise their incompetence. Instead, they always have the mistaken impression that they are doing just fine & more than most of the real competent people.

Finally when failure occurs because of this overestimation, arrogance & know-it-all attitude, they will attribute it to some external factor, worldly issues, circumstances & blame others to protect their self-image. Most of these people never recognise & correct their errors, deficiencies, mistakes & incompetencies. Could you imagine, a know-it-all who says they or wrong, sorry? Not in a million years. They have a too big ego for that.. 😤

A big problem with know-it-alls is that for all they claim to know, they seriously don’t know if they know it all. It is not possible. They are unaware. That is a scary thought because it means if you or I are this type of stupid person then we’ll likely be the last ones to know if we are such people.

In this article I have tried a few of those things that might tell you that whether you are a know-it-all kind of person or not?

Go in Depth

While most of the successful people will try & understand the complexities of what they wish to do, wrestle with everything as if it is new & mostly don’t come to a black & white resolution quickly. But our dear Know-it-alls overlook most of details. They will not access the primary sources. Instead, they love broad summaries & information in bite-sized chunks.

Don’t Arrive At Conclusions Quickly

While most of the successful people will do deep thinking & take time before doing or saying anything. Our Know-it-alls habitually jump to fast conclusions before going into deep. Instead of first thinking whom else they need to talk with or what else they might need to learn before starting doing something or voicing an opinion, they will arrive at decisions only regret later.

Don’t Give Advice on Everything

While most of the successful people understand their limitations. They know what they don’t know. Our Know-it-alls have lots of advice to share, especially outside of their particular field. Whatever you will say or do, they will run to you to tell you how you should have done or they would have done it much better.

Listen To Understand

Ironically, most of our know-it-alls hate being on the receiving end of anything especially feedbacks. They don’t like opinions & details from someone who know it. Though they listen, but only to a select group of people of their choice & perhaps similar in nature – the know-it-alls only. Listening well will benifit only when you hear those who has some different perspective.

Unfortunately, these days whether it is news room or dinning table, “know-it-all”ism is dominating our discussions. People who are not experts & who are not successful in any damn thing are dictating the terms. You can very well imagine the affect & result. 😢

Dive Deep Instead

Good people, I mean most of the successful people are not know-it-all type. In fact, no one can know everything. The depth & details require intense amount of time most of these people don’t have.

Successful people know it very well that they have to work hard at becoming knowledgeable. This doesn’t mean you must start trying to learn everything. Who can? Instead, you must first find your passion, intent or field of study & dive in deep. ✌️

Except a few, mostly people don’t want to listen to anyone’s pretentious stories. Let them blame you also for not being nice to them. Over a period of time, I have learnt that it is a complete waste of time to try to share knowledge with a know-it-all person. What’s the point? They already know it all. 😂

But for you who is not a know-it-all person, knowing nothing is wisdom.

Believe me, at the end of the day, know-it-alls are big time losers. Let you stop behaving like them. I repeat the words of great Socrates:

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”


For me & a lot of others this is a universal truth that: We know nothing.

All I have tried to tell you in this article that with every passing day, let you realise that there are gaps in your knowledge & that you have to fill in those gaps to become more informed, knowledgeable, enlightened, aware & awake.

Don’t try to be pretentious. Be authentic in your thoughts, sayings & deeds. Don’t try to make yourself seem better, smarter, more talented, or more important than you actually are. Stay Being Your True & Blessed Self!

I wish you all the best! 💐💐

Floating In Love, Flying Passionately & Becoming Successful Is Not That Difficult!

Remind yourself that it is okay to be at the place where you are right now. It is a perfect place to awaken, to become mindful, thoughtful & meaningful. No matter what time it is, this is good enough to begin practicing what you are passionate about. You have all the ingredients to find your kind of success, happiness & freedom.

Things are not that complicated. Let you get rid of everything that you have heard about success or happiness or nirvana for a less tangled form. Whatever is been taught or sold to you is very difficult & stressful, it’s a boulder on your back, it’s a weight pressing you continuously down. Real things are not that heavy. You need to wake up to this realisation to float in love, fly passionately & become magical. Let your own mindfulness show you the light.

Let you begin your journey to success by breaking down your dreams into smaller & more manageable pieces & start walking closer to your dream life but only as much as you can enjoy (10000 steps by rule book). Nevertheless, Pat yourself on the back for all the steps you have taken everyday. Push yourself a bit more tomorrow. It is so easy.

I repeat before beginning your journey to your success in your own style, you need to get rid of things, people, attitudes, habits & routines that have been holding you back. You have immense potential to achieve whatever you want.

