Focus on the Abundance, not on the Lack!

Not only you but much of the whole world enjoy this poor scarcity mentality. They continue to remind themselves that there is a lack in life, that opportunities are few & that their present life is not good. This feeling is always fueled by the present economy, web world & society that continue to prosper only by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people (always selling something).

Continuous focus on lack is quite painful & create a lot of unnecessary fear, anxiety & desperation. An abundance mentality, on the other hand, tells you that there are always ample chances & opportunities for everyone & everything. Believe me you do not have one shot only. Remind & reassure yourself that you can play as much as you want without any pressure, anxiety & fear.

From today onwards allow yourself to see the abundance in your world which perhaps is missing right now. For instance, if you are thinking to achieve something (fitness, success, long term prosperity, energy, love or anything for that matter), then don’t focus on something you lack right now. Focus & think about the abundance of possibilities in the world to make it happen & to achieve that. Soon ideas & opportunities to make that happen will start to “pop up” in your mind & world. You will see how everything including all the solutions, people & resources that have been always there in the background for quite a while just jump out at you. Try this for sometime.

It is truly said that what you focus on, you will see in your world (When you focus on what you lack, you only create more lack. It’s the law of attraction).

Remember that this universe photocopies your intentions, thoughts, words, actions & sends them back to you as your next experience.

Therefore stop spending your life with no goal, purpose or mission. Find motivation to seize everyday. You have the power to write your destiny.

Let you begin to do something important each day. Do something for your mind, body, soul & your world every day. Get some more air, light & space. Let you walk, write, learn, dance, paint, stretch, cook & most importantly laugh with your friends & family. I also recommend you to use this time to make yourself more happy, healthy & thriving by adopting some new habits, routines & techniques that work for you.

Let you begin to attend to all of yourself on a daily basis.

Let God bless you far more abundantly than all you can ever ask or think. Stay Safe & Sound 💐💐

You are not your problems!

I do not know about others, but I strongly believe that the wisdom of others mean a lot to me. Yesterday, while I & a few other coaches & trainers (all with old school thoughts 😂) were talking to each other, it was concluded that each of us, no matter who we are or where we are, have to experience personal challenges, showdowns, tragedies & crisis like the present one in life.

It is not about only natural calamities, you also invite problems, chaos & mess with your conscious or unconscious actions, inaction & reactions. It’s time to at least decide to stop creating problems where there are none.

Let you remind yourself that you always have the choice to just stay rooted in your own peaceful center. Give yourself ample opportunities to believe that you are doing everything right during this hard time & that things are going to happen exactly the way you want them to happen.

Remind yourself that you are never your problems or your crisis. You are never your isolation, alienation, your infection, your trauma or your zero bank balance. Your real true self is a deeper entity, magnificent being & is perfectly whole & well, no matter what you are experiencing at this point of time. Your real self is far beyond your imaginary self & far better than what this world has ever told you.

You can find your great master & your own mastery with in yourself. Let you shape yourself into a meaningful form of inspiration & motivation.

The differences among us lie only in how we
navigate these difficult times, respond to these & what we become after the crisis is over. You also need to remind yourself that even when calamities strikes, blooming is possible.

Let you continuously find things you have control over & take all the action, you still can, on these. Let you grow your ability to love your life, fortify sense of your own capabilities, reframe your interpretations, improve your self-care, your words, your actions & your thoughts. Let you deepen your understandings of yourself, others & whole world around you.

I thank you my friends for reminding me yesterday that life is to be enjoyed for all its messiness, twists & turns. These days are reminder that we are still alive & an opportunity to showcase our excellence, abilities, resilience & adaptability.

In the end I would like to remind you what John F. Kennedy once said

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

These words are absolutely right. Having said everything it is always advised that you must identify your leaks before a storm & patch these much before the rains.

I sincerely hope you, your family & every one in your world are doing well & are safe.

