Minimum Efforts That Can Make You Achieve Impossibles.

There’s this popular Chinese proverb that says:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Obviously it is awesome if you begin doing good for you & your world in your 20s, but you can very well begin now (even in your 30s or 50s) as well. There is no bad time to start. It is always a right time to do the right thing.

Obviously good habits, meaningful routines, healthy lifestyles, priority settings, positive attitudes are good to develop in your childhood. It is simple, I mean sooner you start, the bigger the reward you’ll reap. But you can start now also.

You become more successful, happy, magnificent & satisfied if you embrace these & you will surely become the person you should be, I mean your best version. You will be able to bring more good into your world. If you are in your 30s or 50s & don’t have them yet, develop them now, don’t delay it further.

Remember success, sufficiency & fulfillment in this era comes to you only when you know yourself fully i.e. strengths, weaknesses, passions, values, your interests & how you can perform to your best.

There are all kinds of methods you can use to truly know about yourself. And there are various complicated methods that require special skillsets & character traits that not many are equipped with to find all about yourself. One of that is taking feedback about yourself from your family, friends & others. It is most convenient & common but doesn’t work at all in most cases.

About 15 years back I attended a workshop ‘Hot-Seat’ where you will recieve feedback from the people you belong to. It was very difficult program & one of the best training workshop I ever attended. Because receiving & giving feedback sounds very simple & easy job but every participant there found it extremely difficult at both ends – while giving & receiving. It seriously require high levels of genuineness, integrity, selflessness & self-honesty to give any feedback. It requires guts & excellent listening skills for receiving genuine feedback which not many people have these days.

Therefore it is good if you can research yourself & align yourself according to your own capabilities, interest & time available with you. Simply ask questions & answer yourself. Please spend some quality time doing this sincerely.

Some examples:

I know, like you, not too many people do exercise as ritual everyday. But this habit is most crucial for your long-term wellbeing. It is one keystone ritual that real riches are practicing it consistently. This has an immediate impact on your mood, health & performance.

If you don’t exercise, you don’t have any stable reconstruction process going in your body. You will get sick much easier & your body will become older much faster.

Don’t be scared by the word “exercise.” It doesn’t mean running marathons, lifting weights for hours or spending hours on a treadmill. Exercise is any regular physical activity. Completing extra 10,000 steps each day absolutely qualifies.

Similarly, you can adopt several more simple good habits/ routines/ lifestyles – Praying while you are commuting, doing chin-ups, making to-do lists & checklists, drinking more water, walking more, consuming less sugar, adding more raw vegetables & fruits for natural vitamins & proteins in your diet. Everything will magically change about yourself!

You also need to practice closing your eyes, breathing deeply & focusing your attention on your breathing for some time every day.

Let me remind you once again that with only minimal conscious efforts you can achieve what seemed impossible.

You also desperately need to take control over your thinking processes, actions & reactions.

Let you start biting your tongue instead of saying something ugly without thinking. Let you also stop all the harmful & negative self-talks that have been bringing emotional turmoil to your life always.

You also need to find your purpose & some mechanism or habits to remind you about your purpose on a daily basis.

I advise you to create your personal mission statement & use it in different ways: read it, repeat it in your mind, listen to it, create a vision board based upon it & so on. Do not lose sight of it. Remember that your mission or purposes will only help you in gaining more money, fame, friends, health, time & everything you deserve & want.

Let your mission statement, positive mindset, good deeds, routines & priorities make everything significantly better & increase your productivity, potency & bliss by an order of magnitude.

Stay Amazingly Blessed 💐💐!

Why do you Live?

Why do we go to College? Why do we Work? Why do we have a Family? Why do we get into Social Circles? I mean why do we do anything like this or that?

When I searched for the answer in my circle, there were so many intelligent & stupid replies, but the conclusion was “happiness”. Everyone in their own ways wanted to achieve a state of happiness. I knew it very well that most of us live our lives to experience joy, peace & contentment in our lives. In our own way obviously. That is a well-deserved expectation. But to my surprise, there is a big gap in between what we want & what we do, what we deserve & what we experience & what we should do & choose to do. That is why lively & cheerful behaviours, a feeling of excitement, happiness & knack of being magical seems to be missing from our lives these days.