As a habit, as I said earlier, it is we who complicate things more often than necessary. It’s quite understandable. Because for every other person the goals, dreams, aspirations & plans to achieve something is larger than life itself. Without taking one step in the real direction of your dream success, you just create stress, multiply it & that’s the end of the game.

Don’t baffle or intricate anything. Don’t just keep things in your head, speak about your needs, wants, desires loudly, universe is listening to you all the time. Let you learn to share your dreams in simplest form as possible as it can be with all the conviction. Let universe & your Angels understand your aspirations, priorities & dreams clearly to help you to achieve success. Start giving attention to the things you are passionate about each & every day without fail. It is so simple.

I know you have learnt it from your world that being successful is to look & keep yourself busy as much as that you don’t have any time for breath. This is not going to help you you in any way & will never take you to the place where you want to go or you deserve. Learn to be at peace with yourself, your time & your surroundings first before taking action on your plans. Remember the 80/20 formula!

All I am saying is let you simply decide what success means to you. I mean decide what is happiness, love, sufficiency or adventure for you. Speak to your family, friends & well-wishers. But at the end, be authentic, be original & decide something to take up only what you are passionate about & love doing. Go for it with full heart without worrying, knowing that the universe, your Angeles & your world including me are behind you, supporting you & cheering you on.

Let you achieve grand success by beginning to do all that is within your power, I mean begin your journey to be the person you are originally meant to be. I mean a blessing to your family, friends & your world, a helper of the helpless, an encourager & an inspiration to your connections, a world changer & obviously much more healthy, fit, uncluttered, organised & thriving than yesterday!

I wish you all the success! Stay Blessed!💐💐

Today, your chances of winning the match are more than yesterday.

I see people of all ages spending hours & hours playing the famous game PUBG. When Mohak babu yesterday said that people who play games should have more smartness & finesse, made me to think that yes, that’s true.. because this game is all about strategy for survival, winning the war, running faster than the world, cooperation with partners, patience, focus, success & whole lot of other things. If all these are applied in real life, help us evolve as a great & successful person. It makes you more enthusiastic, daring, brave heart & cheerful (involvement of Aashish, Abhey & Nonu remind me this 🤣).

Some of the success lessons that you truly learn while playing PUBG or any other game.

Your Success Is In Your Hand!

You have to be in charge all the time & have a pan of action or method of operation to follow daily. Time gets away from you quickly & if you don’t manage it or take massive action immediately than you are killed. One more thing success lies outside your safe house & if you need success, you have to run towards it.

Work To Overcome challenges by Equipping & Improve Yourself For The Success!

Always keep a track on your skills, gears & all that you need in the level at this moment. Your success depends upon your ability to acquire best of the needed skills, abilities, talents & things that you will require to become successful in life. You may fail to understand the value of something until you require it badly. Pick your bullets whenever it is possible. Prepare yourself timely. Be smart. Be Equipped & Ready & Stacked all the time.

You Need To Plan & Have A Strategy Otherwise By Default You Plan To Fail!

Planning will ease the bumps in the road, allow you to consider your choice points when they arise & force you to sit down & think about your future, safety & growth of your people & of you, personally.

Running around aimlessly without having a proper plan will get you killed early on in the game. Same is with life.

Having a strategy is about making sure you are in the driver’s seat most of the gime with a clear vision of where it is you want to go to, why you want to go there & how you’re going to turn your vision into reality a.k.a your plan.

Your plan make all the difference between an awesome victory & a tragic loss.

Life Is About Choices & The Decisions We Make!

The smallest decision or choice have all the power to change your life forever. Decide on them with utmost deliberation. Once you have made a decision, be ready to face its consequences: good or bad. It may take you to a safe place or to a land of problems. As a gamer who else will know better than you that one bad decision could cost you everything.

There are always too many possible outcomes, which you really cannot control, but surely your decisions & choices.

Use Your Leverages!

One of the greatest challenges that is there in the game & life is to understanding what “to do” with the opportunities that fall in your lap along the way. You have obviously heard that “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” is a great example of using leverage to move yourself forward. Almost all will think of making the lemonade & drink it themselves. But a successful & smart person in life will make lemonade & sell it to those without lemons & use the profits to buy more lemons or to find better opportunities.

Let you constantly find ways to create new opportunities every day & make full use of these.

Acquire Partners!

In order to achieve success or greatness you need a team of individuals who has (or believe in) same mission. That’s where assembling a great team of partners plays such an important role in your game, in life & in any organization. Many start out all alone ( remain all alone) as jack of everything & wearing all the possible hats to only fail at the end.

Having the Right Attitude!