My best wishes are always there with you. Stay Amazingly Blessed 💐💐

Force Majeure clause fully explained!

So many property owners across the world are worried about the implication of Force Majeure clause in their registered lease agreements, which they think will make them loose their rents due to the lock downs forced by various governments. It seems that a lot of people with bad intentions are using this lame excuse to avoid paying or delaying their rents. I strongly feel it is not correct & tenants can not use “force majeure” clause to simply claim a forceful waiver of rents unless specifically mentioned.

There is no specific definition of Force Majure clause and it is as per the term mentioned in your lease agreements.

I am talking about such a clause in lease deeds:

Force Majuere:

That the Tenant shall not be liable to pay Rent and the Owner shall not be entitled to claim any Rent, if any natural calamity like earthquake, flood, rioting, lightning, etc. cause any damage to the Property rendering it unfit for the commercial activity of the Tenant, for such period the Property remains so unfit, however, only subject to a maximum period of three months. The Tenant may terminate and vacate the Property upon expiry of the said period of three months. In the event the Tenant does not exercise such termination/vacation the Tenant shall liable to pay Rent notwithstanding any such damage to the Property.

My opinion on the situation & this clause…

The Tenant continues to use / and / or occupy/ Benefit from the Leased Property even during the Lockdown Period and all his office furniture, equipment, fittings etc. are inside the Leased Property as it is & the Tenant continue to be in the full possession of the Leased Property as such. Tenant continues to derive benefit from the Leased Property, not only in utility but in reputation on account of not only conducting but appearing to conduct, its business in the Leased Property.

The Leased Property is not damaged & has not become unfit for the usage by the Tenant. It is also to be noted that no portion of the Leased Property has become uninhabitable or unusable due to any natural calamity like earthquake, flood, rioting, lightning, etc.

It is evident that the Tenant, and the tenant alone, has access to the Leased Property at this point of time even.

The inability to operate a commercial establishment from the Leased Property cannot be equated to be inability to use or occupy the Leased Property.

The Owner has leased the Leased Property to the Tenant & allowed the Tenant to use it for the lawful purpose. It means to comply with all laws of state is an absolute obligation of the Tenant & Owner can not be held responsible for any such lockdown orders of government or for that matter any other enactment of any new law.

Owner is fully complying with it’s obligation towards government and paying all taxes w.r.t. said premises.

Therefore the obligation of the Tenant to pay rental and other charges is not waived as there is no Force Majeure event has happened & nothing has happened as such which may be preventing the occupancy of the leased premises.

To further simplify this:

If the Leased Property is neither sealed nor rendered unfit for use or occupation and the Tenant continues to occupy the Leased Property in consonance with the Lease Deed then there is no force majeure event has happened.

Payment of lease rental is not contingent upon the health of the business operating from the Leased Property but is purely for the exclusive use of the Leased Property by Tenant.

Therefore it will not be wrong in concluding that even if the Tenant is not able to operate its business from the Leased Property & not generating revenue thereof is completely liable to pay the full lease rental as it is timely.

Owner fully reserve their right to file for breach of contract, in the eventuality that Tenant decide not to pay the rent for the Leased Property as agreed upon.

Tenants & everyone has to understand that owners have to pay Salaries, Mortgage Payments, EMIs etc. & therefore it is very important to receive the rents timely.

I wish to thank my son Aashish (soon to be a lawyer), Mr. Suresh Mittal (CA) & Mr. Vishal Ohri for helping me to build this opinion.

Thrive in Your Life With Style!

Sometimes it is not your fault & Sometimes it is. Sometimes you behave like God & sometimes not. Sometimes you are kind & make all the difference & sometimes you f**k up everything. That’s perfectly okay. These are all real, true statements that apply to you, me & everyone, no matter who you are & where you stand. Sometimes things may not be going well for you & it could be a total screw up. You may be looking like the biggest idiot on earth. That is perfectly okay. Don’t worry about it. Bcoz every little thing is going to be all right very soon.

Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air & remind yourself of who you are & where you want to be. Whereas sometimes you have to dig deep inside to find more of yourself, your strength, your original abilities, the patience & your passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Purpose of saying all this is to remind you of your prime objective i.e. to maximize your capacity to experience what life has to offer you & become more wiser, successful, satisfied & happier than you ever thought possible. It is also to remind you to do every damn thing in order to take advantage of your unique & powerful potential as a person to thrive in your life with some enthusiasm, humor & with some style.

Remind yourself that you still have a beating heart & air in your lungs in the midst of all this pandemic spread so that you can keep moving forward in the present moment. Therefore enjoy & appreciate all that is available to you at this moment & start loving the person who you are (without much regrets 🤔). I sincerely hope a new world will open up within you & all around you after this crisis is over.

Stay Living A Happy & Blessed Life! 💐💐

What real satisfaction, happiness & success is?

I am sure you will agree to the fact that dissatisfaction, desperation & resentment, these days, seems to be swallowing the whole world around us.

It seems that a lot of people are not satisfied with what they have, what they do, how they live, their lifestyles, their families, their decisions, their inheritance, their religion, their social status & perhaps with all the options they have. As a result spending most of their energy in criticising everything & themselves for not having sufficient happiness, success & satisfaction even without knowing what it is in real.

Such people will always have the feeling of never having enough, or having just enough to live, no matter what they achieve in life. They will remain unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated always no matter what.

I shouldn’t, but still feel like blaming the existing social environment, greed based networking & largely consumer advertising everywhere which is creating false desires & perhaps cultivating constant low-level state of dissatisfaction that keep us striving to achieve the fantasy lives delivered by internet, television, movies, fashion & celebrity magazines. Because these celebrities look so much successful, satisfied & larger than the life. Even when we know their real life circumstances are different, still they are held out as models for what we all should want to achieve.

So you, like every other, keep emulating them & try to fill the holes of your dissatisfaction by trying to grab whatever you can as you have seen your role models possessing in reel life (not in real life). In this case, you don’t bother how you achieve that, leading to more challenges, chaos & dissatisfaction in your life & world.

Even after spending a considerable life in just grabbing all that you thought good, you continuously find yourself no more satisfied than before 😤.

It brings me to a conclusion that a lot of people actually do not understand what real satisfaction, happiness & success is. Please excuse me, if you know this 🤗.

A feeling of pleasure that comes when a need, claim or desire is fulfilled; happiness with the way something has been done or arranged; experience of eating something delicious or getting a great hug from someone you love; fulfilment that comes from finally knowing or understanding something you have been puzzling or worrying about for months & also consider pride of receiving a sincere apology or compensation from someone who wronged you in the past etc. Yes all these are form of satisfaction, happiness & fulfilment in a way, perhaps for that moment, day or for some period.

But if you will see one thing satisfies your body & the other satisfies your mind. But million dollar question is, does all this make a satisfying life? No.

Then real question is, is true satisfaction even possible? My answer is yes!

In my opinion, fulfilment & full satisfaction generally comes in two stages: the first stage is obviously a personal satisfaction with the way you have accomplished/ understood/ achieved something or through all that just stated here above. The second stage occurs in growing towards a bigger desire, role & greater capacity i.e. to be able to make a difference in the world around yourself.

It comes in learning things about your true-self, knowing what makes you energies & inspires you, knowing your real bug in ear, joys, drive & how to create your real dreams & life that you deserve to live.

What I have just said is perhaps you remain dissatisfied because your desires do not develop & evolve with time. I mean along with normal desires, you need to go deeper, to go after the more value-oriented, soul-serving forms of satisfaction. Remember, true satisfaction is only achieved when you dedicate yourself in the service of your deepest values, convictions, passions & your ultimate goals.