Let you remind yourself once again today that you deserve not only success but also contentment & joy.

Ask yourself when did you laugh so hard that it hurt your stomach? How often you laugh that way in week, month or year?

Ask yourself why peace & enlightenment is not most valuable & desirable thing in world now even though every holy book, culture & civilization has said so & prescribed achieving these as ultimate things for everyone?

I have seen people with glorified careers, positions & lives who think they have it all, are actually deprived of a calm mind. You confront their thought or question them on the silliest of their deeds & they would emit so much anger, stress & hatred, you won’t believe.

You have this world full of people who wake up every morning with a headache & then again feed their brain, heart & body with more doses of stress, anxiety & illness, in whatever way they can 🤔.

Let you get up, look at the blooming flowers, greenery around you & everything that is constantly radiating colours of joy. Every morning thank God for the soulful breathes travelling in & out of your body so effortlessly. Look at the Sun outside your window who is showering peace (& of course vitamin D 🤣) & feel grateful.

Stay away from everything that inject negativity or depression in you. Stay away from all the elements that make you lose the most valuable & wanted peace, joy & fulfillment. Stop being under the shadow of egotism & expecting applause & standing ovation from everyone around you as preliminary condition to become happy & satisfied.

Surround yourself with positive people. If you do not have the option or flexibility to stay away from the disturbing people, build a strong wall of ignorance & isolate them completely. Behave like a lotus that plunges to life from beneath the mud, but does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty. Let you also continuously try to make everything around you, your environment, surroundings & your world blissful & beautiful with your magic, thoughts, words & actions.

I repeat that you must begin to use everything that shows up in your life, even the most challenging stuff or time, to help you grow, expand & further your ability to broadcast your love, happiness & joy. Don’t let any damn thing suck your soul, liveliness, passions, potential & creativity out of you.

Let you remain to be the one who can laugh until your abs are sore at the smallest joke & a light for your world in the dark moments.

Let the God that you serve bless you & make you victorious in whatever you choose to do. 💐💐

If you are fascinated by this post or have any other thought for me regarding this post, please feel free to contact me using the comment section below, as I would be happy to answer any questions or to have a chat with you 🙏.


YOU HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS! Infact you always had.

But you are continuously telling yourself that I’m stuck in life & I don’t know where to go. How do I get unstuck?

Most likely ( I am sure it is 100%), your feeling of being stuck would relate to a hesitation in making a decision. You do realize there’s a fork in the road ahead & you are uncertain of where to walk. But this is not getting stuck. This is just an illusion darling. You have a choice. You always had 😂.

It is merely your confusion which is created by your own uncertainties, your hesitations, your pool of logics & your habit of doubting your own capabilities & your sources. It doesn’t mean that you are stuck. No, not at all.

You do not see yourself worthy & you have chosen to become exhausted & confused because you have lost connection to your inner world, universe & those Angeles who are always trying to guide you & motivate you.

You are not at all stuck, you can move at anytime. But it is you who is not making a choice.

You hold all the answers within yourself. But you have decided to appear confused, tired & exhausted without even choosing to walk a single step. Let you choose to turn your head to the other side to realize that there is a path ahead that holds no resistance before you.

Let you remind yourself that you are a creator. Creator of your life, if not anything else 😂. And a creator holds all the answers & all the possibilities at fingertips. Look closer & act fast.

In every situation, circumstances or event that take place in your life, you should be sure that your God loves you, no matter what. No matter what you have done, not done, are doing, or will ever do, he loves you unconditionally just as you are, even with all of your stupidity, faults & imperfections.

Let you realign yourself to this certainty, this truth, your soul guidance, real purpose & missions to watch your transformation immediately.

Let you combine all of your thoughts, habits, routines, visualization, words, faith & efforts to go way beyond the way you live to dramatically transform your own life, career & your world.

Stay focused & Keep Moving Toward Your Dreams! 👑👑

No one can blow your nose!

It was just a few weeks ago when everything was absolutely normal.

Now we can only daydream about normalcy.

All I know for sure is that life will surely change, for better or worse, I don’t know.

Please share in what ways this lockdown has been upsetting, terrible & draining for you.

