How Can You Achieve Maximum When You Are Doing The Minimum?

I am sure everyone wants to be peaceful, healthy, happy, successful, fulfilled, safe, loved & recognised, but not too many wants to put the required efforts consistently. When you are simply going through the flow & doing the absolute minimum, you don’t have the right to be upset if you don’t achieve what you want or deserve in life.

Today I am talking about those who work day in & day out to not only improve themselves, but to improve others around them. I am talking about those who stay focused on managing their own thoughts, feelings & behaviours instead of expecting & compelling others to think & behave in their own way. I am talking about those who always work hard to keep their immediate circle, surroundings & environment cheerful, pleasing, encouraging & divine.

I wish to remind you about couple of things that you must try (Stop & Start) if you really want to live a fulfilling life.

  • Immediately stop engaging with people who lie, gossip, bully or cheat & are toxic in nature
  • Stop seeking instant gratification & ego massages
  • Stop staying inside your comfort zone, stop searching for immediate success & some secret magic tricks
  • Stop looking for the easiest way always
  • Stop hosting pity parties & playing victim card
  • Stop grudges & resentments to overtake your life
  • Stop whining about things – build attitude to fix it or deal with it
  • Stop thinking that you know all
  • Start asking for help & begin to explore what you don’t know – there are so many who knows more than you do 😂
  • Surround yourself only with successful & motivating people
  • Start building your expertise
  • Streamline your routine & focus only on things that matter most to you & your world
  • Start decluttering & simplifying your life
  • Start paying attention to the moment
  • Find your passion
  • Start doing… Start building something

I could list a thousand more things here about how to achieve what you desire in life but if you’re not willing to do the work, nothing will happen.

Once again let me remind you that you owe it to yourself to become the best version of yourself, accomplish your biggest dreams & create the life you want. Get started & take the necessary action today! Blessings & Best Wishes 💐💐

Move Away From What Is Not Working For You!

Today I wish if you can make the choice to go only with what works best for your life, for the lives around you & for your world. You already know what it is that is good for you, what you must do & what pushes you in a positive, flourishing & fulfilling direction.

You very well know what’s holding you back from success you actually deserve & pushing all your goodness, enthusiasm, exhilaration & possibilities away. Make the conscious decision to move away, as quickly as possible, from all those meaningless things & what is not working for you.

Remember, it is absolutely essential to use all the time, attention & energy only on what works for you, if you want to be really happy, healthy, fulfilled & succeed in your life.

Let you remind yourself once again that you can not live at anything less than your highest level & that you have to go only with what works & what is best for you.

Believe me, every small change in your thought process, habits, routines & lifestyle will bring more rewards than you can imagine. Keep Trying & Stay Focused! Blessings 💐

80/20 Rule Can Change Your Life!

I am sure like me, you also see so many people who appear to be busy all day long but seem to accomplish very little. This is almost always because you will find them busy working on tasks that are of low value & obviously avoiding the one or two activities that could make a real difference to their careers, relationships & life.

I wish to remind you that if you will check your daily, weekly or monthly activities, only two out of ten items will be worth more than the other eight items put together. It also means 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. The fact is most of the people keep busy doing these 80% things that are not contributing too much in their lives & ignoring the 20% which can bring them the desired results & has the potential to accelerate their success, growth, happiness & well-being.

All I am saying is – let you continue enjoy doing whatever you are doing – important or less important around-the-clock but
identify & do at least two activities (20%) that has the potential to close the gap between you & what you want to be the most.

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.

Mark Twain

Once again, always keep in mind that the majority of your results will come from a minority of your actions, so figure out what actions you can do MORE of to see bigger results in the areas you want to. It’s up to you!

It’s Simple & I repeat – try spending atleast your 20% of time in doing those essential activities that can help you in achieving the life you deserve.

I wish you Good Luck for the day & hope this day bring to you all the things that make you smile & inspire you to be the best version of yourself! Blessings 💐

Do You Really Know What’s Best For You?

I request you to think about it for a minute right now.

Actually, before you answer that question, let me ask you another one…Do You Really Know Who You Are?

I may be wrong but most of us do not bother about being our true authentic self. I mean most of the time I find feelings, thoughts, efforts & deeds of the people not aligned with their dreams & the life they deserve. A Complete Mismatch.

For me being orginal or authentic self is when you are true to yourself through your thoughts, words, actions & have these aligned with each other.

So how do you work out what’s best for you? Well, you start by digging into the depths of who you are, by finding what you are passionate about, your dreams & confront all those nonsensical habits & break the routines that are preventing you from accomplishing your real goals, that are jeopardizing your health & making you waste your all the time & energy unknowingly.

Let you eliminate everything that you find not serving your core & your dreams. This itself will double your chances of doing what is best for you. You not only will make room for good things but at the same time you will stop working against yourself.

