So much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life…

I know that these Pandemic days have made every life boring to an extent. But at the same time there are people all around who are going through this phase very gracefully & smoothly. They are doing everything that they can do to make their life & world a little bit better. They are keeping themselves grounded & trying to keep it all balanced & have the belief that all things situations, obstacles & difficulties will finally work out favorably in the end.

But if you are feeling otherwise, unhappy, fatigued, depressed or lost in the sauce then I want you to leave everything & begin to find yourself, your focus, your inner strength, greatness, your inborn talents & optimism which will prove to be a worthy pilgrimage for you & your world. You have so much time right now. This inside journey will not leave any space for negative & pessimistic thoughts.

Rajesh Goyal Click

Let you constantly try to understand the messages, whispers & signals that you are receiving about living a life you are excited about – from your inside & universe. I mean it is time to understand & focus on your dreams, planning, learning, developing the required skills & each day taking at least one step (even if it is a baby step) toward the achievement of your ultimate goals.

Let me remind you that there is never a “right time” for you to achieve your goals & dreams. I mean you never will, by magic, get an extra time to do that thing that you have always wanted to do. Start now! Throw all your attention, energy & resources on this moment now. Believe in your dreams, plans, passions & do not let anything hold you anymore. Believe me, so much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life.

Be the author, not the reader, of your own life.

Paul Gibbons

Let you soon have plenty of reasons to celebrate with real smiles on every face. Stay Blessed 💐💐

May you experience a manifestation of your dreams & prayers this week!

As the New Week begins, let you realise that it could be your beginning also for so many things.

Today I wish to remind you that your attitude & thoughts influence your feelings & in turn determine how you perform, do your work & how you achieve fulfillment, happiness & success in days to come.

Let you try appreciating & making good use of whatever you have right now & what is working for you. I mean, you can solve all the challenges by taking stock of your resources & putting them to good use. Look for how you can adjust, revise, repair, re-prioritize. Find ways to do what’s proven to work into addressing what’s broken (the simple formula).

Remember, you still have so much untapped potential in you! Try doing more of those things that you’re truly capable of. Believe more in yourself! Let you try repeating, “It’s gonna be a great week” again & again!

Let you make 1 or 2 choices & decisions everyday to improve yourself. Also recognise & try leaving habits, priorities, routines & lifestyles that are not helping you to evolve.

I know It will not magically turnaround everything for you in a moment & make you completely awesome. But sometimes it is enough to be positive, cheerful & begin to put one foot in front of the other.

I wish something great will happen for you this week. Believe the directions, guidance & reassurance you are receiving from within & your Angels. Blessings 💐

ईश्वर और प्रार्थना

ईश्वर प्रेम, पवित्रता और आनन्द के रूप में सभी के ह्रदय में मौजूद है। जब आप इनकी पराकाष्ठा अपने भीतर या बाहर अनुभव करने लगते हैं तो इसका एक मतलब है ईश्वरत्व का अनुभव करना। 👑

ईश्वर का शुष्क चिंतन करके आप सिर्फ खुद को मूर्ख बनाते रहते हैं क्योंकि यदि आपको अत्यधिक क्रोध आता है, जलन की भावना रहती है, स्वार्थ पूर्ति का लालच रहता हैं, अहंकार है तो आप ईश्वर और प्रार्थना दोनो को ही समझ नही पाए हैं अभी तक। क्योंकि ईश्वर तो सूर्य के समान हैं। यदि सूर्य आपके जीवन मे उदय हो गया हैं तो फिर कोई अंधकार कैसे रह सकता है। सोचियेगा जरूर 🙏

सच्ची प्रार्थना और ईश्वर के प्रति प्रेम का मतलब है – सभी कार्य, शब्द, विचार उंनको समर्पित कर दिया जाना। सभी से बगैर किसी अपेक्षा के प्रेम करना, उनका आदर करना। किसीसे भी नफरत नही करना। किसी का अनादर नही करना। संतुष्ट रहना। प्रेम, सहनशीलता, सादगी के साथ जीवन का निर्वाह करना। साधारण अर्थ में, प्रार्थना अपने अन्तःकरण में समाहित दिव्यता और सद्गुणों को चैतन्य करना है।

आपके जीवन में सक्रियता, चैतन्यता और उद्यमिता बनी रहे और आपके संचित कर्म हर बीते हुए दिन के साथ मजबूत होते चले जायें जिससे आपको भगवत कृपा और परम आनन्द की जल्द ही प्राप्ति हो सके, ऎसी मेरी ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है। मंगल शुभकामनाएं। 💐💐

Lord Hanuman Ji

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.

There are many different interpretations right now, but my opinion is – we all are moving towards a better version of time. For sure! Soon time will change & everyone will make progress in terms of wellbeing.

Let me remind you that your total time here is limited, fleeting & precious. Stop wasting it. Stop being distracted, feeling unmotivated, worrying, regretting, sleeping & doing nothing with your present time.

You seriously have to decide what’s worthy of your time. Make good decisions & wise choices. Decide what you wish to squeeze into these precious days, because you don’t have many of them. Don’t allow yourself to live with no convictions, no victories, no unions, no heroism, no magnificence, no heartbeats for a day more.

One more thing, in these present days, I am reminded the most famous lines of the the first single the Eagles released in 1972 – “don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy“. How relevant it is, it means do not allow your thoughts, selfishness, ego or inactivity burden you. Let you remain balanced, healthy, joyful, have fun & constantly project positivity all around you.

Remember, just because you are struggling right now, it doesn’t mean at all that you are failing.

