आज कुछ यूँही.. इधर उधर से.. हिंदी में

क्या आप उन लोगों में से हैं जो बस मांगे चले जा रहे हैं सहयोग, प्यार, सहानुभूति, सम्मान, सत्कार, दान, उधार, आभार और अपने लिये तवज्जो तथा प्रशंसा – लेकिन बदले में कभी कुछ देते नही हैं। 🤔

क्या आप एक आम आदमी हैं जो रोजी रोटी कमाते हैं, बीमार पड़ते हैं, हँसते हैं, रोते है, मज़े भी पूरे लेते हैं, न्यूज़ डिबेट देखते हैं, वगैरह वगैरह और कर्तव्यवश अपने समाज और देश के सुख-दुख में बतौर नागरिक हिस्सेदारी करते हैं, यह जानते हुए भी कि बस ऐसा ही करते करते देर सबेर मर जाना है।

अब ये तय है कि आगे की यात्रा कठिन होगी, तकरीबन तकरीबन सभी की।

मंज़िल अनिश्चित और अनजानी आदिकाल से थी, है और हमेशा रहेगी। शायद अब पहले से ज्यादा।

इसलिये सबसे सुखी वही होगा जो केवल चलने और चलते रहने में सुख ढूंढेगा।

क्या हर वो चीज़ जो चमकती है वो सोना है?
क्या हर वो बात जो trend हो रही है वो सच है?

सब कह रहे हैं कि धीरे धीरे बहुत कुछ बदल रहा है… सही है दुनिया भी, मौसम भी, लोग भी, रिश्ते भी और हम खुद भी। 🤔

अगर कोई कहता है कि यंहा बारिश हो रही है और एक अन्य व्यक्ति कहता है कि नही यंहा तो सूखा है, तो आपका काम उन दोनों की बात को post करना नही है बल्कि खिड़की से अपनी गर्दन बाहर निकाल कर देखना है.. कि सच्चाई क्या है। और फिर उस को post करना है…

आप की रहनुमाई, महानता एवं प्रभुता का परिचय तभी होता है जब आप किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति को सुनते हैं और समझने का प्रयास करते हैं चाहे वो आपका प्रिय व्यक्ति हो या कथित दुश्मन हो, भले ही जब ये बहुत असहज हो रहा हो, दर्दनाक हो, या चाहे ये उस आखिरी चीज की तरह हो जो आप किसी तरह करना चाहते हों।

अगर आपके जीवन का यह पल सुंदर है, सहज है, एकदम बासी नही है तो इसे सहेज कर रखने की क्या जरूरत है। आपको बीते हुए पल को पकड़ कर रखने की बजाये, प्रयास करने की जरूरत है जिससे आपका नया पल बीते हुए पल से हर हाल में बेहतर हो जाये, इसमें नई उमंगें- नये उल्लास शामिल हो जायें तथा नए रंग भर जायें। हर नए पल में आपके नये इरादे हों, नई शुरुआत हो, नये परिणाम हों तथा नई सफलतायें हों। ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है की आने वाला हर नया पल और हर दिन आपके लिये खुशियों का त्यौहार बने। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

अपने विचार, अपनी टिप्पणी नीचे comment section में देने की कृपा करें। 🙏🙏

Company Is Nothing Without Their People.

Accountability is an essential entrepreneurship skill if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. But it is just not about managing to get work done. Accountability in business means that you empower others to not only own tasks, but to also own the results & awards with you.

Remember that a company is nothing without their people i.e. employees.

Now when the world is passing through tough times, each of us has a role to play not only in limiting the spread of the virus, but also in practicing empathy for those who may be hardest hit financially.

Please do everything you can to pay your workers, even if you have to reduce some of your operations & other things (you know what I am talking about).

If it’s not enough to retain the employees for moral reasons, then also do it because you’re going to miss some of these well trained & loyal workers (some of them are like family) when your business will be in full swing again (hope you are not closing it now).

Please be genuinely concerned about your people who have always been there for you (not with their output only, not atleast now). Listen to their stories, understand their struggles, understand that they are juggling more than they are used to & empathise. Finally, it is these acts of kindness which help you tide over trying times. When the dust will settle, organisations that follow this will have stronger & loyal teams. Believe me, this act will make you better organization & a trusted employer.

Remember your company’s actions during this crisis will demonstrate to your people & world whether your relationships with them were genuine or fake.