Please clear the clutter, busyness, stress & everything that doesn’t matter so you have time, energy & attention for what actually does. Once all the junk is gone, let you experiment, be curious, listen to your soul & remind yourself again & again that you know yourself better than anyone else. Do whatever it takes to create the life you want.

Once you start the process you’ll discover it is much easier to get what you want by taking control of your thoughts, habits, routine, lifestyle & your actions!

Take a Step Today. Take a Step Today!

Let your clarity, ability, thoughtfulness & efforts help you living the most authentic & fulfilled version of your life. I wish you good luck not only for a general successful life, but your unique badass life. Blessings 💐💐


हमारी मान्यता ये है की हम सब उस परमब्रह्म ईश्वर की रची रचना हैं और अगर हम उनकी रचना हैं तो स्वभाविक है कि उनका कुछ अंश तो हम सब में ज़रूर होगा। उनकी तरह पूरे ब्रह्मांड को ना सही, कम से कम स्वयं के जीवन को सही तरह से संचालित करने की शक्ति तो हममें अवश्य ही होगी।

इसीलिए अपने भीतर छुपे हुए इस महान तथा दिव्य शक्तियों के भंडार को पहचानना और उन्हें उजागर होने देना ही प्रार्थना है। इस अस्त-व्यस्त, भ्रमित, दुविधाग्रस्त भीड़ में खुद को गुम होने से बचाने का प्रयास प्रार्थना है। अनावश्यक अभावों और प्रभावों के नीचे दबने से स्वयं को बचाये रखना प्रार्थना है। हर परिस्थिति में खुद को स्थिरचित्त, सरल, द्वंद्वरहित, स्नेहयुक्त तथा प्रगतिशील बनाये रखना ही प्रार्थना है।

आपके चारों तरफ आनंद और मंगल हो, आपका घर आंगन खुशियों से महकता रहे, आप का स्वास्थ्य उत्तम रहे तथा आपके सभी शुभ प्रयास सफल हों, ऐसी मेरी प्रभु के श्री चरणों मे प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

Stop Living An Unfulfilling Life!

Let me remind you today once again that you are always more than what you think you are & surely not at all meant to live regretting things you have & haven’t done.

You are also not created to live an unfulfilling life & to always feel lost, hopeless & stuck. You were always supposed to follow your worth, passions & life purposes. 🛩️

Remember in order to achieve what you want & to reach your destiny, you have to clear the mental & physical clutter from your life & start using your time & energy only for things that really matters.

Let you increase your ability to focus on things you want in life because it is said “What you stay focused on will grow”.

Instead of focusing on everything that isn’t going well, all of the things you don’t want & everything that is wrong in the world, please start directing your focus toward the things you want more in your life & world. Get in the driver’s seat & begin doing what is within your control to move towards your dreams & destiny. 👑

Let you stop making excuses, wasting time & doubting yourself from today & step into a new state of mind to thrive & accomplish things you never knew were even possible. Stay Blessed 💐💐

Are you willing to lose… to change your life?

I want you to check – whether you are wasting your time & energy on lot of things that are not so important? Also check whether your mental clutter is keeping you stuck in self- sabotage, suffering, struggle, stress & separation? Please check if your bad habits & unhealthy lifestyle is preventing you from achieving anything worth while in life?

If you want to change your life––to become the person you know you want & deserve to be, you don’t only need to learn, become perfect, master some skills, you have to wisely choose, you have to let go & willing to lose following:

  • Your Stray Thoughts, Fears & Worries
  • Your Frivolous Ego
  • Your Frustration with Yourself/ Your Life/ Your World
  • Your Anger & Bitterness
  • Your Emotional Crutches
  • Your Avoidance Techniques
  • Your Bad Habits & Procrastinating Attitude
  • Your Extravagancy & Overindulgence
  • Your Comfort Zone
  • Your Flimsy Delusions & Illusions
  • Your Desperation
  • Your Seeking Of Undue Attention, Applause & Recognition
  • Listening & Obeying Your Inner Demons

It’s a long list & there’s much left to be said! You have common sense, you can think of several other things & areas of life where you need to practice letting go.

You can achieve anything you want in life if you can declutter your mental space, start managing & using your time & energy effectively & start focusing on the things that matter most in your life.

Let you make your wise choices & decisions knowing that what you do today will indeed influence, affect, shift & shape your all tomorrows. Stay Motivated, Inspired & Hopeful. Let you receive a surprise blessing today! 💐💐

You CAN’T Achieve Anything As Long As These Conditions Exist..

If you ask great artists, celebrities or successful business people, they all will tell you that success didn’t just land in their laps by luck, they had to really work for it. They had to make wise choices & sacrifices as well as set deliberate habits, routines & intentions into play in order to see their wishes unfold & achieve their dreams.

