Where is Heaven?

As they say that after you die, you will have all the comforts, luxuries & all the earthly pleasures of life that too without making any effort. If this is the idea you have for the heaven then you have completely misunderstood this, my dear. If this is the motive of all the nonsense you are doing then you are a fool.

What makes you think heaven is somewhere else? Why it is not this place? You have all the fun here, love, laugh, can eat all the tasty food & enjoy your companionship…. If that’s not what heaven is, I don’t know what it is.

Please forgive me for saying that some intelligent people have created this as an imaginary idea to serve only for their personal good. You know what I am talking about.

If heaven is ever to be experienced in life, it has to be here only while you are alive & on this very earth, nowhere else. So if someone says to you that by doing this or that, after death you will get better things than what are available to you here, please do not believe that. Because with that motive you are not going to do good & chances are that you will add more suffering & misery to your life & your world.

Appreciate, acknowledge & thank all those who are saying that you can create heaven for yourself here on this earth no matter where you are.

Let me try to explain my understanding of Heaven. It is nothing more than a state of mind. It’s an inside quality. When you have everything flowing in order, you feel like in heaven. When you have things you need, you feel like in heaven. When you have everyone that you long for, you feel like in heaven. When you have something meaningful to do, enjoy most of the moments of your life & can fulfill your purpose on this earth with ease, you feel like in heaven. When you are competent to inspire others to be more free, happy, sufficient in themselves, you are in heaven. When your heart is in a blissful state, you feel like in heaven & when your mind is calm & peaceful, for sure you are very much in heaven.

That’s it!

Believe me whatever virus, diseases, pollution, noise or mess that we see around us has not come from somewhere else, we are the one’s, who have created it. We have made it hell. We all wish to go to heaven after death but when we are alive we are building a hell…. how regretful it is!

Remember that your foxiness, arrogance, greed, selfishness, stupidity & imbalance mind not only perceives the mess in the outside world & problem with everything but also add more mess & mayhem to it.

I have been saying this for long that what if this planet is heaven & you have come here as a reward. Even if you choose to accept our mythology & all the ancient theories without an iota of doubt. You have been gifted fresh air to breathe, fresh water, great things to eat, opportunities to do great deeds & ofcourse every other thing that bring you joy, fun & happiness that you can’t get from where you have come. 😷😷

So the next time someone says the word “Heaven” & “Angel” think for a moment that they are actually referring to “This Place” where you are standing now & “You”.

Remember that there is no Hell except the one you create for yourself & others. There is no need to convert your heaven into hell first & then hope for the heaven after death. 🙏🙏

Stay Blissful, Wise & Enjoy Your Heaven! 💐💐

If you are in agreement of what I have said here or have some thoughts to add, I will appreciate if you can kindly write in the comments.

Heroism is doing something & not expecting any personal gain from it.

The movies have taught us that only when the world starts sinking, that’s the time when superheros arrive. They wait to arrive at right moment. So that cameras capture them & they get what they want… To be seen & to receive standing ovation & loud cheers always.😂

But believe me that’s not how it works in your life. I mean generally.

We need to see, care & work for what happens in all the moments. You are not allowed to escape a single moment. Heroism is not at all about appearing scripted always, it is the hard work of showing up when we are not expected to, of seeing what is possible when few are willing to believe, when no one sees the spark & especially when there are no perks. It is to work continuously to your best when there is no one to see your work & clap for you.

I repeat, one of the characteristic for real heroism is doing something & not expecting any personal gain from it. For me & obviously several others, It doesn’t have to be always giving up your life or taking a life for something on the battlefield or saving someone from a burning house. As long as you are continuously doing something that you feel must be done in some way, that qualifies as heroism for me.

You really don’t need to wear a red underwear over your dress to make the world a better place. That is only for cameras & to attract the attention 🤣. To perform heroic acts, in normal life, all you need is to do many small deeds everyday that adds up over time, serve your world, spread love, inspire others that create a ripple effect. Your deeds should build your self-esteem but not at the cost of others. I mean doing intentional, committed & sometimes even extraordinary things day-in and day-out to advance a cause you believe in.

Believe me most of the world is busy in stealing the credits, in complaining, blaming & talking shit. To be a hero, you need to tackle that negativity by yourself. Remember that in real life, no one will come & whisper in your ear that you are a super hero or future superstar.

