Hope, Renewal & New Life!

Legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel said:

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door

It means that move on, stop wishing about “if only” things could have been different. Let you begin to do what you can with the situation you have while making the best of the resources available to you at this point of time.

Let you continuously make genuine efforts for self development & let this period become a symbol of hope, renewal & new life for you & yours.

I sincerely hope that everything will be alright, normal & as you want it to be very soon.

Let you continue doing your good deeds & inspiring your world so that they can become great in what ever they choose to do. Stay Blessed! Gdmng. 💐💐

Fake It Till You Make It..

I am sure you have heard that you need to create your own success & happiness in whatever way you can. Like anyone else in this world, you too have sufficient born talent, abilities & strengths to achieve whatever you want. Yet, there are two caveats. One you have to gather all your magic which is buried beneath your heaviness & second you have to define what you want at this moment, I mean what is success & joy for you in this moment. You really need to define it. Just check – is it learning, playing your favourite instrument, cooking food, giving head messaging to your parent or spouse or kids, reading a book, writing a blog, building your body, meditation, prayer, servicing your gadgets, planning something to cope up after covid19 time is over or preparing yourself for some big opportunity. Whatever it is, keep yourself engaged, active & cheerful. My good wishes are with you.

Today, purpose of writing this note is only to tell you that you should not choose to hide under the misinformation available all-over on internet & around you of what real happiness or success is supposed to look like. It is not same for everyone & varies from individual to individual. You need to stop living in the shadow of someone else’s definition of joyful living. You don’t need to copy & paste as it is. You can’t. Infact what is good for others may not be good for you. What worked for someone, it might not work for you.

Although you know it, but let me remind you that the one who are seen as most successful are those who followed their passions & mastered it consistently over a period of time. Let you also choose your one passion ( if you have multiple passions 🤔) & start with it immediately at this moment only with whatever you have. Use the talents you possess currently & use them as tools to write your beautiful inspiring story. Remember most of the world miss out on reaching their full potential because they never start. They are always analysing, preparing, planning & waiting for the best time to start. Don’t wait for star’s alignment, they will align themselves, start now & adjust your sails along the way. Focus on your present strengths & begin to admire yourself even more.

It is okay if your efforts are not applauded & it is also very much okay if you do not have audience to listen to you while you are playing your piece of music. This is good time to fix all the inaccuracies in your tunes so that you can perform your greatest music with no bloopers on stage. ✌️

Whatever said & done, I agree that there will be some factors that will affect your journey, outcomes, success or happiness which will always remain out of our control. It is also true that it is almost never a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. But still there are efforts, habits, routines & lifestyles that you can immediately take to amp up your chances, improve your happiness, successes & give your each day a little boost.

It is absolutely okay if you are not feeling superb about your life right now & frustrated completely because of this nonsensical lockdown. Let you remind yourself that it is not the end of the world! I hope you know the saying “fake it till you make it”? Let you turn your frowns upside down & trick your brain by congratulating & even rewarding yourself for whatever you are doing instead of focusing on complications & challenges. Let you make yourself as happy as you can be. This is one of the best ways to achieve all the success & satisfaction you want or deserve.

Remind yourself today once again that being happy is much more fun than being miserable.

Stay Happier, Healthier & Successful! 💐💐

Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!

This is really very important. This has huge potential for making your life more successful, meaningful, beautiful & joyful. (I know, I’m being too much overconfident & hypothetical, but that’s ok…).

I insist you to spend a couple of minutes & go through this even if it sound rubbish to you.

I know that being successful in life means lot of different different things that no body can put together.

But being admired, respected, loved, sufficient, significant, joyful & being healthy are few basic needs & wants of everyone no matter what our means & ways to achieve these. Each of us are free to choose our beliefs, faiths & paths that take us to our higher self. Objective is one, to reach to our highest self.

It is really dumb to expect that your life will achieve it’s mission at it’s own miraculously even if you do not do anything, continue to sit around & have decided to waste your life. Please stop being that stupid person.