Feel more worthy. Feel more valuable. Feel extra special. Feel more blessed. Feel deserving of receiving the best. Believe me, It will soon happen for you in real. Stay Hopeful & Being Your Awesome Self 💐

The key to keep going & grow is in your pockets.

Let me remind you once again that every life is full of highs & lows, perceived as “good” & “bad”. Only difference is that successful people get themselves out of bad spots more quickly than anyone else. You too can learn how to adapt the situations & how to rapidly come out of these bad spots.

I repeat, no matter how much you try to avoid negative events, they always will find you & force you to soak in your own miseries, foolishness & think you don’t have what it takes to keep going. No. That is not true! The truth is that you’re radiant & skilled like any other superstar & hold so much wisdom in your heart. Please remind yourself frequently.

In trying to hold yourself, cope with whatever is happening to you, your biggest mistake can be thinking that someday it’ll be over & everything will just fall into your laps. The truth is things will never get easier & it is you always who have to find better ways in overcoming obstacles & learn to not dwell on them as much. So the key to keep going & grow is in your pockets. 🥂

Let you gather all the abilities, innate talents, wisdom to cut through all that holds you down, find emotional & physical balance, think more clearly & advocate for yourself so that you can take a course of action that makes sense & feel more in command of your life. 👑

Let every low, hardship & bad situation make you stronger & help you grow. Let the trying times motivate you to look within to empower yourself to take full control of your life to be your own hero, The Superstar. 🙏

Let your interpretations, thoughts, actions & reactions help you to rise up & overcome every situation so that you can celebrate your achievements more & more! Stay Blessed 💐

Kick The Person In Your Pants!

In these trying times of great chaos, disruption & slowdown, I wish to remind you to think positive, focus on the good things- however small, try finding humor & devote yourself to things that matters most to you — whether it is your family, your work, your mission, your embellishments, your faith or your passion regardless of what anyone else is doing.

Let you do not feel stuck because your life is just not moving forward as you wanted it to be. In case you are feeling lost & not too much in control at this point, remember this famous line… “This too shall pass”.

Let you kick the person in your pants & set fire to your old-self who has the habit of living on autopilot, who is letting days go by & stopping your real self from taking back your life’s control. Replace this old-self with someone who actually bring you more opportunities to create a new version of yourself & replace it with the one who take full responsibility for the quality of life you lead.

Let you push yourself more & more to actively create your life instead of watching passively from the sidelines. Let you believe in your own potential to overcome every challenge & emerge victorious always, no matter what your current circumstances are. Let you bounce back faster with more energy to living a fulfilling life.

Stay Inspired & Experience Immense Peace, Strength & Joy. Blessings 💐

Excel above your expectations!

Let you remind yourself that everything will soon fall into its own rightful place. Until then, laugh at all the confusions, live for the moments & know that everything happens for a reason.

Remember that you are never truly alone. Even when you feel alone & when life is not going your way, your Angels & Ancestors are standing with you. All you have to do is to learn to listen them & understand their direction, guidance, reassurance & encouragement.

You no longer need to anticipate only negative repercussions of your good thoughts & spellwork & holding yourself back from seizing more joyful & successful life unnecessarily.

As you step into this new week, let God help you to stay positive & committed to your goals & excel above your expectations. Blessings 💐💐

Trust the process, things are bound to unfold for you.

You seriously have to understand that your attitude, thoughts & action determine your path in life, your point of view, motivation, passion, your personality & ultimately effect your success, happiness & health.

It’s so easy to believe that everything is too hard & that you will never amount to anything. Let me remind you that that’s total crap!

Confining your abilities & potential to current circumstances have made you forget the unstoppable resilient spirit within you. Nothing is over. Don’t worry!

Your life won’t be like this forever. Things can change very quickly once you start believing in yourself & vibing higher. You must remind yourself immediately now that you are so much more than you think you can ever be.

Let you gather all the courage to spread your wings & try flying today. Repeat it tomorrow & then day after. Trust the process, things are bound to unfold for you.

Stay Amazingly Blessed! 💐

You don’t require extraordinary brilliance to achieve your Goals!

I know like everyone else, you too have many dreams, lofty goals, ambitions & aspirations. 👏

But the only missing key ingredient in your pursuit is – Action. 😰

You want to be a cook but you aren’t cooking. How do you get to achieve that?

The simple fact remains that, in life, we are not rewarded for what we know, but for what we do.


Let me remind you once again that action is the shortest path between where you are now & where you want to be.

Remember, most of the things you wish to pursue don’t require extraordinary brilliance or some special talent. In my views it is just your 100%, consistency & moving forward. It is the sum of all your creative expressions, acts, your passions, your beliefs & your choices.

It is simple words, put your self in gear, I mean in action mode, connect with people around you & universe will help you in finding ways to accomplish your goals.

Let God bless you far more abundantly than all you can ever ask or think as a reward to your wholehearted efforts, truthfulness, sociability, positive thoughts, courage & constancy.

Stay Blissful & Keep Doing What You Can! 💐

Stop taking your life, world & your talents for granted!

Remember that you have gained all that was meant for you, at least for now. This is the time when you should pull all of yourself to be there for yourself if you really need to do well & grow in life from here onwards.

You have to stop taking your life, your world & your inborn talents for granted. You are habitual of taking your own people, situations, events & everything in your life for granted. You need to work hard to gain & sustain what you already have. You must realize that, everything that is part of your life is a chain to take your life forward.

It is only when you begin considering your present as a blessing, the process of manifestations speeds up.

It is the time for you to expand into higher frequencies to attract things, situations & events that will bring you more & more joy, happiness, love, empowerment, freedom, success & peace in to your life & your world. Stay Blessed! 💐