Let me remind you that your defining moment is whenever you decide it is & you get a new chance to do great things every day.

Before I end my today’s article, I must also remind you that there are so many Superheroes around you, who unconditionally love you, support you, do things for you, give you unreserved credits, love you, inspire & motivate you, guide you, correct you, invisibly remove obstacles from your path, bring you closer to your aspirations, pray for you, root for you, do their utmost to make your life a bit more comfortable & more joyous. They make you feel that you are a superhero, a superstar & a person who deserves all the praise & admiration.

I wish if you can notice them, acknowledge them, appreciate them & be grateful for them because it is a remarkable blessing to have such goodness & love in your life.

Let you thank your Angeles for blessing you with some good souls & feel grateful, fortunate & more joyous now than ever.

Stay Blessed & Keep Being Your Awesome Self💐💐

Stop Being a Puppet of Borrowed Thoughts & Feelings

Your thoughts, point of views, opinions, perceptions, feelings & reactions are rarely yours. Infact most of these are inspired by your connections, your current situations & circumstances, what you mostly see on social media, your own & social expectations & everything else you hear & see.

Believe me, all of these have tremendous effect on your life, your world, the way you live & what you achieve in life. Whether you accept it or not but it is true that every thought that you think is creating your future.

Because over a period of time you, in many respects, become at the mercy of them & they start running your show.

Your these thoughts & feelings have incredible power to shape your life & the lives of others, because the compilation of these thoughts, assumptions & interpretations of circumstances directly influence your beliefs & ultimately your actions.

But hardly anything you can do about it. That’s what is happening with everyone. All you need to do is to remind yourself that it is not a true reflection of who you really are.

Remind yourself that you are the gatekeeper of your mind & can decide what you want to let in & what you don’t.

It is said that you have or generate approximately 70000 thoughts in a day & if even half of your thoughts you think each day are negative, it’s easy to see how letting those thoughts exist unchecked & unquestioned can make staying positive, meaningful, productive, hopeful & goal-oriented impossible.

If your thoughts were original, so good, intelligent, kind, trustworthy & beautiful, then believing them would have definitely lead to a very different life & world. To really understand the affect of what I am trying to say here, let you begin to notice the results of checking this in your own life, in other people’s lives, in your society & in your world. If they were not puppet of the borrowed thoughts, ideas & feelings than we all would have been more happy, loving, at peace, free, wise, clear, beautiful, sufficient & more loveable or there would be atleast no need to seek greater peace or love at this juncture.

If you sincerely want to be in the driver’s seat of your life & wish to manifest your own reality, you must know your thoughts & that means all of them – realistic & fake or positive & negative. After acknowledging these, all you need to do is – remove the negative thoughts that are preventing you to live a meaningful life you should be living.

Filter out & simply keep only useful, productive & those thoughts that make you feel good about yourself. Retaining negative thoughts & feelings will make you feel bad & diminished in some way or the other & most often hold no purpose in serving your well-being. Let you intercept all these negative & nonsensical thoughts, mindsets, interpretations & feelings before they wreak havoc on your future & your world.

Before I conclude my article, I feel like reminding you yet again that your mindset, thoughts, feelings, assumptions, interpretations & opinions can be your greatest allies or your worst fleet of enemy. Input from the world & media plants exceptional seeds of success or failure in your mind.

Let you seek only positive inputs to improve your chances of producing positive outputs & better responses. After all, the choice is yours.

Let your thoughts, words & deeds be in alignment with what you really need at this point in time & what you want to become in near future. 🙏🙏

Stay Blessed, Magnificent & Praiseworthy! ✌️

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The Magic of Eating Out or Watching a Movie Can Never Diminish.

After several weeks of confinement, the experience of seeing a film or eating out or partying with friends will be all the way more magical than ever before. I am so sure about it 🤣.

While some of the people were & will always be allergic to our former lives, noises, car jams, over crowded markets & restaurants filled with happy people… I feel most of us would like to return to our free life instead of being confined in homes, no matter what.

Obviously the silent, car-free streets & clean air during confinements made me also realise that how punishing our city lives are. But is it how we are supposed to live? Can whole world enjoy & afford compulsory holidaying for long? I mean how long can we remain in isolation? 🤔

There are people who are saying that people will not return to cafés, fine dinning restaurants, cinemas, bars or clubs… In my views that is very pessimistic thought. I have my opinion, people will. The magic of eating out or watching a movie can never finish.

