Who you are is not who you have to be!

Believe me, it is the time to begin cleansing, releasing & resetting, clearing old energy out, starting fresh & reconnecting with yourself & your world. It’s time to forget what happened to you in 2020 & set intentions for the bright future in 2021.

I want you to realise that who you are or have been all these years, is not who you have to be. You are not any more resonating with your old reality. Trust the unfolding. Nothing is meant to stay the same, not even you.

Let you don’t limit your being by attaching to the old version of you. You really need to outgrow the old version of yourself. That should be your prime objective. Your main resolution for the New Year.

Remember, without a strong captain at the wheel, a ship will just surrender to the sea. Same has been your journey in life (I am talking in general sense). If you want to become a better person, a more fulfilled person, an overall happy person, a more fit & healthy person, a person with strong immune system & a successful person, you need to start taking the inspired action. Remember, without taking inspired actions, not much will happen, no matter who you are & where you are.

So this action, your inspired action, is the key for you to manifest your desires, dreams & should be your top priority if you want to attract your dream life & achieve everything you deserve & want in 2021.

This rightly bring me to the question so many ask me – What is Inspired action? I don’t want to go what coaches have been telling (just because their explanation is a bit complicated). My definition is – Activity (action) that brings incredible feeling of joy, positivity & experience, when while doing it, you feel that it is the right thing to do, is an inspired action.

Believe me it is up to us to notice or ignore. Otherwise Universe, by default, is continuously giving us enough signals, ideas, bringing right people, opportunities & possibilities into our lives, inspirations, dreams, moments of revelation & realizations that could inspire us to take the right action – inspired action.

It is not a trick… it is simple.

But in the end, I repeat, you have to act. Without your action, all these guidance, advices & signs of Universe are useless.

So, let you resolve to do & continue doing whatever brings you a bit more joy, bliss, happiness, excitement & real success. Start using your time & energy on things that matter you the most today & tomorrow.

Please resolve to use most of your time & energy in learning, unlearning, shedding, evolving & constantly becoming who you have to be in real sense.

For God sake, stop doing everything that move you away from your magnificent self, from your exceptional expressions & from the possibility of who you can become.

I promise – the person who you want to be is just around the corner.

I pray God to help you in recognising that you have everything you need within you to become what you should be & that you can easily grow into your greatest version with abundance of resources. Good luck!

Have a sparkling New Year! ❤️

New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How To Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

As December comes to a close, I wish you use these couple of days to expand your mind & elevate your spirit so that you can manifest & achieve everything you deserve in new year – 2021.

I know 2020 was a year of lessons after lessons. It’s not only you, but whole lot of world probably felt worn-out, washed out, collapsed, drained & stagnant in this year. But stay hopeful, COVID will be over very soon.

I want you to believe that you have all the resources, time, ability & potential to achieve anything you want in life & to make your world a much better place. Remind yourself that you are naturally & inherently blessed in so many ways.

Focus on the good that’s in your heart, the purity of your intentions & the light of your soul. Let your energy speak for itself.

I sincerely wish that you wake up to your potential in 2021 to create a life better than your wildest dreams.

I request you before anything you write about your goals, desires & wants, release all beliefs, routines, habits & activities that are blocking you from nurturing & taking care of yourself. For God sake, get rid of your bad thoughts, company, poor habits & begin to stay present more & more in present moment. Let you prevent ignorance & arrogance from knocking you out completely.

Now coming to the ritual of making new year resolutions once again just to forget it in less than a month 🤣

Nothing wrong about making new year resolutions. You can perfectly decide what you expect to become in new year & how this new year should lool like for you & your world. No harm in making yourself more clear on what is best & what you want from yourself in New Year.

With the long list of things you want to achieve, please also write down 2-3 corresponding actions you can do to bring you closer to all these wishes, resolutions & goals. If you don’t know what you want or what you must do, use Google to figure out what resolutions you should make & what actions you can take to fulfill those. Most likely someone has already written about it. Allow yourself be inspired by what others have already done.

Work toward your goals. It is only your consistent working toward your goals that will increases your chances of receiving what you deserve & want whether it is 2021 or 2022… 😁

Don’t forget to include in your resolution list:

  • to travel to places you never have been,
  • to explore newer side of you,
  • to start doing something as per your full potential,
  • to take that required leap & explore new options for you,
  • to start taking moderate risk,
  • to rekindle an old friendship/relationship before it’s too late,
  • Commit to getting in shape…

I pray God to let clarity enter your life. Let the peace of God surround you as 2020 turns to 2021. Let everything work out in your favor. Let your good thoughts, deeds & prayers heal & comfort your every pain. Let calmness be within you & love covers you in all the possible ways. Let all your wishes come true & you achieve everything you desire in 2021.