To have a truly happy & fulfilling life, it’s important to know what’s really important & to develop values around what you can do each & every day to make things more easy, beautiful & successful. Sure, many who start a game want to have partners, but those who constantly feel superior to others or carry their entitlements or egos will never be successful in their life or game. When you are seen in a positive light by others, your team, your peers & partners, you achieve success, greatness & magnificence.

Sometimes in life, it is best to learn from the risks that others take & the mistakes that they make!

Like in the game you hide & wait to spot somebody reaching for a supply drop ( I saw Abhay doing it patiently), to analyse the danger of being shot. Then you go & grab the supply calmly with least risk of loosing your life. Do it without shame or guilt in life.

Help Those In Need!

Your act of graciousness will be returned when you need it the most. Revive your friend, give him supplies. He will, in turn, help you get what you want. Same happens in life, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Don’t Live Life In A Rush!

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination itself. You are likely to gain innumerable resources along the way which will make your goal far more rewarding in the end.

Let your journey be a continual process of refinement, leading you towards your ultimate victory — the accomplishment of your life goals & dreams.

Do Not Give Up When Faced With Adversity!

Pull yourself together, devise a new approach & victory will be yours. Having just a stick in your inventory doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the match. Look at the bright side- you will be cautious in your approach & make a move only when required. Playing covertly will help ensure your survival. The realisation that you are weak at this point in time will make you find best resources, learn & change accordingly.

Your Best Teacher Is Your Worst Mistake!

PUBG is all about tweaking your strategy & play style by overcoming the little bumps that you experienced in the previous play throughs.

Every day you are becoming faster, stronger & better than Yesterday. Just because you couldn’t do or win yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve that today. Remember today you are wise by one more day. Today, Your chances of winning the match are far more than yesterday.

Let you direct all your energy towards manifesting your dreams. Let you experience a miraculous breakthrough soon not only in your level of game but in your life that is unexpected, magical & profound! Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Why Should You Live A Life Of Regrets Knowingly?

Your desire to act strongly on your vision, passion, determination, conviction, pain, love or whatever you call is finally going to make you to do amazing things & that only will bring miracles, satisfaction, sufficiency, happiness & fulfillment in your life & in the life of others.

Let you commit to yourself ( secretly or publicly) to make things much better not only for yourself but for everyone in your world. Let your work, thoughts, resolves & words inspire others to make things better & gather momentum in your circle to follow you.

Let me remind you that you really need to know what you are passionate about or what your original talent & abilities are or what you are really good at or atleast who you are in real sense. Because once you recognise yourself then only you can act. If you act without recognising your reality or magic then it will not bring worthwhile or satisfactory or great results. Not even good luck!

Infact it is only your self motivation, strong desires or passion that can push you to cross all the barriers because once you have found the fire in your belly or genuine aspirations or longing then you don’t care what it takes to achive them. I repeat that the secret to living the life you want or deserve is hidden in your intentions or passions & what you do because of them. It is simple.

Now the most important question is that do you really know what is passion? Or what your natural talent or passion or purpose or aspiration is? Or how to act on these? 🤔

Finding your real intents, natural abilities, real passion, purpose or your true self is a serious task & a full journey in itself. Don’t be frustrated if you feel like that you don’t know anything yet. Keep trying honestly. Keep trying new things. The more experiences you expose yourself to, the higher probability you’ll find one you are passionate about. If you don’t give it up then soon you will find these.

But what if you know about these but you are not doing anything about these? This is the main problem something you must worry about. You can have all the desires, dreams, passions, vision or missions but if you never do anything about these, everything is useless. If you are not ready to leave your comfort zone then nothing is possible.

Remember that you are the author of your life. No one else. Please don’t settle for the bare minimums just because it’s working out right now.

I mean why anyone should continue to live a life of regret knowingly. Believe me sooner or later you will regret on things you haven’t done or pursued, opportunities you have lost & deteriorated health just because of your poor habits, TV, internet & all that is available to you right now. I insist that you should immediately make a conscious decision to minimize those regrets & lead a more fulfilling, happier & meaningful life.

Motivate yourself to give up your egos, delusions, comfort zone, poor routines, habits, laziness & nonsensical lifestyles to achieve what you are really capable of. If you can’t do that, it’s probably because you are not passionate about your life or that you do not wish to become what you should be.

You will never know what you’re truly capable of unless you push yourself a bit more.

If you can attempt to improve yourself even 1% each day from today, at the end of 12 months you will be 37X better than today.

What you do after going through this article will confirm how passionate you are to live a great life. Please don’t just continue to stand on the sidelines of this beautiful life with your smart phone in hand & quit hanging on to the handrails. Go for the ride of your magnificent life. Do something great today & practise it doing everyday.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, sufficiency & significance. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Response of Universe!