I will say that these cafés, restaurants & entertainment places are essential tools for our well-being & happy life.

I read a few articles to confirm this. I read about spanish flu which took 50 million lives & about world war-II.

After these so much bigger disasters than this current pandemic were over, demand of such public places increased many folds. People did not choose to continue keeping themselves locked. Business of cinemas & cafés, after the tragedies, were recorded higher than in any decade before or since. I repeat what I read in an online article

After The Great Depression of 1929, movies played a critical role in keeping people entertained.

and every calamity made people more interested in travel, cinemas & cafés, not less.

I’m sure that reopening of these places will be a cause for a huge celebration & we all will see a rush.. desperate people will come out of their houses, flocking back to watch films & eat together at such places.

One more sectors which is completely depressed is educational institutions & coaching centers. My friend Gopal Agarwal owner of a famous chain of coaching institutes in Delhi called me to ask my opinion about how I see future of these coaching institutes post this pandemic is over & I said same thing. I said that everything will return to normal because there is no alternative. Online education can compliment the instructor led training system but can not replace it. Not atleast in skill training sectors.

Don’t worry, this world has survived wars, pandemics & every damn thing. Check with your grandparents.

Fear is OK. Fear is natural. But don’t let the fear control you. I am sure there will be a vaccine very soon. Till then, you’ll probably have to enjoy living with it.

Remember, this is not the last epidemic. You & everyone in the world needs to be better informed & more prepared.

Let God bless & help us in finding ways to bliss, balance & life again. Stay healthy & hopeful 💐💐

What you think about it? Do you agree with my assumptions or not? Please write your views & thoughts in comment section 🙏

Time to live the life you want!

I am sure you must have observed a fly stuck in your car & going crazy to go out. But doesn’t go out even if all the windows are wide open. This unnecessary struggle of fly remind me how often we behave in similar fashion.

So after a bit of uncalled struggle, you too become tired like the fly & just travel to a completely unknown place.. I mean where ever life takes you.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Remind yourself that if your habits, routines & lifestyles are not making you healthier & happier, that only means that you are making yourself sick, unhappy & unsuccessful. It is obvious 😤.

Obviously like fly, we all are desperate to achieve freedom, success, happiness, fulfillment, fame & respect, but habitually remain focused on things that are irrelevant & doesn’t help us at all in achieving any of these.

Let you try to build the routines that will help you to replace the bad habits with good habits.

Before I go further, I wish to remind you that your happiness, success or fulfillment has nothing to do with luck, deserving or entitlements, these are dependent upon what you focus on, your choices, decisions, practices & habits.

Bringing more sufficiency, bliss & contentment in your life is a very real & close possibility. You just have to put in a little work. Hope you are ready to do that 🤣?

Google is filled with so many ideas, tips, shortcuts & tricks to achieve freedom, success & happiness. I too have taken liberty to pen down a few of some simple ways to feel good, happy & successful. Some are only repetitions.

Be Meaningful!

I do not know exactly about you, but so many people do not know what they have to do. They really do not know their real purpose in life. They even don’t bother much about it. They have found mobile & TV as an easy way to pass their days.

The point I am trying to make is if you are not doing anything meaningful, you are bound to feel uneasy, worthless & unhappy.

Motivate yourself to find something interesting that demands your full attention, skills, abilities & start working on it immediately.

Remember, meaning comes from belonging to & serving something beyond yourself & from developing the best within you. 👑

Be Choiceless!

You are searching a way out from the car but you see so many glasses, windows.. in same way when you have too many choices, it exhaust you completely, making you stop trying & prevent you from making a decision all together or finally making a bad decision 😪.

Remember too many choices make you miserable & paralyzed.. you end up making no choice.

Do not keep your options open for long. Decide & choose things quickly. Narrow down the choices asap & choose to act on one or a select few.

Build a few clear guidelines & ideas of what you want in real & absolutely don’t want from the available range of options. This can filter out the possible choices & also make you more happy & confident about your decision making abilities.

Focus On Yourself Instead Of Others!