And if somehow this period is proved useful, healthy & productive, then also please share your choices, action ideas & thoughts that have helped you keep positive & courageous mindset through it all.

At the end all I can say is get active now in your own rescue ( if you haven’t until now) & do it while you can. Spread of Corona is not your responsibility but it is your problem. So instead of just worrying, increasing conflicts with the world or arguing with God, accept it, deal with it & get to work solving everything in the best possible manner you can.

Remember no one can blow your nose now & for that matter later. You only can, if you care for yourself. Who knows how much time you have left, or what awaits you tomorrow.. So get to it now.

Remind yourself that being your own man, being self-contained & being optimistic always allow you to thrive in any & all situations.

In last I wish to quote

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.

Warren Buffett

Just keep doing what you are good at & never be caught swimming naked! Because the tide will go out again & again. Always keep yourself prepared & save for rainy days.

Stay Blessed & Meaningful! 💐💐

Purpose of your life is same as your ancestors had…

It is truly said that:

The man who acts the least, upbraids the most!

Please stop blaming the world & other good people for your problems, unhappiness & failures. Let you choose to change your perspective, attitude, mindset & take responsibility for your actions, inactions, reactions & your life.

Take a look at the history of humanity which is a consistent struggle with nature & with itself. Our ancestors have had to face countless adversities, sanctified their loved ones & experienced suffering that none of us today can ever imagine living through.

But they always found ways to survive & carry on. They have always found ways to create & improve. They led humanity in the right direction & build this great nation (all others too) with so little means & resources.

And you are the simple recipients of that great nation which was built by your ancestors & been passed to you from generation to generation without any price. Remember that things of your comfort are because of the hard work & sacrifice of people who came before you. You came into this beautiful world & inherited it thanklessly, thinking like selfish monkeys & taking credit for the technology & infrastructure you never had to work for & now you have no idea how to find your way forward.

Think of all the great works of the past, the monuments, wonders, literature, holy books, masterpieces in music & art we own & enjoy to this day is gifted to the human race by those who were going through all the distress, difficulties, illness & impediments you can not imagine. Believe me, you do not have any of such issues in present.

I agree that you are not alone, we are all fighting inner demons & suffering in ways that no one else could understand. It is more or less like these Corona days where everyone is suffering more or less the same level of pain. Leaving apart the real suffering that your friends or family may be going through, there is always a constant battle going in your consciousness.

Perhaps, the most important fight that you must deal with in your life, these days, is within yourself (less in world). Maybe the purpose of your life is to win the inner battle, to defeat the dragon within you, to integrate your shadow into your being, to eradicate the self, the ego, the false persona you have created for yourself & live authentically with courage.

Although you know it very well, what your purpose in life is… Same as your ancestors had… & I repeat – to aim for the highest possible good in your life, to look within & find the things you can change & improve in yourself, to pursue the betterment of yourself & the people around you & society itself. Your purpose in life is to push the boulder up the mountain, even if it means absolutely nothing in the end.

Let you remind yourself to stop looking for the meaning of your life in other dummy things & flimsy delusions. Start looking into yourself, find the life path that is filled with hard work & start running in that direction. Find & pursue what you only dream about doing but are reluctant to admit due to your comfort zone, poor habits, lousy routines & uninspiring lifestyle.

Let your Angeles always protect you in all that you do & bless you with all the success, happiness & fulfilment. 💐💐

What do you think of all this. Please share your thoughts by writing your comments. Let us all do what we can… Blessings..

Your Self-Talk & Stories!

Most of the stories are common. Narrative is common. There is a victim, persecution, hero & villain in every story 🤣. Figure out different words & perspectives in your stories while you are repeating it to yourself & when telling about you to others. Let these be more on your lessons & blessings. Use gentle words & tone. Don’t curse or over criticize yourself & others in your stories 🙏.

Let you stop spreading chaos, unrest, sickness & negativity through your stories. Let you choose to turn every story into positive energies while you are telling these to yourself or others, no matter the content & the perception you had of the events at the time they occurred.

Let your stories re-set strained brains & be able to release stress of every listener. Let these be more funny & larger-than-life stories. Let you stop using your mental toxins such as hatred, obsession, arrogance, envy, greed & pride in your stories. Let your thoughts & stories bring order, harmony, peace, cheerfulness & contentment within you & your world. Stay Blessed & Keep Building Positive Self-Talk & Stories! 💐💐

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for your time. Please share your inputs & feedback in the comments. Let’s keep in touch!

