Stay living a life that matters!

Let me remind you that if you remain intentional, energetic, passionate, motivated & honest in most of your efforts then surely there will be something for you in your life everyday, it may be a solution for some problem, a light for shadow, healing for past hurts & pains, relief from worries & stress, reason to celebrate or a great plan for your tomorrow.

Trust the timming & keep your heart filled with hope because you are full of limitless potential, startling powers, you are always braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter than you think. It’s up to you to believe!

Let God help you to enhance your thoughts, feelings & vision with His divine energy so that your dreams come true & all your prayers be fulfilled.

Stay living a life that matters! Blessings 💐

Brand in real sense

If you are an owner of a brand, you will possibly understand it that whatever your walk-ins want, you can’t have it all. You can’t be a grocery store, I mean you can’t be everything for everyone.

Most of the brands should be known for something specific that they care for most passionately.

Brand means to be honest about what they deal with, their target groups & possibly do not work on the principle of pleasing everyone & satisfy no one.

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.

Being your own upgrade!

Let me remind you that it’s quite normal to get distracted, feel frustrated, aggravated & disappointed now & then. But the secret of the most successful, happier, hale & hearty people is knowing how to get back on track quickly to avoid suffering for long.

The solution is simple – remain self motivated & keep doing more of those things that you are passionate about or inspire you & others to repeat more & more. While doing this you also need to keep removing everything that is blocking your motivation & your manifestation. Actually we all are born motivated but over a period of time it gets covered up by a thick layer of polluted ideas, bad habits, wrong priorities & unhealthy lifestyles.

To remain focused on being the person who you need to be & to manifest your all beautiful dreams find some simple & doable to-do list here. I mean below are some of the tips that hopefully can help you unleash your self-motivation & your greatest self.

  • Being Grateful: You & for that matter no one has another life. Why to complain. Just enjoy what you can & respect your life & your world.
  • Stop being Jealous or Resentful – How are you supposed to stay motivated when all your energy is being spent worrying about others possessions, qualities or luck? Focus on your blessedness.
  • Being Calm & Patient – Remember whenever you get impatient, you end up quitting. Stop being impatient unnecessarily.
  • Simplify your Life – Stop thinking of too many things at one time & end up doing nothing. Target one thing you want to complete every day & do that thing successfully.
  • Stop Waiting – Your inaction is the single most powerful motivation killer. Waiting just makes it harder to get motivated to do anything. Act now!
  • Get lost in some activity – You don’t need to find some grand purposes, explanations & meanings to do something. Begin with whatever comes in mind & heart – even if you are bad at it in begining. Focus on doing & not on justifications.
  • Scare yourself – Everyday is one less day. How can you be too comfortable with your ordinariness, laziness, passivity & always being behind the times. Let you raise the stakes & put yourself in a position where there is something to lose.
  • Stop being surrounded by Crappy People – who only suck & in turn motivate you also to suck. Find what’s sucking your motivation & get rid of it. Keep yourself always surrounded by motivation & positivity.

Remember that much of your success, happiness, peace & health depends on staying motivated.

Let God help you to become your own upgrade! Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐

Your happiness, peace & success is in your hands!

There are a thousand explanations for the same thing. Pick & only choose the ones that are helpful & what is right for your spirit.

Let me remind you once again that your life, your happiness, success & peace is in your interpretations, judgements, calls you take, your responses & daily choices you make knowingly or unknowingly. So if you find yourself stuck In deep shit, no one to blame, except yourself, your choices & decisions.

It’s all up to you, no one else, no matter the help you seek, if you don’t personally choose to make things better by the things you do, by the way you respond to people & situations, by the way you pick your battles & by the way you perceive things, then no help or support will really suffice.

Let God help you to choose, perceive, resolve, act or react in such a way that your love, joy, happiness, sufficiency & influence grow everyday. Stay Blessed 💐💐

5 steps to access all the wisdom & answers that are deep within your soul.

Let me remind you that everything you need to move forward to create the life you want is already inside of you. You just need to access it. All you need to do is to connect with your divine wisdom or your highest self (whatever you may call it) to guide your life. Don’t feel stuck, just tune into yourself; your heart, your soul & your actuality.

Remember over a period of time your mind become so over crowded with the voices, ideas, shoulds, shouldn’ts & expert advices from everyone else that you can’t hear even your own inner wisdom, what to say about your Angeles & that’s what prevent you from moving forward, most of the time. 🤔

Just see, if you feel that this is one of the reason then, Instead of feeling frustrated, irritated & lost all the time, please begin to focus on your purpose, dreams, goals & what matters most to you. 🙏

5 steps you must take to tune into yourself & access all the wisdom & answers that are deep within your soul:

  • Clear your mental clutter & quiet the noise for couple of minutes (then hours) everyday to allow your mind to generate new ideas & think more productive thoughts.
  • Begin to focus more on what brings you joy, love, happiness & peace.
  • Define who you want to be (according to yourself) & then decide what you need to do to become more of that person (for this, you can seek guidance from mentors).
  • Choose how you want to feel & start experiencing it (feelings are in your control).
  • Get clear on things that you absolutely don’t want (easily doable). It is okay if you are not aware of what you want, but I’m sure you know what you don’t want.