You are likely to see 100s of advertisements, 100s of advices,100s of whatsapp messages, etc. & perhaps most of these are total nonsense 🤣. Anything telling you what to eat, how to look fair (like someone), act or behave in a certain way is making you fool. Avoid falling into their marketing trap.

You need to be true to yourself. You need to recognise & pursue your genuine passions, intentions & interests without copying someone or feeling bad about your authenticity.

Every individual has something they can contribute to the world. You too have. The hard part is figuring out what that is. This will not become clear unless you do something about it.

Cultivate Curiousity!

You will agree to the fact that all the great things that exist in your world today are a result of someone’s curiosity. It’s the reason why people like Newton, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison or Mark Zuckerberg created some of the most innovative products of all time.

By using your curiosity to help you get better at something, become more knowledgeable or see something in a new perspective, you’ll find life to be much more meaningful & enjoyable.

Don’t let your curiosity end only in playing games or finding the climaxes or on social media feeds.

Stop Deferring Things!

If you think procrastination means you are lazy, unmotivated, or lack self-discipline, you’re right. Putting off tasks is a very bad habit.

Do you procrastinate? Of course you do. You put off challenging tasks most of the time. When you defer anything, what happens next is you scold yourself. You ask yourself, What’s wrong with me? I knew what I needed to do to meet that deadline. Why have I screwed up yet again… bla bla…

Whatever it is you are procrastinating on, if you want to get it done, you need to get a grip on yourself & do it. Afterall you can’t postpone feeling happy, good & praiseworthy.

Cross The Line Of Your Comfort Zone!

The comfort zone is a beautiful place to be. But not much happens there. All great things, success, medals, glory, bright future, sufficiency, admiration & joy always come from outside the comfort zone. This means doing things that you resist, hate, or even fear in normal course.

However, for you to push out of your comfort zone constantly, to always be in the face of discomfort, uncertainty, resistance & to be okay with that, you really need lot of guts, will power & solid reasons. You need spark to drive you out despite of all the resistances. This spark can be a passion you are trying to pursue or a vision you are trying to realize or a picture that you have created of your ideal self.

Some More….. !

  • Learn more about things that you do not know. Invest some of the time & energy to learn more about what you are getting yourself into can increase your chances of accurately placing yourself in happier situations & can make you successful more than what you plan.
  • While owning material possessions can be nice, they can never be a part of you like great experiences can be a part of you. This is why you should invest more in experiences rather than things. Travel more instead of buying more.
  • Let you shift your focus from being unhappy about the things you don’t have in your life to being glad for the things you do have at this point of time.
  • Regularly appreciate those who have done something recently for you, no matter if it is inconsequential even.
  • Inject things you are thankful for in your daily conversations instead of focusing on negative topics & finding opportunities to bash everyone around.
  • Pray & Meditate. If you don’t have 10 minutes to pray, you don’t have a life.

Start living a happier, successful & more fulfilling life by making small changes & taking meaningful steps toward a better you. Stay Blessed 💐💐

Post Lockdown, Begin With Baby Steps…

When you start going to work again, things are bound to appear more frightening than the real pandemic. Perhaps, bcoz staying indoors for 60-65 days have made you more lazy, cynical, fearful, cowhearted, pessimistic & numb.

Remember that like every one in the world, you too have locked yourself to protect from corona virus. Hope this was the only reason 😂.

But for how long you can continue to stay in your safe house & watch your life pass by. Finally you have to step out of your comfort zone to live & make yourself what you should be.

Be Honest with Yourself & check if you have found some new excuses (more than the usual ones 🤣) to not to go out & live your life.

You need to really motivate yourself to step out of your home (as & when you are allowed with all the prescribed precautions). Break all the chains to get outside your this comfort zone. Once you do that, you will again start enjoying the world, your work & start growing in the process. Bring yourself on the track again 🚂.

My sincere advise is to confront your idleness, limiting beliefs, intention, perception & hopelessness to increase your chance of moving forward. Let you remind yourself once again that the primary emotion you are trying to overcome is your fear & nothing else.

Begin with baby steps… 🤣. Don’t just jump out fully otherwise you will get scared & lock yourself again. Take small steps toward the fear you are trying to overcome.

Let you choose to claw your way forward inch by inch for awhile before you think of taking that big swing. The Google is full of stories who became incredibly successful even when they were born with the deck stacked badly against them. You are more lucky & blessed than whole lot of those people.. check it.