You Deserve To Live The Life You Want!

Whose responsibility do you think it should be to think & do something about your progression, joys, attainments & your satisfaction. Who knows what is best for your mind, for your body & soul?

It is funny but a lot of people live their lives having no clue what they want in their life. What to talk about creating, they even miss so many natural opportunities of being happy, successful & fulfilled by continuously focusing on all that brings you uneasiness, anxiety, annoyance & distress ( everyone is good at it 🤣).

If you don’t know what you really want in life, you’re not alone. So many wander the earth every day without a quest. If someone has not tied you on to something so fiercely that you can’t move an inch or breathe or even can’t think then what can be done 😢. Otherwise in all other cases, I’d like to point out that you have only one life; make the most out of it & do things that make you happy. Motivate yourself to start right now!

Let me tell you that becoming successful & to live the life you want is quite possible & within your reach. It only requires a few simple steps.

Remember that the universe doesn’t reward you for your bullshits & excuses. You don’t just magically attract the things you want in your life, they start appearing to you because you’re doing certain things & activities correctly & maintaining positive vibrations all throughout. I mean that your aspirations don’t just appear, when you become positive & have a real intention, you start spotting all the clues & capturing each opportunity that lead you to your goals, dreams & hopes.

Learn to put a stop to everything that threatens your well-being, blooming & doing well.

Just forget immediately what you did or didn’t do in the past. Start living in the present… & the future from now onwards.

I know it will be very hard for you to figure out what exactly you need & want in your life ultimately. But that’s okay. Try to think about all that you need the most & then what all your wants are. I mean it could be anything, a powerful position, being significant in the world, lot of wealth, travel to world, living simply or luxuriously, becoming the celebrity or just being around the children or Something else? See if you can make a list of priorities. Also think about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind.

Let you also discover what really bothers you at present. Because most of the people soar only by pushing back against something they don’t want. Figure out what upsets you, and be specific about it. Don’t just say that you hate everything about your world. Pinpoint exactly why you hate it. Figure out what bothers you & how can you fix it? How much do you want to fix it?

Let you voice few of your goals out. Because if you tell people what you’re trying to accomplish, they will most likely support you & give you new ideas. Sometimes your family, friends & your social network knows the best tricks.

Truthfully, attaining success & reaching your goals doesn’t have to be that complicated. However, it requires some amount of dedication & hard work. Are you up to the challenge? If so, follow the suggested steps sincerely to make your dreams come true.

I know very well that your present way of living life won’t allow you to get to your ‘ideal life’ anytime soon. But at least, there are some little steps you can take right now, which bring you a little bit closer to where you really want to be. Remember every little step forward is worth taking.

Let you atleast develop your consciousness, change your perceptions & focus, grow your intentions, build some interest & change your attitude to allow your greatness to shine.

Remind yourself that you deserve to have your dreams come true, you deserve to feel more alive & vibrant, you deserve to live the life you want. All that is needed is just your active participation & nothing else.

Let you be on your way to start living an extraordinary life. My best wishes are with you. Blessings 💐💐.

I know it sounds like a repetition. For me – it is just like an alarm clock. A wake up call. A reminder. Please let me know what do you think about it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

सोने का नही जागने का प्रयास करना है।

हमारे उपनिषद यह स्पष्ट रूप से कहते हैं कि हम सभी दिव्यस्वरूप है और हम सभी के भीतर ब्रह्म है। लेकिन आप न तो अपने भीतर के ईश्वर अंश को अनुभव कर पाते हैं, और न ही आपके चारों तरफ हर चीज़ में मौजूद ईश्वर को देख पाते हैं। ईश्वर को देखने समझने की बात तो छोड़िये, आप तो जो सुंदरता, आनंद और रंग आपके जीवन और संसार मे चारों तरफ भरे पड़े हुए हैं उन्हें भी ठीक तरह से देख नही पाते हैं। क्योंकि उसके लिए आपको खुद को जगाना होता है। पर आप तो खुद को और अधिक सुलाने में प्रयासरत हैं। और अधिक सोने के उपाय खोजते फिर रहे हैं। हम वास्तव में उस परम आनंद और परमात्मा को ढूंढ ही कंहा रहे हैं।