Success formula which I gathered after reading so many success stories is – they all could see what they wanted, they went for it passionately & worked hard for it day & night. That’s it. Most of the people fail to achieve their dreams because they didn’t know what to accomplish & didn’t have enough willpower, determination & a great desire to achieve something big in life.

If you are letting your days pass by living a forgettable & skimpy life full of complacency then what can be done. Don’t blame anything.

You may not want to admit it, but the biggest obstacle to real success is YOU. It’s likely you’re guilty of one of the many success-killing sins. All the books & material will tell you how to achieve success, but today I wish to highlight why your intentions, prayers, visualizations & dreams are not manifesting.

  • You Don’t Know What You Want
  • You Don’t Have A Plan
  • You Stay Within Your Comfort Zone
  • You Just Don’t Want to Work That Hard
  • You Just Don’t Want to Work That Smart
  • You Feel What You Have Is Enough
  • You Don’t Want Any Risk
  • You Don’t Use Your Time Efficiently
  • You Don’t Get Up Early
  • Your Glass is alway 100% Full
  • You Have Excuses for Everything
  • You Take No Personal Responsibility
  • Your Frivolous Ego Don’t Accept That You Need To Learn Something
  • You Don’t Know What Success Means to You….

Darling, today I want you to realise that your time & energy are sacred, limited & worthy. You can not waste a single minute on meaningless activities.

Believe me, it all can begin with a choice, a conscious decision to shift your habits & take charge of your life. Let you stop waiting for everything you want to just happen for you & start working for it. Let you rearrange your day to create something great every day. Let you commit to yourself that you will follow through no matter what. Let you stop doing only what is easy.

I want you to believe in yourself & remind you that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. There are no limits out here, the only limits are those that you impose upon yourself unnecessarily. Dream, believe & take action. Identify what you truly want & how you truly want to live your life & take action.

Start from today to create the life of your dreams. Start small, dream big & don’t ever give up. My best wishes are always with you. Blessings 💐💐

Talk Graciously to Your God & Universe!

Let me remind you that no voice is so influential in your life as your own. Reality is bendable to your own thoughts & will-power. You alone are responsible for the reality you choose to participate in. Most of your actions & reactions are controlled & inspired by your own self-talks.

You can’t speak only about failures & have success. You can’t speak lack & have abundance. You can’t speak illness & have health. Believe me, the words you tell yourself on a daily basis can either give life or bring death to you.

Your own words, thoughts, feelings & interpretations are framing your surroundings, environment & life. It is you who is killing your hopes, confidence, your passions & greatness with them, nobody else.

Let you begin to change how you think & act to have blessings flowing from all corners, to be able to walk with your head held high & see yourself as God wants you to be.

I sincerely wish if you can train your mind to speak only words of encouragement & become your own greatest source of motivation, courage & hope from today. It is the least you can do for yourself to become capable of achieving all your dreams & to lead a fulfilling life.

Once again, let me request you to be mindful of what you are telling to yourself because when you communicate with yourself, you are in a conversation with the universe, the God in you. It is only when you change your beliefs & self talks you can look in the mirror & see a King or the Queen in you. Stay Positive & Blessed! 💐💐

You Only Can Awake The Sleeping Giant Within You!

I firmly believe that words have power to change the way people think, can start a movement & can empower those who hear them to chase their dreams & inspire them to become what they can become.

I also believe that each one of us need empowering & encouraging words on a daily basis. Each one of us search for those words that can make our journey soothing, better & help us to change the way we see our world.

I sincerely hope that my words help you to begin transforming into the person you believe you should be, to thrive & surpass your wildest goals & dreams, whatever they may be.

I want you to start focussing on creating the life you actually deserve, instead of routinely surviving through the life. Remember, you have all the tools that you need at your disposal.

I wish to remind you that you are capable of great things, you are enough, you are powerful, competent, majestic & gifted.

I want you to believe in yourself & what all you can accomplish. I want you to always have a vision of making your dreams a reality, of achieving the success you know could be yours.

In order to consciously create your greater-self, let you start stretching yourself & start a journey of self-discovery from today itself. Let you remind yourself that – it is you & no one else that creates your thoughts, your feelings, your actions & ultimately your reality. It is you who can awaken the sleeping giant within you – I mean your immeasurable, unfathomable & unlimited powers.

Instead of waiting for someone to help you find yourself, let you immediately dust off one of the dreams you’ve kept locked inside – one that makes your heart sing with anticipation & just for today, take an inspired action to make it happen. Repeat it if you enjoy your success!

Let you create a life that is more fulfilling, more appreciating, successful & happier than ever before. God Bless You & Your Efforts! 💐