Please don’t just accept things as they are right now. You have enormous capacity, abilities, talents to make things happen. Don’t let these few lockdown days make you live a life far short of what you are capable of & prevent you from reaching your real potential.

Living up to your fullest potential will not happen in one day. It will surely not happen by accident. It will slowly happen over a period of time & only if you decide to take action to do so. As I said earlier, decide to take baby steps gradually each day towards your direction, your purpose & your mission.

Afterall it is a matter of choice that only you can make for your life. So many have already made that choice to be more healthy, joyful, sufficient, magnificent & successful after the lockdown is over.

Let God help you to become more willful & more optimistic now than ever. I have never met a very successful pessimistic person.

I wish you to do the best you can, right here & right now.

Stay Blessed 💐💐!

Hope you agree to come out from your self isolation (with precautions)? Have you freed yourself already? Have you created an image of yourself, what you wish to be in coming days? Please leave a comment & share your thoughts on self motivation in the section below.

Thanks for Reading 🙏

आज कुछ यूँही.. इधर उधर से.. हिंदी में

क्या आप उन लोगों में से हैं जो बस मांगे चले जा रहे हैं सहयोग, प्यार, सहानुभूति, सम्मान, सत्कार, दान, उधार, आभार और अपने लिये तवज्जो तथा प्रशंसा – लेकिन बदले में कभी कुछ देते नही हैं। 🤔

क्या आप एक आम आदमी हैं जो रोजी रोटी कमाते हैं, बीमार पड़ते हैं, हँसते हैं, रोते है, मज़े भी पूरे लेते हैं, न्यूज़ डिबेट देखते हैं, वगैरह वगैरह और कर्तव्यवश अपने समाज और देश के सुख-दुख में बतौर नागरिक हिस्सेदारी करते हैं, यह जानते हुए भी कि बस ऐसा ही करते करते देर सबेर मर जाना है।

अब ये तय है कि आगे की यात्रा कठिन होगी, तकरीबन तकरीबन सभी की।

मंज़िल अनिश्चित और अनजानी आदिकाल से थी, है और हमेशा रहेगी। शायद अब पहले से ज्यादा।

इसलिये सबसे सुखी वही होगा जो केवल चलने और चलते रहने में सुख ढूंढेगा।

क्या हर वो चीज़ जो चमकती है वो सोना है?
क्या हर वो बात जो trend हो रही है वो सच है?

सब कह रहे हैं कि धीरे धीरे बहुत कुछ बदल रहा है… सही है दुनिया भी, मौसम भी, लोग भी, रिश्ते भी और हम खुद भी। 🤔

अगर कोई कहता है कि यंहा बारिश हो रही है और एक अन्य व्यक्ति कहता है कि नही यंहा तो सूखा है, तो आपका काम उन दोनों की बात को post करना नही है बल्कि खिड़की से अपनी गर्दन बाहर निकाल कर देखना है.. कि सच्चाई क्या है। और फिर उस को post करना है…

आप की रहनुमाई, महानता एवं प्रभुता का परिचय तभी होता है जब आप किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति को सुनते हैं और समझने का प्रयास करते हैं चाहे वो आपका प्रिय व्यक्ति हो या कथित दुश्मन हो, भले ही जब ये बहुत असहज हो रहा हो, दर्दनाक हो, या चाहे ये उस आखिरी चीज की तरह हो जो आप किसी तरह करना चाहते हों।

अगर आपके जीवन का यह पल सुंदर है, सहज है, एकदम बासी नही है तो इसे सहेज कर रखने की क्या जरूरत है। आपको बीते हुए पल को पकड़ कर रखने की बजाये, प्रयास करने की जरूरत है जिससे आपका नया पल बीते हुए पल से हर हाल में बेहतर हो जाये, इसमें नई उमंगें- नये उल्लास शामिल हो जायें तथा नए रंग भर जायें। हर नए पल में आपके नये इरादे हों, नई शुरुआत हो, नये परिणाम हों तथा नई सफलतायें हों। ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है की आने वाला हर नया पल और हर दिन आपके लिये खुशियों का त्यौहार बने। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

अपने विचार, अपनी टिप्पणी नीचे comment section में देने की कृपा करें। 🙏🙏

Company Is Nothing Without Their People.