Let me ask you a simple question before I end this article, when the dust blows over (for sure, it will), which companies do you think will have an easier time recruiting talented people? Which organizations will see a massive migration the moment hiring gets back to normal? 🤔🤔

Let you keep your current employees happy & engaged.

Please share your thoughts on this article. 🙏

Living a life that matters is very much possible!

Today I wish to remind you that you are much more than what you think you can ever be. You are special, you have abilities to change your world in some crazy way & can surprise all those who laugh on you with your inborn talents, abilities, thoughts & work. Trust yourself.

Like you everyone fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t be more than you are right now because you have this or that big problem. You are not alone. What you are going through is probably happening to so many others all across the world.

It is such a nonsense to feel that everything is too hard these days & that you are nothing. Believe me, why to talk of world, someone in your connects only is begging to have your life with all your problems. Darling you are so blessed!

Let you begin to unfold, start realising & developing your true potential & passions. Wherever you are, whatever your age is, however big or small problem you have, remind yourself that something different is actually possible. Something more is possible. Living a life that matters is very much possible.

Let me remind you once again the most commonly read advice across google is “that our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts create our actions & our actions create our results”. It is really true that everything we believe, consciously or unconsciously, produce some kind of result, good or bad, in our lives.

This is what actually I want to tell you that there are these beliefs which generally hold you back & stop you from becoming the one you should be, the version of yourself.

Actually beliefs are not realities, they’re simply your own perceptions. But you have learnt to act as if your all beliefs are true. No, these are not true. I know someone in my colony who now is an acclaimed marathoner & does 21 km very successfully now whenever he gets a chance. He used to simply walk in colony park. He told me that he hardly could walk for 20 -25 minutes in one go. but joined a group which motivated him to prepare for marathon & he did so. He is now thinking to complete a 41 km marathon. Now think where from this talent or capacity came from, all from with in. This ability was always there but he thought he will not be. Same is with you.

This is what I am trying you to arrive at, that your beliefs are holding you back from achieving your dreams but in reality you are capable of achieving much more than you think. Darling tell yourself today that your beliefs are not serving you.

May I request you to please list everything that you want to achieve in life now or later. Everything that you deserve. Everything that make you look beautiful, make you contented, make you feel special from within, accomplished, praiseworthy, make you magnificent, make you feel admired, happy & lively. Write everything. Now, ask yourself which belief is working for you & which is against you. Which belief is stopping you from doing something you want to do. Isn’t so simple?

You have a new goal now i.e. before attempting to achieve something from your bucket list, shift your these limiting beliefs which you have found stopping you from accomplishing your greatest self.

This type of initiative will take some time, humility & a strong willingness to confront your beliefs & all those blind spots that you were choosing to ignore throughout your life. I once again will like to remind you that you truly have tremendous amount of capacity to change & improve your known shortcomings as well as strengths. Go for transformation now!

You will not be able to change your thoughts, beliefs, weakness all alone, it will take too long & it’s too difficult. Let you find the help of a mentor, friend, trainer, or coach, an inspiring group to transform you completely. Don’t feel embarassed in asking for help.

In fact, this article is intended to help you avoid allowing your limiting beliefs to hold you back anymore. This is to remind you that there’s nothing in this world which can prevent you from reaching your full potential & your real greatness. The only challenge is to identify, acknowledge & begin to pursue your dreams, develop the skills to get there & exhibit great psyche, intentions & control. Make the necessary adjustments & start pursuing the line of action that sincerely reflect who you truly are.

Bonus tip: Let you write your list of aspirations, goals, hopes & dreams as Mantras. I repeat not as mission statements, but like Mantras, which you chant every day to please God & invite spiritual favours. Once you’ve defined your Mantras, print these out, post it everywhere in your room without any shame & chant these several times a day.

Don’t start on it when it’s too late. Start on it now. Start living your life in a way that your dream actually comes true.

Let God bless you with wisdom to achieve all that you want & patience to deal with the situations. My best wishes are there with you. Stay Blessed 💐💐

What do you think about “correction in your beliefs or need of transforming yourself?” Do you agree with it? Please Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don’t let your time slip away from your hands unobserved, unutilized & unseized.

I wish to bring in your notice one of the most important thing that your success, happiness, joy & bright future is completely dependent on your ability to pay attention to the present, now or this moment, whatever you may call it.

You can wake up at any moment just by paying attention to your immediate experience. You can do it right now. What’s happening this moment? Think of yourself as an external witness & just observe the moment. What do you see, hear or smell? Find what you are doing? It doesn’t matter how it feels—pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad—you roll with it because it’s what’s present; you’re not judging it. And if you notice your mind wandering, bring yourself back. Just say to yourself, “Now. Now. Now.”