These ultimate goals are different for each of us & of course will depend on our own sense of personal missions & visions. For me, these are to see my children & a lot of other children to grow up to become more interesting, useful, successful & wholesome people, to write a couple of books & win some accolades & awards, to learn to play guitar, to travel most of the world & to be remembered as a teacher, guide, inspirer & someone who prompted a few lives to achieve what they really wanted.


Call for Action:

Let you make a quick list of the things or experiences that may bring you some sort of general satisfaction in your words (e.g., a weekend at Maldives, recognition of your talents, pat on your back for a job well done, a dinner at the best restaurant, purchasing a new apartment, purchasing a purse of biggest brand, drinking the costliest whiskey, resolution of a conflict etc.) Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of those things satisfy you fully in the moment?
  • How long does that satisfaction for each of these things last?
  • Is there a connection between the effort you put forth & the satisfaction you will receive?
  • Which of these satisfactions are worldly influenced & which are related to your own values, missions, passions & ultimate goals?

Now make a list of the things in your life that you are dissatisfied with & ask yourself:

  • How could you change these disappointing things?
  • How might your life be different if you changed these things?
  • Are you largely dissatisfied because of your superficial wants of acquiring newer things or due to something like that you need to make your family, friends & world proud or due to a need that you want to prove that you too can be successful?
  • What minor dissatisfactions are standing in your way of achieving larger ones?
  • Which all of these smaller dissatisfaction can be bypassed & which must be resolved before you can move forward to your ultimate goals?

I wish you all a life full of happiness, success & satisfaction 💐💐

Hope, Renewal & New Life!

Legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel said:

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door

It means that move on, stop wishing about “if only” things could have been different. Let you begin to do what you can with the situation you have while making the best of the resources available to you at this point of time.

Let you continuously make genuine efforts for self development & let this period become a symbol of hope, renewal & new life for you & yours.

I sincerely hope that everything will be alright, normal & as you want it to be very soon.

Let you continue doing your good deeds & inspiring your world so that they can become great in what ever they choose to do. Stay Blessed! Gdmng. 💐💐

Fake It Till You Make It..

I am sure you have heard that you need to create your own success & happiness in whatever way you can. Like anyone else in this world, you too have sufficient born talent, abilities & strengths to achieve whatever you want. Yet, there are two caveats. One you have to gather all your magic which is buried beneath your heaviness & second you have to define what you want at this moment, I mean what is success & joy for you in this moment. You really need to define it. Just check – is it learning, playing your favourite instrument, cooking food, giving head messaging to your parent or spouse or kids, reading a book, writing a blog, building your body, meditation, prayer, servicing your gadgets, planning something to cope up after covid19 time is over or preparing yourself for some big opportunity. Whatever it is, keep yourself engaged, active & cheerful. My good wishes are with you.

Today, purpose of writing this note is only to tell you that you should not choose to hide under the misinformation available all-over on internet & around you of what real happiness or success is supposed to look like. It is not same for everyone & varies from individual to individual. You need to stop living in the shadow of someone else’s definition of joyful living. You don’t need to copy & paste as it is. You can’t. Infact what is good for others may not be good for you. What worked for someone, it might not work for you.

Although you know it, but let me remind you that the one who are seen as most successful are those who followed their passions & mastered it consistently over a period of time. Let you also choose your one passion ( if you have multiple passions 🤔) & start with it immediately at this moment only with whatever you have. Use the talents you possess currently & use them as tools to write your beautiful inspiring story. Remember most of the world miss out on reaching their full potential because they never start. They are always analysing, preparing, planning & waiting for the best time to start. Don’t wait for star’s alignment, they will align themselves, start now & adjust your sails along the way. Focus on your present strengths & begin to admire yourself even more.