The nature & the universe is not at all responsible for creating such pandemic circumstances or other such situations randomly at it’s own. The set of situations that are presented to us in present times is a result of our collective deeds, every ounce of negativity & trash that we have produced & passed to universe in the past.

Original purpose of our lives was to align our lives with universe but we as most intellegent & powerful species tried hard to align universe with ourselves & our produces.

The result is in front of us – inner & outer chaos, turmoil & sickness. ‬

We in India know it very well, I mean the law of cause & effect, law of echo, or Karma, which simply means that whatever we do, say or even think will create a domino effect & will come back to us in some or the other form.

Everything you see “out there” is a response to what you are thinking, feeling & believing. Remember – Action & reaction are equal & opposite.

You get back what you put out. It is like a boomerang. You throw it out & it comes back.

If you put a negative out, you will get a negative back. Also, when you put a positive out you will get a positive back, maybe not straight away, but it will come. It’s the Law & the Laws of the Universe never make a mistake.

And imagine as a nation what we are producing & throwing collectively into the universe. As if it is a bin to collect your garbage. When a nation’s thoughts are loving, peace prevails & when a nation’s thoughts are unloving, chaos ensues. It is so simple.

Today there are clearly two sets of people. One who are continuously creating havoc with their nonsensical deeds, theories & philosophies. The Pandemics, unnecessary wars, environmental desecration, economic & criminal injustice, hopelessness, depression, uncertainties or fear among the society are the consequences of their endeavours. These are millions & millions!

And then there are other millions of people who are doing what they can, loving deeply, forgiving, serving, taking care of the sick & dying, repairing the earth continuously, restoring hope, feeding the hungry, saying the prayers & sending us the inspirations to lift us & to be our best.

Let me remind you that as a spiritual being, your individual possibilities are unlimited. Let you acknowledge your energetic force in order to elevate it further & transmit it to watch as Universe responds kindly in return to you & others.

Let your thinking, feeling, intentions, vibrations & actions bring you & your world an abundance of love, blessings, positive changes & everything that your heart desires & help you living the life you were originally meant to live.

Stay Blessed & Keep Sending Positive Energy To Your World & Universe! 💐💐

Check If Your Lifestyle, Routines, Priorities & Behaviours Have Become INTOLERABLE For You?

If you are the person for whom complaining is a better choice than action, shifting the blames & running from the responsibility are better than doing the real work or if postponing things are usual & you are fed up of doing it then continue reading… it is for you.

Infact this article is especially for those who wish to really take some steps to reach a level of magnificence, happiness, success or freedom that they actually deserve. This post is for all those who have become sick of their behaviors & become fed-up with their own bullshits, lies, toxic inner patterns, excuses & meaninglessness.

It is for the moments when you have started realising that your own lifestyle, lazy routines, priorities & behaviours have become intolerable for you.

Appreciate yourself for feeling that you are fed up with your nonsense because not so many will dare to have that realisation. This is the best thing you can do in the present moment. Nourishing this intent & feeling will automatically make you ready to move forward. This itself will motivate you to create a solid foundation to build, grow & make a big leap in life.

You need to quickly react to all such intention, listen to your callings & connect with all these. You will have to stop yourself from burying this inner voice because of your busyness, laziness, habits & fears.

Let you remind yourself that if you know there is a challenge in your life, you are obligated to find a solution.

People take big leap in life & do all the great things not because they are blessed with remarkable ability, great charisma or any special favours, but because when they hear their inner voice, “you need to do it & you can do it” they simply choose to act courageously. The first step to greatness is deciding to be the one who doesn’t just let life happen to them. So, pick your arena & go for it. You need to decide whether you will hold back yourself again or strike out this time.

Start taking 100% responsibility for every single damn thing happening in your life, no matter what. You need to feel more empowered & motivated, rather than helpless & hopeless. Remember that you are in charge of yourself, your choices, decisions, actions & reactions. All that. Please stop expecting other people to improve your life.

Tell yourself repeatedly that you have the ability to create a life that you really desire & deserve. Every moment you have opportunity to make a choice for yourself. Sometime this can be as simple as walking upto the fridge & choosing a beer instead of water.. 🤣.

If required, please invite a challenger, motivator, instigater or the one who can tell you to stop doing your nonsense & inspire you (or kick in you ass) to step out of your comfort zones to do something worthwhile quickly.

Remind yourself that you are so powerful & everything you need to do something great is already inside of you. How freeing & good is that!