Please also stop cursing to your world, environment & everything around for being responsible for your shit. When you do this, believe me it look laughable & ridiculous to everyone around & Universe.

Let you begin to understand yourself more nicely, your world more fervently, start establishing right routines, adopt some good habits, begin to cultivate inspiration & motivation all around & start creating an environment that help you to become your best version.

Please stop being manipulated by anyone or anything who is trying to give you false ideals, meaningless goals, intrusive triggers for dumb behaviors, hollow values, who are trying to cheat you, make you unhealthy, cynical or depressed.

In another words, all I am saying is that you must gain a good understanding of what to chase & what to leave behind, what to focus on & what to ignore, what to seek & what to avoid — so that you can get what YOU really deserve in this life.

I am not advising you to catch hold of your collar or control the breathing of your world but all I am saying is that please start dealing with nonsense ( your & other’s 🤣) more thoughtfully.

Believe me if you don’t understand yourself in that way now, you will be nothing but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by whatever your environment give birth to or the rascals roaming freely all-around.

It means to start designing your life in such a way that you start getting more of those experiences that are actually worth it & less of those that are just superficial, absurd & moronic.

Honestly, I am not a master of it but during these corona days I am sincerely trying to figure that out myself. I have now developed a fixed routine, changed my priorities accordingly, thinking about all this all the time & trying to use my time & resources more effectively.

Alright, I agree that was too much… 🤗 & was only a repetition of what you already know. But, I am sure you will agree that this has the potential of turning your life around.

Now, it is your responsibility to take these thoughts, assumptions, perspectives & see how you can apply to your life asap.

Let you build some routines that will make & keep you fit & healthy, both physically & mentally (think about training & nutrition). Let you put your best efforts to strive, prosper & grow as a person everyday, irrespective of what your age is or where you are.

I know it is going to be hard, painful & seriously annoying in the beginning. But believe me it is very very important to you & your beloved ones. Ask them 🤔.

Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐💐



It is your life. Your choices. Your mistakes. Your lessons. You know what is right for you. It is possible that you have been spoiled a bit more than others & that’s the reason perhaps you have been taking your time, life & your world for granted. It is also possible that you think the world owes you a living. Darling reevaluate your position. You by feeling more entitled, only pushing away your possibilities, things & people who love you. Also remember no one is going to feel the heat of your bad decisions, your actions & inactions as much as you will.
Let me remind you once again today that you only have limited time & you must immediately start thinking of what matters you the most in real sense, visualize the near future, imagine all the consequences & think of all the possibilities you still have. Life is still full of possibilities. Ask your greater self today what is stopping you from achieving the desired happiness, success & magnificence.

I agree that in this era it’s so easy to get lost in anything & lose the real track of life because of all the 24*7 services like electricity, internet, television & opulence of everything (which was not so much in our times). But it’s important for you to look at your situation immediately with deeper scrutiny. Even in the midst of all the stress, worry & negativity ( what to talk about you… Yo are so much blessed), people all around us are pulling themselves up, taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there & doing so many amazing things.
If you always remain in your comfort zone, I guarantee you that before you would know it, you will see that years have passed & you are still struggling with the same challenges, still disappointed with your outcomes, still be unhappy & only thinking on what you should have done.
Believe me, there is so much to do, so much to see. Let you remind yourself that your life is filled with endless possibilities, you are limitless, you can accomplish anything & that you must not sit by & watch your life simply pass you by.
Good news – There are so many little things in life that can turn your life around in an instant that can come about from just taking ONE action. Take it today. Be brave, wake up yourself to the reality today. Let you use today & everyday hereafter to become better, stronger & much smarter so that you can convert your dreams into reality.
Stay Being Good to Yourself! Stay Improving Your life & Your World! 💐💐

सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने दुनिया को आईना दिखा दिया।

आज कुछ नही बस एक सवाल आप सभी से की किस काम की है ये तरक्की या आधुनिकता या विलासता का ये दौर जिसमे एक सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने पूरी दुनिया को घुटने पर ला दिया?