It is okay if your efforts are not applauded & it is also very much okay if you do not have audience to listen to you while you are playing your piece of music. This is good time to fix all the inaccuracies in your tunes so that you can perform your greatest music with no bloopers on stage. ✌️

Whatever said & done, I agree that there will be some factors that will affect your journey, outcomes, success or happiness which will always remain out of our control. It is also true that it is almost never a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. But still there are efforts, habits, routines & lifestyles that you can immediately take to amp up your chances, improve your happiness, successes & give your each day a little boost.

It is absolutely okay if you are not feeling superb about your life right now & frustrated completely because of this nonsensical lockdown. Let you remind yourself that it is not the end of the world! I hope you know the saying “fake it till you make it”? Let you turn your frowns upside down & trick your brain by congratulating & even rewarding yourself for whatever you are doing instead of focusing on complications & challenges. Let you make yourself as happy as you can be. This is one of the best ways to achieve all the success & satisfaction you want or deserve.

Remind yourself today once again that being happy is much more fun than being miserable.

Stay Happier, Healthier & Successful! 💐💐

Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!

This is really very important. This has huge potential for making your life more successful, meaningful, beautiful & joyful. (I know, I’m being too much overconfident & hypothetical, but that’s ok…).

I insist you to spend a couple of minutes & go through this even if it sound rubbish to you.

I know that being successful in life means lot of different different things that no body can put together.

But being admired, respected, loved, sufficient, significant, joyful & being healthy are few basic needs & wants of everyone no matter what our means & ways to achieve these. Each of us are free to choose our beliefs, faiths & paths that take us to our higher self. Objective is one, to reach to our highest self.

It is really dumb to expect that your life will achieve it’s mission at it’s own miraculously even if you do not do anything, continue to sit around & have decided to waste your life. Please stop being that stupid person.

Please also stop cursing to your world, environment & everything around for being responsible for your shit. When you do this, believe me it look laughable & ridiculous to everyone around & Universe.

Let you begin to understand yourself more nicely, your world more fervently, start establishing right routines, adopt some good habits, begin to cultivate inspiration & motivation all around & start creating an environment that help you to become your best version.

Please stop being manipulated by anyone or anything who is trying to give you false ideals, meaningless goals, intrusive triggers for dumb behaviors, hollow values, who are trying to cheat you, make you unhealthy, cynical or depressed.

In another words, all I am saying is that you must gain a good understanding of what to chase & what to leave behind, what to focus on & what to ignore, what to seek & what to avoid — so that you can get what YOU really deserve in this life.

I am not advising you to catch hold of your collar or control the breathing of your world but all I am saying is that please start dealing with nonsense ( your & other’s 🤣) more thoughtfully.

Believe me if you don’t understand yourself in that way now, you will be nothing but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by whatever your environment give birth to or the rascals roaming freely all-around.

It means to start designing your life in such a way that you start getting more of those experiences that are actually worth it & less of those that are just superficial, absurd & moronic.

Honestly, I am not a master of it but during these corona days I am sincerely trying to figure that out myself. I have now developed a fixed routine, changed my priorities accordingly, thinking about all this all the time & trying to use my time & resources more effectively.

Alright, I agree that was too much… 🤗 & was only a repetition of what you already know. But, I am sure you will agree that this has the potential of turning your life around.

Now, it is your responsibility to take these thoughts, assumptions, perspectives & see how you can apply to your life asap.

Let you build some routines that will make & keep you fit & healthy, both physically & mentally (think about training & nutrition). Let you put your best efforts to strive, prosper & grow as a person everyday, irrespective of what your age is or where you are.

I know it is going to be hard, painful & seriously annoying in the beginning. But believe me it is very very important to you & your beloved ones. Ask them 🤔.

Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐💐



It is your life. Your choices. Your mistakes. Your lessons. You know what is right for you. It is possible that you have been spoiled a bit more than others & that’s the reason perhaps you have been taking your time, life & your world for granted. It is also possible that you think the world owes you a living. Darling reevaluate your position. You by feeling more entitled, only pushing away your possibilities, things & people who love you. Also remember no one is going to feel the heat of your bad decisions, your actions & inactions as much as you will.
Let me remind you once again today that you only have limited time & you must immediately start thinking of what matters you the most in real sense, visualize the near future, imagine all the consequences & think of all the possibilities you still have. Life is still full of possibilities. Ask your greater self today what is stopping you from achieving the desired happiness, success & magnificence.

I agree that in this era it’s so easy to get lost in anything & lose the real track of life because of all the 24*7 services like electricity, internet, television & opulence of everything (which was not so much in our times). But it’s important for you to look at your situation immediately with deeper scrutiny. Even in the midst of all the stress, worry & negativity ( what to talk about you… Yo are so much blessed), people all around us are pulling themselves up, taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there & doing so many amazing things.
If you always remain in your comfort zone, I guarantee you that before you would know it, you will see that years have passed & you are still struggling with the same challenges, still disappointed with your outcomes, still be unhappy & only thinking on what you should have done.
Believe me, there is so much to do, so much to see. Let you remind yourself that your life is filled with endless possibilities, you are limitless, you can accomplish anything & that you must not sit by & watch your life simply pass you by.
Good news – There are so many little things in life that can turn your life around in an instant that can come about from just taking ONE action. Take it today. Be brave, wake up yourself to the reality today. Let you use today & everyday hereafter to become better, stronger & much smarter so that you can convert your dreams into reality.
Stay Being Good to Yourself! Stay Improving Your life & Your World! 💐💐

सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने दुनिया को आईना दिखा दिया।

आज कुछ नही बस एक सवाल आप सभी से की किस काम की है ये तरक्की या आधुनिकता या विलासता का ये दौर जिसमे एक सूक्ष्म से विषाणु ने पूरी दुनिया को घुटने पर ला दिया?

किसी भी देश के परमाणु बम, आसमानों को जीत लेने की टैकनोलजी, अद्भुत उद्योग-कला, तेल समर्द्धता तमाम बड़े बड़े दिखावे केसी भी काम के नही लग रहे हैं। सारी दुनिया इतनी समर्थ होने के बावजूद घरों में कैद है।

क्यों मध्य युग में पुरे यूरोप पर राज करने वाला रोम ( इटली ) खत्म होने के कगार पे आ गया है? क्यों मध्य पूर्व को रोदने वाला तुर्क साम्राज्य ( ईरान एवं टर्की ) अब हारे बैठा हैं? क्यों जिनके बारे में ये कहा जाता था कि जंहा सूर्य कभी अस्त नहीं होता है, उस ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य के राजा आने महलों में कैद पड़े हुए हैं? क्यों दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी शक्ति समझे जाने वाले रूस ने अपने बॉर्डर सील कर रखे हैं, किस बात का डर है? जो पूरी दुनिया को आने जूते की नोक पर रखता है, क्यों ऐसे अमरीका की हालत इतनी खराब और दयनीय हो गयी है? और कैसे वो चाइनिज ड्रैगन जो आने वाले समय में सबको निगल जाना चाहते था आज मुँह छिपता फिर रहा है और सबकी गालियां खा रहा है? क्यों, क्या कोई जवाब है?

मतलब ये की इन सब बड़े महारथियों को एक मामूली से वायरस ने उनकी औकात बता दी है। मेरे विचार में कोविड19 कोई अंत नहीं है, एक आरम्भ है। एक नए युद्ध का, एक ऐसा युद्ध जिसमे पूरी की पूरी मानव सभ्यता के खामोशी से खत्म हो जाने की सम्भावना पैदा हो गयी है।

जैसे जैसे ग्लोबल वार्मिंग बढ़ेगी, ग्लेशियरो की बर्फ पिघलेगी, सदियों से आसमानों में जा रहे उपग्रहों का मलबा गिरेगा और परमाणु हथियारों बनाने की होड़ बढ़ेगी… ये सब न जाने कितने और अमानवीय विषाणुओं को और ऐसी बीमारियों को जन्म देंगे जिनसे न तो लड़ने की ही कोई तयारी है और न ही कोई इलाज सम्भव होगा।