Yes, all I am asking you to be just clear in your thoughts & trust in yourself. But that’s not all, it is just the beginning. Whatever reasonable thoughts pops into your head, accept it & act on it immediately. I mean, after creating the clarity, start your action based on your new insights.

Believe me to be successful, happy, healthy,
to move forward & for creating the life you want, you have to take action, no matter how small it may be.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie

Let your thoughts & deeds bring you a sense of progress, engagement, fulfillment & accomplishment. Stay Amazingly Blessed! 💐💐

Thankyou for reading this. 🙏

Amp up your chances of success, fitness, your influence & impact on the world, your growth, well being & your good vibes…

Let me remind you that we can not undo a single thing which we have ever done but today we can try to propel ourselves to the life we want & towards the healing we need. I mean, if yesterday is not in your control, what stops you from being in charge of today?

The value of today is immeasurable. Let you put all your efforts to propel yourself forward, transform your stagnation to flow, lack to abundance, confusion to clarity & pain to peace.

You can do ten things today that can make you more happier, healthier & successful only if you can stop doing all those crappy things & sabotaging yourself that is actually making you abandon your bigger dreams & holding you from seizing all the possibilities that exist today. You really need to recognize all those routines, habits, lifestyles, thoughts & actions that are leading you to wrong decisions, failures, miseries & distress.

Let you use this day to come back to your own purpose, passions, real missions & gift yourself the opportunity to love more, learn more in order to live in alignment with your core. Most importantly to connect yourself back to the voice of your inner wisdom that resides within to quieten down the noise of your false ego in order to become less reactive & calmer in your responses. 🙏

My advice to you is – today, try doing somthing that you always wanted to do for a long time & amp up your chances of success, fitness, your influence & impact on the world, your growth, well being & your good vibes.

Have A Blissful, Happy, Valuable & Victorious Week Ahead!!! Stay Blessed & Take Care!!! 💐

राम जैसा नाम और प्रतिष्ठा पर रावण जैसी सोच तथा जीवनशैली।

जब लोग ये मानने लगें हैं कि समस्त धर्मों ने आदमी का शोषण किया है, तो मैं ये बता दूँ कि हमारे धर्म ने, शास्त्रों ने और किसी भी अवतार ने हमे पापी नहीं कहा है। उन्होंने तो सभी को ब्रह्म—स्वरूप माना है। वेद, पुराणों और उपनिषदों ने कहा है कि हम सबके भीतर वही छिपा है जो सर्वव्यापक है। आप को खालिस सोना बताया है। फिर किस बात की चिन्ता, दुःख और डर?

लेकिन आपके भ्रम, डर, चिंता या बहुत सारी उलझनों का मूल कारण शायद ये है कि आप प्रतिफल, नाम और प्रतिष्ठा तो भगवान राम जैसी चाहते हैं लेकिन अपने कार्य, व्यवहार, स्वभाव, अपनी सोच तथा जीवनशैली को रावण जैसी बनाये रखते हैं। बस यही झगड़े की जड़ है। उम्मीद है आप समझ रहे होंगे।

प्रार्थना अपने मन, कर्म और चिंतन में अपने प्राकृत ईश्वरीय अस्तित्व को महसूस तथा धारण करना है। जो दिव्यता, अनन्तता एवं सामर्थ्य आप में पहले से मौजूद है उसकि अपने लोभ, मोह और अहंकार रूपी भेड़ियों से निरंतर रक्षा करना ही सच्ची प्रार्थना है।

उत्तम स्वास्थ्य, सुख, समृद्धि की कामनाओं के साथ, मेरी प्रभु से प्रार्थना है कि आपके सभी शुभ संकल्प जल्द ही फलित हो जायें और आपके जीवन और संसार मे हर कंही आनन्द की वर्षा होती रहे। मंगल शुभकामनाएं 💐💐

Lord Shri Hanuman Ji

Reimagine your new normal!

Yes, I agree to the fact that the corona pandemic has forced us to live in an unprecedented manner & has affected all of us socially & economically. But are you prepared for the post Corona era, I mean once a sense of normality returns, where will you be or how you will look like?

Let me remind you that after this crisis of corona is over, which is bound to happen in a few days, there will be a new normal, new life & a new world.

We all know it very well that how big companies are preparing themselves with new collaborations & adopting new technologies, societal norms & preparing for new consumer behaviours to take over the world & define the new normal beyond the crisis. 

I strongly recommend you to use this remaining days as an opportunity to:

  • Re-explore your fit, potential & opportunities.
  • Re-decide how much & what all you’re really willing to carry beyond this time – what goes & what stays.
  • Rearrange your priorities, routines & lifestyles.
  • Review how you’re spending your most valuable currency – your time. Are you satisfied with how you’re spending your time?
  • Rediscover your interests, choices, inclinations, passions & hidden talents.
  • Re-sharpen your curiosity, skills, edge & axe.
  • Locate your passions, aspirations & dreams.
  • Revise your definition of good life, missions & values.
  • Reframe your healthy personal boundaries & your selfishness.
  • Refocus yourself on what’s important & not just what’s urgent.
  • Reconnect with your people who think of your well-being in one way or another. Hope you know them?
  • Rebuild a bias for action. Outwit your habit of procrastination.