किसी भी देश के परमाणु बम, आसमानों को जीत लेने की टैकनोलजी, अद्भुत उद्योग-कला, तेल समर्द्धता तमाम बड़े बड़े दिखावे केसी भी काम के नही लग रहे हैं। सारी दुनिया इतनी समर्थ होने के बावजूद घरों में कैद है।

क्यों मध्य युग में पुरे यूरोप पर राज करने वाला रोम ( इटली ) खत्म होने के कगार पे आ गया है? क्यों मध्य पूर्व को रोदने वाला तुर्क साम्राज्य ( ईरान एवं टर्की ) अब हारे बैठा हैं? क्यों जिनके बारे में ये कहा जाता था कि जंहा सूर्य कभी अस्त नहीं होता है, उस ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य के राजा आने महलों में कैद पड़े हुए हैं? क्यों दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी शक्ति समझे जाने वाले रूस ने अपने बॉर्डर सील कर रखे हैं, किस बात का डर है? जो पूरी दुनिया को आने जूते की नोक पर रखता है, क्यों ऐसे अमरीका की हालत इतनी खराब और दयनीय हो गयी है? और कैसे वो चाइनिज ड्रैगन जो आने वाले समय में सबको निगल जाना चाहते था आज मुँह छिपता फिर रहा है और सबकी गालियां खा रहा है? क्यों, क्या कोई जवाब है?

मतलब ये की इन सब बड़े महारथियों को एक मामूली से वायरस ने उनकी औकात बता दी है। मेरे विचार में कोविड19 कोई अंत नहीं है, एक आरम्भ है। एक नए युद्ध का, एक ऐसा युद्ध जिसमे पूरी की पूरी मानव सभ्यता के खामोशी से खत्म हो जाने की सम्भावना पैदा हो गयी है।

जैसे जैसे ग्लोबल वार्मिंग बढ़ेगी, ग्लेशियरो की बर्फ पिघलेगी, सदियों से आसमानों में जा रहे उपग्रहों का मलबा गिरेगा और परमाणु हथियारों बनाने की होड़ बढ़ेगी… ये सब न जाने कितने और अमानवीय विषाणुओं को और ऐसी बीमारियों को जन्म देंगे जिनसे न तो लड़ने की ही कोई तयारी है और न ही कोई इलाज सम्भव होगा।

कृत्रिम बुद्धिमत्ता, प्रकृति को जीत लेने की होड़, ये स्वार्थी औद्योगिक क्रांतियां और पश्चिम की लालच से भरी इकोनॉमिक्स नीतियां संसार को अंत के मुहाने पर ले आयी हैं। अपने अहंकार, लालच, स्वयं को श्रेष्ठ सिद्ध करने की हठधर्मिता ने सब कुछ नष्ट कर देना है। बधाई तथा शुभकामनाएं।

मुझे लगता है यही सही समय है जब हम फिर से प्रकृति और वेदों की ओर लौटेंगे और फिर से उस स्वर्णिम युग के शुरुआत होगी जिसमें सोने की चिडीया और विश्व का गुरु कहे जाने वाले भारत का एक बार पुनः वर्चस्व स्थापित होगा। आइए हम सब लौट चलें अपने वेदों और सर्वांगीणता, विशालता, उदारता, प्रेम और सहिष्णुता की दृष्टि से अन्य संस्कृतियों की अपेक्षा अग्रणीय एवं सम्पन्न भारत की सांस्कृतिक की ओर।

भारतीय जो राजा बलि के वंशज और कर्ण के अनुयायी हैं, जो समाज सांसारिक वैभव को त्यागकर आंतरिक शांति की वकालत करता है, विश्व बंधुत्व की बात करता है, प्रकृति की हर वस्तु में और हर जीव में ईश्वर को देखता है पूजता है, ऐसे समाज के वजूद को दशकों तक नकार कर रखा। जिसका मन आया वही अश्वों पर सवार होकर चला आया , रोदने ,लूटने , मारने हम को। कोई विश्व विजेता बनने के लिए तक्षशिला को तोड़ कर चला गया, कोई सोने की चमक में अँधा होकर सोमनाथ लूट कर ले गया, तो किसी ने नालंदा की किताबो को जला गया, किसी ने शारदा पीठ टुकड़े टुकड़े कर दिया, तो किसी ने अपने झंडे को ऊंचा दिखाने के लिए विश्व कल्याण का केंद्र बने गुरुकुल परंपरा को ही नष्ट कर दिया।