I believe in you & I know that you can make the big leap in your life starting today.

Stay the course & follow through! 💐💐

रहस्यमय ईश्वर तथा सच

दूर किसी जगह छुपे हुये रहस्यमय ईश्वर तक पहुँचने की बजाये आपको अपनी नाक के नीचे हो रही दुष्टता, असाधुता तथा धूर्तता को पहचानने की जरूरत है। उसे तुरंत रोकने की जरूरत है। आपको अगर उस आनंद, परम् शान्ति और प्रकाश के स्रोत को पाना है तो सबसे पहले अपने भीतर के अंधकार को पहचानना होगा। अपने घट के भीतर ज्ञान के दिये को जला कर इस अंधकार को मिटाना होगा।

मेरा ऐसा विचार है की आपको असल मे किसी और नये सच को या उस रहस्यमय ईश्वर को ढूंढने की बहुत जरूरत नही है। आप तो खुद उसी ईश्वर के अंश हैं जिसको आप ढूंढ़ना चाहते हैं या पाना चाहते हैं। अगर आपको कुछ ढूंढना ही है तो अपने भीतर की बुराईयों, दुर्बलताओं, दोषों, हीन भावनाओं, बड़बोलेपन एवं सबसे अधिक ज्ञानी होने के घमंड को ढूंढें जिसके नीचे आपकी सच्चाई, श्रेष्ठता और सुंदरता दब गई है तथा आपका अपना ईश्वरत्व खो सा गया है।

अपने उस सचिदानन्द और सर्वशक्तिमान रूप को जल्द ही अनुभव करें तथा प्रकट होने दें। आपकी शुभता, सकारात्मकता, आरोग्यता, प्रभुता एवं विपुलता जल्द ही कई गुना बढ़ जाये, ऐसी मेरी प्रभु से प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

Lord Hanuman Ji, Pracheen Hanuman Mandir Connaught Place, New Delhi

Where is Heaven?

As they say that after you die, you will have all the comforts, luxuries & all the earthly pleasures of life that too without making any effort. If this is the idea you have for the heaven then you have completely misunderstood this, my dear. If this is the motive of all the nonsense you are doing then you are a fool.

What makes you think heaven is somewhere else? Why it is not this place? You have all the fun here, love, laugh, can eat all the tasty food & enjoy your companionship…. If that’s not what heaven is, I don’t know what it is.

Please forgive me for saying that some intelligent people have created this as an imaginary idea to serve only for their personal good. You know what I am talking about.

If heaven is ever to be experienced in life, it has to be here only while you are alive & on this very earth, nowhere else. So if someone says to you that by doing this or that, after death you will get better things than what are available to you here, please do not believe that. Because with that motive you are not going to do good & chances are that you will add more suffering & misery to your life & your world.

Appreciate, acknowledge & thank all those who are saying that you can create heaven for yourself here on this earth no matter where you are.

Let me try to explain my understanding of Heaven. It is nothing more than a state of mind. It’s an inside quality. When you have everything flowing in order, you feel like in heaven. When you have things you need, you feel like in heaven. When you have everyone that you long for, you feel like in heaven. When you have something meaningful to do, enjoy most of the moments of your life & can fulfill your purpose on this earth with ease, you feel like in heaven. When you are competent to inspire others to be more free, happy, sufficient in themselves, you are in heaven. When your heart is in a blissful state, you feel like in heaven & when your mind is calm & peaceful, for sure you are very much in heaven.

That’s it!

Believe me whatever virus, diseases, pollution, noise or mess that we see around us has not come from somewhere else, we are the one’s, who have created it. We have made it hell. We all wish to go to heaven after death but when we are alive we are building a hell…. how regretful it is!

Remember that your foxiness, arrogance, greed, selfishness, stupidity & imbalance mind not only perceives the mess in the outside world & problem with everything but also add more mess & mayhem to it.

I have been saying this for long that what if this planet is heaven & you have come here as a reward. Even if you choose to accept our mythology & all the ancient theories without an iota of doubt. You have been gifted fresh air to breathe, fresh water, great things to eat, opportunities to do great deeds & ofcourse every other thing that bring you joy, fun & happiness that you can’t get from where you have come. 😷😷

So the next time someone says the word “Heaven” & “Angel” think for a moment that they are actually referring to “This Place” where you are standing now & “You”.

Remember that there is no Hell except the one you create for yourself & others. There is no need to convert your heaven into hell first & then hope for the heaven after death. 🙏🙏

Stay Blissful, Wise & Enjoy Your Heaven! 💐💐

If you are in agreement of what I have said here or have some thoughts to add, I will appreciate if you can kindly write in the comments.