Let you remain continually engaged in present times so as to stay vital, fully alive & hopeful for the future, perhaps better than you have imagined it so far.

I pray to God to help you to reimagine your new normal. Stay Sufficient, Peaceful & Happy! 💐

Regain your ability to provide, cope, care, connect & look forward!

If you are unable to cope with the current circumstances, feeling overwhelmed by life, if you are struggling to make decisions & often feel stuck, off track or obstructing your own happiness, well-being & progress, then go ahead & read the full article.

This will surely help you in taking control of your life back. You will surely become better & attract better. The results in your life will be much different than the past.

  • Let you instead of focussing on other’s perspectives, opinions, what they are thinking & doing, begin to focus on your life. So easy, isn’t it?
  • For a variety of reasons, if you are not able to avoid hurtful, frustrating & offensive people then begin to fix how you interact with them & how you allow them to interact with you. Fix your boundaries & simultaneously become better at recognising & respecting the boundaries of others. Nothing difficult about it?
  • Let you also stop being destructive to yourself. Banish all the negative & unhelpful deliberations from your thinking diet. Start using your time, space & energy wisely. You can do it easily!
  • Create a list of goals to promote your own personal growth that align with your activities, thoughts, passions & dreams. Your goals should include some small, achievable accomplishments (Google “SMART goals”). Try it, very easy!
  • Strive for personal health, develop resilience to cope with stressful situations, master new skills & develop your talents. You can easily do these!
  • Nearly everything that you achieve in life require efforts, focus & some discomfort along the way. But if you’re deeply wired to avoid sweating & instead of doing the important things you really want or need to do, always choosing to do something that brings you instantaneous pleasure & are easy to do then you are restricting your potential & undermining your own self worth. Let you recognise that you are procrastinating things habitually & take proactive steps to prevent it from today. Your strong will power can help you in this! ✌️

Let me remind you that if you can restore your willingness & feeling of responsibility, self-direction & competence then surely you can rewrite your sense of self & regain your confidence, power & ability to provide, cope, care, connect & look forward. 🥂

Believe me practicing all this will surely make you feel less overwhelmed, stuck & lost, no matter what the circumstances or situation is.

I pray to God to send you a evident, clear & direct sign that shows you that you’re on the right path & that things are flowing & moving in your favor so that you can align your thoughts & actions accordingly. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please share your thoughts on how one can remain inspired on their unique journey. 🙏

Life Skills That Will Help You Succeed In Life & Career

Here are a few life skills which they never taught us in Schools or Colleges & left most of us woefully unequipped. But the funny part is whole world expect that as a grown up you must have these perfectly up to the mark. Your much desired success in life depends not on degrees that you receive but on these priceless life skills.

Life skills (skills you need to make the most out of life) aren’t as obvious as they may seem. These are more than what you obviously know or have been told, like you should have more money coming in than going out & that you shouldn’t look untidy when going for an important meeting. But is that all? No, this is not enough.

I have tried to list some of these much sought skills that you need to know & acquire to live a joyful life & attain desired success.

  • How To Use Calender & Schedule Yourself
  • Recognising Your Priorities & Prioritising Them
  • How To Wake Up On Time & Stay Punctual
  • How To Invest & Stick To Self Made Budgets
  • How To Create Emergency Fund
  • How To Track & Monitor Your Progress & Direction
  • How to Grow Your Network
  • How To Approach Strangers
  • How To Make Friends In Any Environment
  • How To Speak Confidently In Public
  • How To Control Body Language & Expressions
  • How To Do Small Talk & Paraphrase
  • Willingness To Learn
  • How To Find – What You Don’t Know
  • How To Find & Value A Mentor
  • Understanding Your Calling, Purpose & Mission
  • Getting Comfortable Asking For Help
  • How To Negotiate
  • How To Focus On What Matters You The Most
  • How To Think Critically & Synthesize
  • How To Accept Feedback Gracefully
  • How To Accept Compliments & Criticism
  • How To Apologize Sincerely
  • How To Express Respect
  • How To Pat On The Back Of Others
  • How To Keep A Sense Of Humor In Every Situation
  • How To Listen To Understand
  • How To Be More Self-aware & Practice Empathy
  • How To Cope Up With Emotions & Stress
  • How To Say ‘No’ Respectfully
  • How To Spend Time Alone
  • Backing Up Your Data Frequently
  • How To Research By Using Something Other Than Google & Wikipedia
  • How To Keep Yourself Safe
  • Emergency Preparedness & Adversity Handling
  • Self- Care & Discipline: Exercise & Nutrition

I can’t promise that I have outlined every needed skill. All I can say is, if you’ve mastered these, you’re probably more than what you were earlier – more successful, more happy & more satisfied.

I pray to God to keep your faith alive & to help you succeed in every stage of life. Stay Blessed 💐

Did I forget anything? Please add your own thoughts & choice of skill to this list.