इसलिये सबसे पहले आपको भीतर छुपी हुई सम्भावनायें, क्षमतायें, योग्यतायें, जो सामर्थ्य पहले से मौजूद है तथा जो ईश्वरीय अंश आपके हर श्वास में, आपके रक्त में 24 घण्टे घूम रहा है उसको अनुभव करना चाहिये और उसे जगाना चाहिये। हर रोज इन्हें जागृत करने का भरसक प्रयत्न करना चाहिये। दैनिक जीवन को विवेकपूर्ण बना कर आप ये कर सकते हैं। याद रखें संयमशीलता, सज्जनता, नियमितता, सहजता, सरलता तथा सुव्यवस्था से भरा पूरा जीवन जीने से ही आप ईश्वर प्रदत्त क्षमताओं का समुचित लाभ उठा पाते हैं।

आप सभी का दिन और जीवन यात्रा शुभ हो। आप सभी
आनंदित रहें, सुरक्षित रहें तथा स्वस्थ रहें, ऐसी प्रभु से मेरी प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

Be Aware Of The Magic Of Your Life!

Infact, we all need to be reminded that life is too short to spend everyday doing something that do not produce joy & make you feel good. I wonder why anyone should choose to do that they don’t like or hate themselves doing. I also wonder why they continue to hold grudges against people they love & waste their time in doing unnecessary & pointless activities. There is no bigger blessing than to be aware of the magic of life, don’t miss out on that. Life’s too short to not live life to the fullest.

Let you choose to be more alive, peaceful, joyful, loving & hopeful for the future. Let you remain delighted by the miracle of life unfolding in front of your eyes everyday.

Let you remind that you do not need to fight all the battles & stay in petty arguments that come your way everyday. You also have no need to respond to all the rudeness & cheekiness thrown on you. Don’t return these by throwing mud back at them. Keep your dignity & don’t lower yourself to their level of ill temper, egotism & devilish behavior. Infact, you need to show your strength, matureness, your beautiful & gracious true self by walking away from most of the messiness, nonsense & drama. After all life is too short to be anything but happy. Let you make those required slight changes that would make all the difference in your world.

When I started writing my morning messages, facebook page & now this blog, my main goal was to make a positive difference in my world in my own way. I think that’s a goal many of us have.

Let you spend some time in saying & doing something genuine, meaningful & inspiring from your heart. Believe me, you will feel far better & joyful.

Let there always be enough reasons to smile in every moment of your life. Let God bless you, your family & friends! 💐💐

We all talk a lot having a ‘positive impact’, ‘doing good’ & ‘making a difference’. Share your thoughts on what all these phrases means to you…

Foolish Desire To Be Accepted By Others Is Interfering In Your Growth!

Let you continue doing your things without feeling a need to get noticed or without trying to prove anything to anyone. Whatever your beliefs & passions are, you do not have to justify them to others. Let you remain focused in creating a meaningful life, in finding fulfillment for you, in finding significance in what you think, feel & do.

Remember you do not need a standing ovation for your efforts & deeds. You are enough right now. You have nothing to prove. Let you learn to care less about who you are to others & more about who you are to yourself.

Remember you are the only person who can change your life. In every situation you have ever been in, positive or negative, it is because of your own actions or inactions. What you are capable of achieving depends entirely on what you choose to do with your present sources, time & energy.

Let you allow your firsthand experience & mistakes build your confidence & educate you without worrying about what your world think about these. Let you constantly follow your ideas & activities that make you come alive. Let everything you do bring you more & more joy & success to you.

Remind yourself that you are already good enough, smart enough & strong enough. You do not need your world to validate you. You are already much valuable. Let all your strengths, talents, abilities & passions shine more now than ever before.

Remind yourself that it is not required to do what everyone else is doing, essential is to accomplish what matters most to you.

Let this new May month be a source of some good news for you & your beloved ones. Let your Angels protect you in all that you do. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Let me know how has the desire to be accepted by others interfered with your life? Has it stopped you from doing or being your best? Leave a comment below & please share your insights.