If you closely & honestly observe yourself, you will find that you are too busy at any given time to practice what matters you the most. Also that most of your time is constantly slipping away from your hands unobserved, unutilized & unseized. Please understand that because you are used to something & doing it regularly doesn’t mean it is good for you, or this is the right way to live. Correct it darling… You still have time!

I know like everyone else, you too know this already that it’s important to live in the present moment, but the problem is how?

Let me try to explain you.

To remain mindful, active & open in any moment is called living in now. This means doing something intentional in every moment. This means enjoying & savouring everything that you have now. Becoming aware of your breathes & being more alive is called living in now.

NOW is all you have to express your love, give your love & feel all the love you have. 🤗

Believing this firmly in your heart & practising this truly will make you more happy, emphatic & joyful. This will reduce your anxiety & stress also.

Remember that worries, by nature, means thinking about the future & if you can uplift yourself into awareness of the present moment, most of your worries will automatically melt away.

What it means in other words is that you need to stop focusing on your anxieties, mental chatter, negativity in the room & reduce your habit of bashing yourself for everything to be a significant part of this greater universe & to play your role expressively & significantly.

When you practice living in moment, you respond thoughtfully instead of rashly or foolishly. I mean your focus on present will make you less aggressive & decrease your ego involvement. You stop reacting egoically & linking your prestige to every happening & start taking everything at it’s face value. You stop pursuing things for your selfish motives which actually unsettle the entire process. You need to reduce your recklessness, improve your interpretations & reactions, desist from lashing out in anger, backing down in fear or mindlessly indulging in your stupid cravings. If you can learn to find spark before the fire & control it, you will be successful at anything.

Your living in present moment is bound to increase your thoughtfulness, mindfulness & your self-control. In turn you will be able to regulate your behaviours & will improve your interactions appreciably with your world.

To remain & live in present moment meaningfully & mindfully also require that you have a SMART goal (challenging but not unattainable) which force you to explore your abilities, talents, resources & stretch you to achieve in your present.

Because it will let you set a flow in reaching your goals by defining every next step very clearly. It is similar to changing the gear automatically if you are driving a bike or finding the next foothold if you’re climbing a rock, or turning the page if you’re reading a good novel. Without much of the efforts, you will know your successes & failures quickly so that you can seamlessly adjust your behavior & actions in a second. A climber on the mountain knows immediately if his foothold is secure, a pianist knows instantly when she’s played the wrong note. Isn’t it living in present moment? I wish you gain personal mastery & your all activities become substantially rewarding. I would be very happy if you continuously fire all cylinders to rise up, shine & create the ideal powerful self.

Wherever you are, commit to being there, completely. Life will take care of the rest. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for your time. Please share your inputs & feedback in the comments. Let’s keep in touch!

The real key is your energy, thoughts & intentions behind your words & deeds.

The universe is constantly responding to you & your thoughts in the form of frequency, vibration & energy.

Most of the things you see in your life & in the world around you is a response to what you believe, feel & think. Only because some of your people are responding to what you are saying, don’t believe that your words are bringing you the response, it is your intentions, feelings & thoughts that are creating the response.

As we move through our day, we send energy into the universe & we receive energy back. Our minds, bodies & spirits are composed of energy, which vibrates out & is felt by others. Those vibrations resonate within us & greatly impact our own energy stores.

In other words, The world generally takes the energy & vibrations you are constantly emitting, knowingly or unknowingly & matches it to stuff that will build upon it.

We all know that if we are thinking of buying a particular new car, we start seeing it everywhere on the road. This is it.

If you’re looking for building a career in something passionately… one that not only generate handsome revenues but also fulfills what you believe is your life’s purpose. You will start seeing signs. Maybe you run into an old friend who you have not seen in years. Turns out, he has a connection to a business or job that may be your dream career. Maybe you are driving & see an advertisement that may give you a quick idea, or maybe you’re scrolling your Facebook feed & suddenly an advertorial pops up which is enough to give you all the insight to do what you were planning.

If you are passionate, strongly feel about solving a problem, think about overcoming a barrier or sincerely wish to achieve something in some way – out of the blue something will surely appear as opportunity to help, to do good & help you to achieve what you want.

Remember that you can’t attract what you want, good things, situations & circumstances just by speaking sweet words. The real key is your energy, thoughts, intentions & feelings behind your words & deeds.