Accountability is an essential entrepreneurship skill if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. But it is just not about managing to get work done. Accountability in business means that you empower others to not only own tasks, but to also own the results & awards with you.

Remember that a company is nothing without their people i.e. employees.

Now when the world is passing through tough times, each of us has a role to play not only in limiting the spread of the virus, but also in practicing empathy for those who may be hardest hit financially.

Please do everything you can to pay your workers, even if you have to reduce some of your operations & other things (you know what I am talking about).

If it’s not enough to retain the employees for moral reasons, then also do it because you’re going to miss some of these well trained & loyal workers (some of them are like family) when your business will be in full swing again (hope you are not closing it now).

Please be genuinely concerned about your people who have always been there for you (not with their output only, not atleast now). Listen to their stories, understand their struggles, understand that they are juggling more than they are used to & empathise. Finally, it is these acts of kindness which help you tide over trying times. When the dust will settle, organisations that follow this will have stronger & loyal teams. Believe me, this act will make you better organization & a trusted employer.

Remember your company’s actions during this crisis will demonstrate to your people & world whether your relationships with them were genuine or fake.

Let me ask you a simple question before I end this article, when the dust blows over (for sure, it will), which companies do you think will have an easier time recruiting talented people? Which organizations will see a massive migration the moment hiring gets back to normal? 🤔🤔

Let you keep your current employees happy & engaged.

Please share your thoughts on this article. 🙏

Living a life that matters is very much possible!

Today I wish to remind you that you are much more than what you think you can ever be. You are special, you have abilities to change your world in some crazy way & can surprise all those who laugh on you with your inborn talents, abilities, thoughts & work. Trust yourself.

Like you everyone fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t be more than you are right now because you have this or that big problem. You are not alone. What you are going through is probably happening to so many others all across the world.

It is such a nonsense to feel that everything is too hard these days & that you are nothing. Believe me, why to talk of world, someone in your connects only is begging to have your life with all your problems. Darling you are so blessed!

Let you begin to unfold, start realising & developing your true potential & passions. Wherever you are, whatever your age is, however big or small problem you have, remind yourself that something different is actually possible. Something more is possible. Living a life that matters is very much possible.

Let me remind you once again the most commonly read advice across google is “that our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts create our actions & our actions create our results”. It is really true that everything we believe, consciously or unconsciously, produce some kind of result, good or bad, in our lives.

This is what actually I want to tell you that there are these beliefs which generally hold you back & stop you from becoming the one you should be, the version of yourself.

Actually beliefs are not realities, they’re simply your own perceptions. But you have learnt to act as if your all beliefs are true. No, these are not true. I know someone in my colony who now is an acclaimed marathoner & does 21 km very successfully now whenever he gets a chance. He used to simply walk in colony park. He told me that he hardly could walk for 20 -25 minutes in one go. but joined a group which motivated him to prepare for marathon & he did so. He is now thinking to complete a 41 km marathon. Now think where from this talent or capacity came from, all from with in. This ability was always there but he thought he will not be. Same is with you.

This is what I am trying you to arrive at, that your beliefs are holding you back from achieving your dreams but in reality you are capable of achieving much more than you think. Darling tell yourself today that your beliefs are not serving you.

May I request you to please list everything that you want to achieve in life now or later. Everything that you deserve. Everything that make you look beautiful, make you contented, make you feel special from within, accomplished, praiseworthy, make you magnificent, make you feel admired, happy & lively. Write everything. Now, ask yourself which belief is working for you & which is against you. Which belief is stopping you from doing something you want to do. Isn’t so simple?

You have a new goal now i.e. before attempting to achieve something from your bucket list, shift your these limiting beliefs which you have found stopping you from accomplishing your greatest self.

This type of initiative will take some time, humility & a strong willingness to confront your beliefs & all those blind spots that you were choosing to ignore throughout your life. I once again will like to remind you that you truly have tremendous amount of capacity to change & improve your known shortcomings as well as strengths. Go for transformation now!

You will not be able to change your thoughts, beliefs, weakness all alone, it will take too long & it’s too difficult. Let you find the help of a mentor, friend, trainer, or coach, an inspiring group to transform you completely. Don’t feel embarassed in asking for help.