मुझे यकीन है कि माँ भारती का आँचल फिर दुबारा दुनिया को छाँव देने योग्य होगा, भारत फिर विश्व गुरु बनेगा और सारी दुनिया की आत्मा के रूप में स्थापित होगा

वो दिन दूर नही जब हर बीमारी का मार्ग उन्ही नष्ट हुए हवन कुंडो से दुबारा निकलने लगेगा। जब लोग नीम और पीपल की छाँव को बेहतर मानने लगेगें। गाय की महिमा को स्वीकारेंगे जिसका वो उपहास उड़ाते थे। सब उन वेद पुराणों को पढ़ना शुरू करेंगे जिन को जाने वालों का कभी अट्टहास उड़ाया जाता था। फिर दुबारा चन्दन तुलसी को मष्तक पर धारण करना होगा।

ये प्रकृति का न्याय है और आपको स्वीकारना होगा।

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्त निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत्॥

“सभी सुखी होवें, सभी रोगमुक्त रहें, सभी मंगलमय घटनाओं के साक्षी बनें और किसी को भी दुःख का भागी न बनना पड़े।” ऐसी मेरी कामना है और प्रभु से प्रार्थना है।


आइए हम सब लौट चलें अपनी सभ्यता और संस्कृति की ओर और अपनाये अपने अपने पारम्परिक रीति-रिवाजों को जिन्हें अपनाकर हम अपना जीवन और अधिक सुखमय, स्वस्थ तथा सुंदर बना सकते हैं। 💐💐


Don’t Let Your Blessedness Be Your Worst Enemy!

Today It is more about those young boys & girls who are to pick their careers & are thinking of what would keep them satisfied & prospering for the next 10-20 years of their life. It is of course an impossible task. There is no pundit or mechanism in this world which can predict what is going to make someone happy for the rest of your life, especially when you are enjoying laying on couch for the whole day & getting a thrill out of doing nothing.

Don’t worry or feel bad! You or for that matter no one knows what’s coming next. Now especially after these corona days no one can predict how life will be a year after even. I will not be surprised if BC will be redefined as Before Corona era.

However you must remind yourself that you are not getting younger. If you don’t start taking the time to pursue your dreams now, you might find yourself at the end of your life with nothing to show for it except the scores of games you played or count of likes on your instagram pictures or the list of programs still to watch on Netflix.

Don’t let your present blessedness be your worst enemy.

But there is a guaranteed solution if you know what makes you happy now ( hope you know this 😂). Start doing it. It is said that if you continually pursue some purposeful things that you enjoy doing whether for a job or hobby, it will make the journey fantastic & bring you success sooner or later.

Let you get yourself occupied immediately now from home to begin with as an online fundraiser for PM CARE, write blogs, record some audio books, write mails to corona patients, provide some online training to your peers or underprivileged, try joining United Nations for making a global difference or learn stock markets by doing mock transactions. I mean volunteer yourself to just see what will make you a bit more happy & occupied meaningfully. After the corona is over & you are released remember to continue doing such volunteer jobs in field.

Remember that you have to get your hands dirty if you have to achieve something in life. Let you begin to gain some hands-on experience & read everything about your role models or about those who are most successful in your dream career before really pursuing your dreams. Start riding your donkey instead of waiting for unicorn to arrive. You already know what to do. Let you begin now, take some steps today, tomorrow & then everyday.

I must remind you most sincerely that you are a beautiful, magnificent, miraculous & perfect manifestation of God. Believe me that you are sufficient & enough to do something now which will surely help you achieve your big goals & dreams, whatever they may be. Nearly all men & women have achieved success sooner or later. You also will.