I repeat, it is not much about positive words, you got to have intentions, you have to feel positive from inside; you must place your thoughts within them; you need to work toward them & act upon them.

To sum it up – If you want to have positive energy flowing through you, you need to start making decisions that will make you to become the kind of person you want to be, with the solutions, career & relationships you want to have. Remember how you spend your time, energy & money will impact you far beyond today. All of these choices will shape your future self.

Let you radiate positive energy continuously to fill your life with prosperity, joy, happiness & love. Let you soon have incredible opportunities all around you & let all your good wishes come true.

Stay Blessed 💐💐

Elephant In The Room!

Today I want to share with you that everyone has some issues, difficulties, problems or something that is bothering them constantly. But if you ask them, the person will give a stereo typed reply – everything is great…. even if they are just full of shit 😂.

If someone says that there are people in this world who have perfect lives without any problem. I will not agree to that.

Illnesses, problems, setbacks, roadblocks, troubles, difficulties, challenges, obstacles – whatever you want to call them – happen all the time & to everybody. Remember, you are not alone. It’s a normal part of life, like it or not. If you treat them as a normal part of life, you will probably solve them much easily than others.

There are going to be some issues that you have created & are totally your fault due to your bad choices. There are also going to be many problems in your life that are simply out of your control. Either way, it’s up to you as to how you respond to these & how you resolve these. It is completely up to you whether you solve your problems or make yet another poor decision that will either increase the gravity of challenge or negatively affect your life more than earlier.

Your problems grow because you choose to respond these with a negative & egotistical state of mind & take half-hearted steps.

I mean, challenges are inevitable, but drama, self-pity, panic, complaining & blaming are totally optional. It’s your choice. It’s up to you to be either solution-minded or play the poor & helpless victim card ( by the way no one brothers about that 🤣).

Let you do not avoid these by closing your eyes, get rid of or shrink from your problems. The secret is to grow yourself so that you’re bigger than your problems.

I somehow feel that most of our problems have a very simple solution & we probably don’t require as much effort to overcome them as we might imagine. But we complicate things too much when we begin to solve our problems.

All you need is if you have an elephant 🐘 in room i.e. problem, then recognise & accept it respectfully. In order to solve anything at the micro and macro levels, you must first acknowledge that the problem is real & is not going to go away on its own. You have to finally decide to MAKE your problems or illness go away.

Every issue must be faced, not just with guts but with the guiding light of true thoughts, intentions & dedicated efforts.

This elephant has come in your room because you invited him, possibly made a poor decision somewhere along the line, or you’re just not doing something the way it should be done. Take a step back & see the landscape of your problem for what it is & then make better decisions moving forward. Alter your approach & do something a little differently this time around. This is of course all about approaching your problem with a flexible & open mind, positive intentions to solve & with full force, capacity, abilities & all that you have.

Use 80 percent of your time to find solutions & only 20 percent to complain, worry & blame. It might not always be easy but focusing your energy, time and thoughts in this way is much more beneficial for you than doing the opposite 😉.

Remind yourself complaining or crying will not solve anything, not a bit of it. Your issues will only increase with all that emotional drama. Like most people, don’t choose to do nothing. Don’t be “most people” 🙏.

In no way, I claim that this post will give you a foolproof process for solving your all problems, but, I sincerely hope that this may provide you with a new perspective, inspiration & few more options that you can use to make your life a little easier & your problems a little smaller 🤗.

My best wishes are with you 💐💐. Stay Blessed!

Regardless of what season you’re in, live for what really matters to you & your world!

Everyone has good days, horribly rotten days, overwhelming days, too tired days, I am awesome.. days, I can’t take more shit… kind of days, etc. etc.. And still everyday you show up with courage, enthusiasm, curiosity & kindness. That’s something beautiful about you. Let you continue to improve this great self with each passing day.

All I want you remember always that during difficult days, you don’t need to do something you will regret later on in life. That’s it. Before doing anything, ask yourself, if I do this, would I be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning & still be able to smile as I do now? If your answer is no, then you need to reassess your decision. Always remember, what you decide to do has as much impact as actually acting on a decision. Be careful!

Let you remind yourself that some minor things can trigger bad days (you don’t always need big reasons to spoil your days 😂), whether it’s having a tiff with someone you love, getting stuck in traffic or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

I feel one negative comment on dinning table can completely derail an otherwise happy day. This has happened to me quite often, and I have to remember not to let one small pathetic comment tarnish an otherwise great day. Just don’t let it happen. You need to practice this skill more & more 🤗.