In fact, this article is intended to help you avoid allowing your limiting beliefs to hold you back anymore. This is to remind you that there’s nothing in this world which can prevent you from reaching your full potential & your real greatness. The only challenge is to identify, acknowledge & begin to pursue your dreams, develop the skills to get there & exhibit great psyche, intentions & control. Make the necessary adjustments & start pursuing the line of action that sincerely reflect who you truly are.

Bonus tip: Let you write your list of aspirations, goals, hopes & dreams as Mantras. I repeat not as mission statements, but like Mantras, which you chant every day to please God & invite spiritual favours. Once you’ve defined your Mantras, print these out, post it everywhere in your room without any shame & chant these several times a day.

Don’t start on it when it’s too late. Start on it now. Start living your life in a way that your dream actually comes true.

Let God bless you with wisdom to achieve all that you want & patience to deal with the situations. My best wishes are there with you. Stay Blessed 💐💐

What do you think about “correction in your beliefs or need of transforming yourself?” Do you agree with it? Please Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don’t let your time slip away from your hands unobserved, unutilized & unseized.

I wish to bring in your notice one of the most important thing that your success, happiness, joy & bright future is completely dependent on your ability to pay attention to the present, now or this moment, whatever you may call it.

You can wake up at any moment just by paying attention to your immediate experience. You can do it right now. What’s happening this moment? Think of yourself as an external witness & just observe the moment. What do you see, hear or smell? Find what you are doing? It doesn’t matter how it feels—pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad—you roll with it because it’s what’s present; you’re not judging it. And if you notice your mind wandering, bring yourself back. Just say to yourself, “Now. Now. Now.”

If you closely & honestly observe yourself, you will find that you are too busy at any given time to practice what matters you the most. Also that most of your time is constantly slipping away from your hands unobserved, unutilized & unseized. Please understand that because you are used to something & doing it regularly doesn’t mean it is good for you, or this is the right way to live. Correct it darling… You still have time!

I know like everyone else, you too know this already that it’s important to live in the present moment, but the problem is how?

Let me try to explain you.

To remain mindful, active & open in any moment is called living in now. This means doing something intentional in every moment. This means enjoying & savouring everything that you have now. Becoming aware of your breathes & being more alive is called living in now.

NOW is all you have to express your love, give your love & feel all the love you have. 🤗

Believing this firmly in your heart & practising this truly will make you more happy, emphatic & joyful. This will reduce your anxiety & stress also.

Remember that worries, by nature, means thinking about the future & if you can uplift yourself into awareness of the present moment, most of your worries will automatically melt away.

What it means in other words is that you need to stop focusing on your anxieties, mental chatter, negativity in the room & reduce your habit of bashing yourself for everything to be a significant part of this greater universe & to play your role expressively & significantly.

When you practice living in moment, you respond thoughtfully instead of rashly or foolishly. I mean your focus on present will make you less aggressive & decrease your ego involvement. You stop reacting egoically & linking your prestige to every happening & start taking everything at it’s face value. You stop pursuing things for your selfish motives which actually unsettle the entire process. You need to reduce your recklessness, improve your interpretations & reactions, desist from lashing out in anger, backing down in fear or mindlessly indulging in your stupid cravings. If you can learn to find spark before the fire & control it, you will be successful at anything.

Your living in present moment is bound to increase your thoughtfulness, mindfulness & your self-control. In turn you will be able to regulate your behaviours & will improve your interactions appreciably with your world.

To remain & live in present moment meaningfully & mindfully also require that you have a SMART goal (challenging but not unattainable) which force you to explore your abilities, talents, resources & stretch you to achieve in your present.

Because it will let you set a flow in reaching your goals by defining every next step very clearly. It is similar to changing the gear automatically if you are driving a bike or finding the next foothold if you’re climbing a rock, or turning the page if you’re reading a good novel. Without much of the efforts, you will know your successes & failures quickly so that you can seamlessly adjust your behavior & actions in a second. A climber on the mountain knows immediately if his foothold is secure, a pianist knows instantly when she’s played the wrong note. Isn’t it living in present moment? I wish you gain personal mastery & your all activities become substantially rewarding. I would be very happy if you continuously fire all cylinders to rise up, shine & create the ideal powerful self.

Wherever you are, commit to being there, completely. Life will take care of the rest. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for your time. Please share your inputs & feedback in the comments. Let’s keep in touch!