Let you inspire yourself to live a life aligned with your goals & constantly experience happiness, fulfillment & meaning.


In this time of widespread stress, let you maintain your peace, health & focus on those things that will make your life more meaningful, significant & worthwhile. Stay Being The Person Of Action Always! 💐💐


This is known to almost everyone that your thoughts & words have tremendous amount of power. Infact they shape your maximum beliefs, drive your behaviors & ultimately create your world. Each word create an emotional responses & energetic reactions by default. Right words when spoken in the right way bring you more acceptance, appreciation, fortunes & obviously make you sound confident, relatable & trustworthy. But when you speak wrong words or when your words doesn’t support your body language or spoken in wrong way bring you losses, conflicts, displeasures & generally cost you like hell sometimes.

I recommend that you record your words, tone, language & gestures for a week & then play it back to yourself. I guarantee you that will be surprised at what you hear & see.

Spend a few minutes with a narcissistic person or a chronic complainer who uses all sorts of negative words & you’ll immediately feel your personal energy bottoms out. That applies to everyone including you also 😉. In my opinion you can influence outcomes greatly by how you choose to interact with yourself, others & situations.

Your words are not only a vehicle for expressing & sharing your thoughts with others but to yourself also. Your thoughts & words have the power to make you your own worst enemy ( or ally 😊). Choose each of them wisely & consciously.

How you speak to yourself directly influences how you see things in life & world. If your internal self-talk is negative, chances are that your external experiences will be negative as well.

Please find out that how many times a day do you say “I hate my looks,” “I’m an a**hole,” “I am a failure” or “I hate my world” without thinking that these words bring negative energy into your vibration & affect you on a physical level. Believe me when you repeat these day & night, your brain shapes a false self-image of you, your world & start working accordingly.

Researchers estimate that you can think about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts & speak approximately 7000 words a day. Now imagine if 80% of these are negative about yourself or your world than can you think how badly you are sabotaging your life without even realizing it 🤔.

But question is are you conscious of the words you speak, thoughts that you read & expose yourself to knowingly or unknowingly? Let you begin to pay attention to the words you use & the words you speak not only with others but also with yourself. Because you make every decision, action & resolution based on these words & thoughts that you hear from yourself.

Let you at least stop speaking from today to merely unload an ego-driven thought & never utter a single word with negative emotion like frustration or anger. Let you also stop saying everything that drains energies, make you or others feel sad, mad, or bad. Believe you me, with a renewed perspective, you stand a much better chance of bringing good into your life.


Let you start making your internal vocabulary more positive to improve your external experiences & quality of your life.

For God sake start acknowledging how powerful, sufficient & blessed you are from today itself. Let you begin to honor, love & respect yourself more from now than ever. Let me remind you once again that you are a part & parcel of this universe & you should be mindful always to be a little more intelligent, kinder, gentler, smarter & softer in your words, deeds & reactions with yourself & your world.

Stay kind with your words & always use language to empower 💐💐.

Stop Being A Narcissist!

Today I read one of the Rumi’s quote The lion is most handsome when looking for food” which prompted me to write about all those people who are self-absorbed, self-obsessed & do not treat themselves lesser than the Marvel Heros (my son, Aashish made me watch a movie yesterday) for a moment even. I am talking about people to whom their arrogance, grandiosity & entitlement is always larger than the life.

I am sure you will agree that this world is full of these people who claim themselves to be superheros but in real they are self centered, self-righteous & narcissist in a way. They are those people who perceive themselves as being the nicest on the planet, completely faultless & always believe that they deserve special treatment & that others do not deserve 🤔. They seek approval & appreciation from everyone around every minute even for their shitty things 🤣.

They become mad & vengeful whenever their perceived superior status is threatened. They will always paint a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects. These people will always believe them to be superior to others & when they are in conflict with the world, they will invariably perceive the conflict as the world’s fault only. These people will never feel guilty or remorseful even when they have done something ridiculously wrong. They will never offer genuine apology & if at all they have to give one, then it will be only hollow & transactional.