All you need to do is to have your positive juices flowing in, no matter what. Once you’ve started to feel good inside, it’s much easier to change your perspective on the day & pity parade will pass you by easily without disturbing you much.

Otherwise, try embracing all kinds of days humbly & keep your focus on goals, relationships, your priorities, your health & whatever else you are managing.

Remember what you focus on expand & when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it in all circumstances & situations.

Regardless of your lockdown, what you’re experiencing or what season you’re in, let God help you find wisdom, encouragement, strength, vision & clarity to live for what really matters to you & your world.

Wishing you & your family good health, peace, sufficiency & happiness. Stay Blessed 💐💐

Feel free to share your inspiring thoughts, suggestions & please leave a comment to tell me what you think of it.

Entering the realm of the best in the world!

Can you begin as amateurs to reach to the top 1 percent of the world 👑?

My answer is yes. Yes you can!

In my opinion, most of them who are on the top of world today have started from beginning as amateurs.

But the problem is you stop deferring doing your work in the name of finding something perfect. You can not continue saying it for years that you are going to do something great but never do a bit of it even. Infact you are only worried of what others will think of you. That make you to do something already done or already popular instead of doing work your own way.

Most of the world is dealing with the same existential, practical & Covid19 challenges as you are facing. Look around, in your peer or age groups you will find that their life is also not structured for optimal creative expressions. You will also notice that most are quitting long before their real beginning & remaining mediocre at what they do.

This bring me to remind you that the winner & loser both feel the same thing in a fight, but the winner uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the loser give up & quit. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.

Take your aspirations, dreams & your passions seriously. Most of the world don’t. Take them serious enough to become amazing & move beyond mediocre. Get coaching (it is easy these days 🤔).

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”


Let you attract a right mentor or guide to give you knowledge or polish your talents to make you ready for the success you really deserve. Don’t remain in “you know all” mindset 🤣. Learn it.

If you haven’t found big opportunity or your big break yet, that’s okay, keep going. Consistency is the most fundamental essence to become the person you want to be. Almost everyone can sprint for a while. But most will burn-out & quit at early stage only. Remember that everything meaningful in life is a marathon  & will surely test your commitment & will.

If it is your passion, your art or what you love then you will keep doing it regardless of the outcome.

I am sure that you know the basic law of compounding effect. If you invest a small amount of money consistently, eventually compound interest takes over & growth becomes exponential.

The same holds true for any effort, practice & habit, whether good or bad. If you do something long enough, compounding will take effect, momentum will surge & you’ll begin to experience exponential benefits.

If you want to achieve success bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you don’t, you won’t. Let you reduce your tv & game time, sleep less, make big asks, take risks, find a mentor, get skilled & get better. You’ll be surprised how quickly you become successful when you take your work seriously.

You or anyone can achieve a mediocre life by simply following the principles laid in books or taught by other people. However, in order to become the best at what you do, at some point you leave it all behind. You become an innovator. A pioneer. A creator. An artist.

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint—and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

Oprah Winfrey

Entering the realm of the best in the world requires becoming holistic about your art, passions & interests. Everything you do matters. Every moment of your life either contributes to or takes away from what you’re trying to accomplish , the food you eat , activities you do, what you think, what you say, how you respond, people you spend time with & how you spend your mornings & evenings.

In order to become a creative master, you must focus on your efforts & subconscious mind. While you’re even away from your real work, like sleeping, spending time with friends, or other activities, your subconscious should continuosly think of your prime objectives i.e. finding ways & means to achieve the desired.

Remember that you can become the best in the world by simply working harder than everybody & more than what you did yesterday. Believe me, you’re not going to get it by whining, by shouting, by blaming & by quitting. You are going to get it by being there actually, no matter what. It all begins with elevated thinking & expanding your horizons.

Let your God make your efforts & deeds more successful now than ever. Stay blessed 💐💐

Let me know how it helped you. Leave a comment below & please share your insights.

Not Everyone Wants To Be Extraordinary!

I today read Swami Avdheshanand Giri Acharya ji tweet in which he wrote:

“nothing is impossible to achieve when there is pure intention, prayer & hard work”

This made me to ask everyone here when was the last time you did something with love, trust & pure intention in your heart & mind?

What was the result?

Now that bring me to revelation that most of us often act & think because of the fear of what we don’t want or just to avoid pain or to avoid looking bad or out of fear of punishment or guilt. I believe that mostly people do not act from their true desires, unaffected by the fear or rejection or looking stupid. Do you 🤔?