कृत्रिम बुद्धिमत्ता, प्रकृति को जीत लेने की होड़, ये स्वार्थी औद्योगिक क्रांतियां और पश्चिम की लालच से भरी इकोनॉमिक्स नीतियां संसार को अंत के मुहाने पर ले आयी हैं। अपने अहंकार, लालच, स्वयं को श्रेष्ठ सिद्ध करने की हठधर्मिता ने सब कुछ नष्ट कर देना है। बधाई तथा शुभकामनाएं।

मुझे लगता है यही सही समय है जब हम फिर से प्रकृति और वेदों की ओर लौटेंगे और फिर से उस स्वर्णिम युग के शुरुआत होगी जिसमें सोने की चिडीया और विश्व का गुरु कहे जाने वाले भारत का एक बार पुनः वर्चस्व स्थापित होगा। आइए हम सब लौट चलें अपने वेदों और सर्वांगीणता, विशालता, उदारता, प्रेम और सहिष्णुता की दृष्टि से अन्य संस्कृतियों की अपेक्षा अग्रणीय एवं सम्पन्न भारत की सांस्कृतिक की ओर।

भारतीय जो राजा बलि के वंशज और कर्ण के अनुयायी हैं, जो समाज सांसारिक वैभव को त्यागकर आंतरिक शांति की वकालत करता है, विश्व बंधुत्व की बात करता है, प्रकृति की हर वस्तु में और हर जीव में ईश्वर को देखता है पूजता है, ऐसे समाज के वजूद को दशकों तक नकार कर रखा। जिसका मन आया वही अश्वों पर सवार होकर चला आया , रोदने ,लूटने , मारने हम को। कोई विश्व विजेता बनने के लिए तक्षशिला को तोड़ कर चला गया, कोई सोने की चमक में अँधा होकर सोमनाथ लूट कर ले गया, तो किसी ने नालंदा की किताबो को जला गया, किसी ने शारदा पीठ टुकड़े टुकड़े कर दिया, तो किसी ने अपने झंडे को ऊंचा दिखाने के लिए विश्व कल्याण का केंद्र बने गुरुकुल परंपरा को ही नष्ट कर दिया।

मुझे यकीन है कि माँ भारती का आँचल फिर दुबारा दुनिया को छाँव देने योग्य होगा, भारत फिर विश्व गुरु बनेगा और सारी दुनिया की आत्मा के रूप में स्थापित होगा

वो दिन दूर नही जब हर बीमारी का मार्ग उन्ही नष्ट हुए हवन कुंडो से दुबारा निकलने लगेगा। जब लोग नीम और पीपल की छाँव को बेहतर मानने लगेगें। गाय की महिमा को स्वीकारेंगे जिसका वो उपहास उड़ाते थे। सब उन वेद पुराणों को पढ़ना शुरू करेंगे जिन को जाने वालों का कभी अट्टहास उड़ाया जाता था। फिर दुबारा चन्दन तुलसी को मष्तक पर धारण करना होगा।

ये प्रकृति का न्याय है और आपको स्वीकारना होगा।

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्त निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत्॥

“सभी सुखी होवें, सभी रोगमुक्त रहें, सभी मंगलमय घटनाओं के साक्षी बनें और किसी को भी दुःख का भागी न बनना पड़े।” ऐसी मेरी कामना है और प्रभु से प्रार्थना है।


आइए हम सब लौट चलें अपनी सभ्यता और संस्कृति की ओर और अपनाये अपने अपने पारम्परिक रीति-रिवाजों को जिन्हें अपनाकर हम अपना जीवन और अधिक सुखमय, स्वस्थ तथा सुंदर बना सकते हैं। 💐💐