These self-acclaimed great people tends to seek out connections mostly for their high status only i.e. to feel more accomplished, socially prominent, well-to- do & well-connected. They will listen to you & step out of their spotlight only when they hope to gain something extraordinary from listening to you 😂.

These people have a tendency to erode self-esteem of everyone around & will do it with such an art that you start feeling that it is you who is letting them down.

Let me remind all my egomaniac friends that the extreme self-centered attitude is going to become source of suffering for you & your world one day.

Let you be more & more present in this moment, instead of always seeking a more exciting moment. Let you practice applauding for others & feeling genuinely happy for them instead of being competitive always. Let you have a deep compassion for everyone around & also understand their struggles to be safe, seen, heard & celebrated.

Let you, in real, become the light you have been desperately seeking & create a glow for all others to bask in. Let your world feel better, healed, joyful & admired in your company. Stay Being Your Higher Self! 💐💐Screenshot_20200409-091412~2


Restore your updated & upgraded version!

All over the world, coaches & great souls have been advising continuously to disengage, detach & to take a break from the routines because they believe that magic in not doing anything for some time has the real power to change just about everything.

Now that you have been unplugged, let you breathe, restore, recharge & reset yourself to your factory settings 🤔. Remember that this is exactly what you do with your wireless router, when it stop working. I like everyone get frustrated when it does not function the way it should because I am not that technical person (even after doing engineering in electronics & telecommunication way back in 90s, I am not a practising engineer these days 😉).

When I am told by the technician that just switch off the router for few seconds & restart it, I was amazed to see it working perfectly fine. Without doing anything, just by restarting, a device can come to working again. Isn’t it great! Yes it is.

This is a learning for all of us. Let this unplug, reset & halt of everything for a few days prove to be a pretty good solution for whatever was not working in your life & world. Let you be able to restore yourself to your factory default settings which for most of us tends to be beautiful, strong, blessed, able, creative, connected & hopeful 👑.

In addition to your restoration & reinstatement, I pray for your updated & upgraded version after this lockdown is over 🤣. Let all the negative energy which was trying to bring you down earlier come to an end forever. The dark thoughts, uncertainties, overthinking & the doubts completely exit your mind for always. Let the clarity replace confusion, hope replace fear & blessings fill your life again. Let your Angeles guide your path & help you to make the right decisions & choices so that you can go with full throttle & crush your goals & live your life to the fullest. Let God grant you peace, love, understanding & continue to protect you & your beloved ones from this virus & all other evil forces. Stay Working On Reinstalling Your Greater Self! 💐💐

You need to heal the CORE with in you!

Let you set your intentions to heal within & outside of yourself. You have good time now to heal yourself & your world 😉. Let you take some time to consider what it is you really want for your life in the near future. How do you want to feel about yourself & your your world at the end of this lock down? Can you use some time to find your real passions, strengths, gifts & how can you put all of them to better use? Let you get in touch with the real you, your higher self & your angels to align with your real purposes.

Let you choose to work on healing yourself from the inside out this time by going deeper to get at the root of the problem rather than only treating the symptoms all the time 🤒. I mean your weight is not the main issue, it is not walking enough & constantly overeating. You need to go to the core 🙏. Let you remind yourself once  again that you can achieve anything you want if you can heal your core, your energy, your mind, body & spirit. Let your good efforts increase your chances of achieving your goals.

I am not at all saying that everything you were doing before this compulsory stay at home period were fifty things, but all that I am saying is that you have ignored many important things which matters to you the most. Tell me how can you take care of anyone else or do a good job at work or be a good friend/partner or achieve something big in your life, if any part of your being is unhealthy in any way? I repeat, let you begin to heal & rebuild yourself now by adopting some better habits, hobbies, routines & lifestyles.

Let you also resolve to phase-out your detrimental behaviours, toxicity, resentment, complaining attitude, limiting beliefs & negative voices to improve yourself overall & to lead a life you deserve.

I wish you all the best & pray that all your attempts of improving yourself & your world be more successful now than ever. Stay Blessed! 💐💐IMG_20200406_111649_543