The ordinary people do not think, act & do not take the necessary steps to change their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Okay, this is fine, not everyone needs to work hard to become an extraordinary version of themselves 🤣. Not everyone wants that kind of fulfilling life.

You must continue to read this if you are the one who is not satisfied with living a mediocre life identified by anxiety, pain-avoidance & worries, it’s time to take the necessary action to upgrade & make sincere efforts for your own satisfaction & progress.

You have so many opportunities to practice living with pure intention everyday. To make choices & decisions based on pure love & trust. Remember each time when you think from your expanded consciousness, the moment is precious. Cherish it!

Let me remind you that you don’t empty your lungs in panic. You deliberately empty yourself knowing that you will be filled again, automatically. Sometimes life treats you the same way.

This is that time, I mean Covid19 that has emptied our old beliefs, knowledge, thoughts & acts. The universe has turned us upside down & has shaken every damn little thing in the world.

We all are eagerly waiting to be filled with something new after this time. Now what moves into that space while we wait, what comes to make a home in our heart as the world changes around us, that all depends on our purest intentions, thoughts, acts & reactions.

So are you preoccupied with everything wrong in your life? Are you going to fill the void again with thoughts of distress, desperation, anger & pity? Or will hope, love, gratitude, sincerity, determination, enthusiasm, passions, renewed energy, clarity & focus will come to stay where fear once lived?

It is good time when you must allow all those bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, poor thinking, wrong beliefs & all that which has prevented you from achieving your true potential & experiencing your most powerful energy, clarity & focus to leave you. Don’t allow anything to imprison you any more in an unsatisfying lifestyle of your own choices, feelings & poor intentions.

Let you begin to live with pure intentions, meaning & purpose. Let you remind yourself that your God is on your side.

You have guides around you willing to speak to you both directly & indirectly. There is much to trust within you & surrounding you with love. Let you begin to move forward with the resources that are springing from within. Let you use this opportunity to evolve into something more powerful, dynamic, courageous & capable than you have ever been. Let you choose to become extraordinary.

Stay Magnificent & Live Your Dreams.

Hope this helps.

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संघर्ष ही सफलता की सीढ़ी है।

क्या आप इस बात से सहमत हैं कि कोयला ही हीरा बनता है? या यूँ कहे कि कोई भी कार्बन आधारित पदार्थ चाहे वो राख ही क्यों न हो, हीरों में परिवर्तित होने का नर्संगिक गुण रखते हैं। सदियों तक जमीन में गहरे दबे रहना, उच्च तापमान और बहुत उच्च दबाव की वजह से ही ये पदार्थ “कुछ नही” से “हीरा” बन जाते हैं।

और यही सिद्धांत हमारे जीवन पर भी लागू होता है।

हम सब जानते हैं कि प्रतिभाएँ अपनी पहचान स्वयं बना लेती हैं। उनका हौसला और इच्छाशक्ति उन्हें शून्य से शिखर तक ले जाने का कार्य करती हैं और वो हर तरह की बाधा, संघर्षों व अड़चनों के बावजूद ऐसी सफलता प्राप्त करते हैं कि समाज और संसार लिए उदाहरण बन जाते हैं।

यही वजह है कि चाहे कितना भी समय बदला हो, युग बदले हों, परिस्थितियां बदल गई हों, फिर भी कड़ी मेहनत व लगन से सफलता के लिए किया गया प्रयास अपना सुफल देने में, चमत्कार दिखाने में कभी भूल या देरी नहीं करता और यही कारण है कि अभावों के बीच रहकर, उच्च दबाव तथा कठिनाइयों में रह कर सफलता पाने के इतिहास युगों युगों से लिखे गए हैं, रचे गए हैं और आगे भी रचे जाते रहेंगें।

आपके संकल्प, सकारात्मक चिंतन, आंतरिक व्यक्तित्व, आपके निरन्तर किये गये प्रयास और शुभ कार्य जल्द ही आपकी असाधारण शक्तियों और विलक्षण प्रतिभाओं को प्रकट तथा उदय करें। आपकी सोच पहले से अधिक विस्तृत एवं परिष्कृत हो जाये। आप जल्द ही खुशहाल जीवन और उज्ज्वल भविष्य की रचना कर पायें। आपके घर आंगन और संसार मे सदैव प्रेम, उत्सव और हर्षों-उल्लास बना रहे। आपके सभी द्वंद्व और विकार खत्म हो जायें। ऐसी मेरी प्रभु से प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