Today is another chance..

This is another day & another chance to find your way. Let the heat of sun fight the spread of corona & let it’s light drive away all the shadows of doubts, confusions, uncertainties & fears that are hiding your path. Let you wake up fully to appreciate this day deeply, experience it fully, love this chance & to feel more sacred & alive. Let you be proud of your life, your thoughts, your passions, your enthusiasm & of all the good deeds that you do knowingly or unknowingly. But, in case, if you find you’re not, let you use this day to improve it with all your wisdom, strength & capabilities. Yes, you can alway create a life you can be proud of. Remind yourself that instead of merely expecting your life & world to be like this or that, you need to make yourself engaged in improving your life, circumstances & your world according to your personal passions, talents & interests. Let you choose to live today in such a way that these twenty-four hours bring enough peace, joy & happiness to yourself & your beloved ones. Repeat it every next day. Let you remain positive, optimistic, enthusiastic & let the energy of the universe lead you to your destination. Stay Immune To All The Viruses, Bacterias & Evil Forces! Gdmng 💐💐

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