Good luck & Seasons Greetings ❤️


ईश्वर सर्वत्र व्याप्त है हम सभी ये जानते हैं, परन्तु यह जान लेना काफी नही है, इस जानकारी से उनकी प्राप्ति नहीं हो सकती है।

जब तक हम उस परमसत्ता से एकत्व का अनुभव नही करते हैं, जब तक हम इस बात को आत्मसात नही कर लेते हैं कि सभी मे परमात्मा का अंश उपस्थित है और जब तक हम इस परमतत्व को सहज स्वीकार नही करते हैं तब तक हमारे लिए परमात्मा को अनुभव करना या प्राप्त करना मुमकिन नही है।

हमे अपने भीतर देवत्व और दिव्यता को अवतरित करने का प्रयास करना, सभी मे मौजूद परमांश को लगातार नमस्कार करना, कृतार्थता का अनुभव करना, निरन्तर सत्कर्म करते रहना, अपने जीवन को उन्नत बनाते हुए आत्म-परमात्म-साक्षात्कार के पथ पर अग्रसर बनें रहना प्रार्थना है। हम में प्रेम, करुणा, शांति एवं प्रसन्नता का सहज बहते रहना ही शायद हमारे लिए प्रार्थना है।

मैं आज मेरे प्रभु से प्रार्थना करता हूँ कि आपका जीवन सदैव तनावरहित, अहंकाररहित, सुखमय, शांतिमय, आनन्दमय अर्थात् परमात्मामय बना रहे। आपकी उपस्थिति मात्र से सभी को बल, उत्साह, सांत्वना, सुख और ज्ञान मिलता रहे। आपके शुभ कार्यों, विचारों एवं दिव्य जीवन की सुहास से आपके आसपास का वातावरण भी सदैव पुलकित और भगवन्मय बना रहे। मंगल शुभकामनाएं 💐💐

Lord Hanuman Ji, Temple, CP, New Delhi, India

Hinduism is beyond human history!

This 25th December I asked why do we celebrate Christmas? My daughter said – because Jesus was born on this day some 2000 years ago in “snow” with “sheep grazing”. Merry Christmas!

Surprisingly not many knows that Hindus celebrate this day because holy book “Bhagavad Geeta” was narrated by “Lord Krishna” on a “horse-drawn chariot” to “Arjun” at a “battle field” some “5000 years” ago!

Hinduism is beyond human history! Proud of being a Hindu 🙏

Crossing my fingers for you! Go, Go, Go ❤️

Let 2021 be a year of rediscovering all the things you love & opening yourself up to new perspectives, new life experiences & a new world. 🤞🏼

I know you have felt lost & missed a sense of fulfillment in this year & chances are that you may have also felt like a victim of the forces in your life. You are not alone.

I agree Covid was one big reason for the problems that our world is facing. But I am of the opinion that this year has taught whole lot of people that one has to be always prepared for the unexpected.

It is a great time to think about where you want to take yourself in 2021 & beyond. If you’re committed to change your life & something in world for the better & dedicated to achieving your dreams, hopes & wishes, then you have to change your habits, focus, routine, priorities & perspectives in the New Year. You will prevail.

You need to strengthen your connection with your “true self” – your real purpose, talents & potential. Let me remind you that you need to have a greater sense of inner well-being to find direction for achieving personal fulfillment, real happiness & the grand success, you always wish for.

You can choose to open a door to a new aspect of yourself. It is only upto you.

Let you turn the corner & keep driving forward. Let you begin to focus your efforts on smaller low-cost & low-risk solutions that slowly but surely move you toward success.

Let you be able to pocket BIG wins. Let you score incremental & laudable successes in everything you choose to think & do in the coming year.

Let you always have a positive mindset no matter what kind of challenges you had. Remind yourself again & again that your real power is in your attention & what you give your energy to. Let you begin to only focus on what you want to experience & achieve. Let you learn to remain calm, centered & at peace throughout everything.

Let you also begin to notice your reactions to events, situations & circumstances. If you want to feel more fulfilled in your life, it’s essential to recognize those actions that make you feel fulfilled & that you pursue them.

Let you constantly promote positive lifestyles amongst all your peers & never believe in any depressed narrative.

Let your presence be a constant source of love, humour, motivation & a shining light in an increasingly dark world. Let your witty banter & exchanges make this world a much better place.

I sincerely hope that 2021 be filled with health, happiness, opportunities, smiles, successes & many bigger wins for all of us! Let the love for the people you hold dearest grow stronger.

Good luck & Good Wishes 💐💐

Every part of you is Mystical, Magnificent & Great.

On this Christmas, I give you the gift of knowing that – You are the best present anyone could ask for. You are Important. You are Not Alone. You are Good Enough. You are suitably Gifted. You hold a special place in Universe. You are not Late. You are Worthy, Deserving & You Matter.

Remember – You have always had all this within you. It’s time to Embrace yourself Fully.

I want you to live more fully the way that God has asked you to live & start enjoying the blessings that come from doing so.

I am repeating this because I know that this can be really hard to accept for so many (may be for you even). I know when you look around at the world, you see all these people who are held up as very important & Oh-So-Big, you begin to think that you are insignificant. This is not true!

You are capable of finding, creating & walking any chosen path in life you might desire. You deserve to be happy, healthy, fulfilled, magnificent & successful. There is nothing you are not worthy of making for your life.

Remember – This Universe is abundant. The lack, mediocrity or scarcity is a bluff designed by those who have achieved everything in life but do not want others to achieve all that. You don’t need to believe that!

Rising up into your true Greatness & Creating the Life You Want is only up to you.

Isn’t it great to remind yourself that you are worthy of making your life what you want it to be? Isn’t it wonderful that your successes do not depend on anyone else?

This brings me to my today’s suggestion – begin doing one different thing from this New Year which possibly you didn’t in 2020: Take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life including what you do & what you don’t. Take first step in the right direction asap & then in some time achieve a high speed to keep moving you forward faster. That’s it! 🏃

Believe you me, once you start the process you’ll discover it is much easier to get what you want by just taking control of your thoughts, behaviours, your actions & reactions.

I pray God to grant you everything you deserve & want — not just a generic successful life, but your unique badass life in the coming New Year.

I wish you & your world the most wonderful Christmas, full of kindness, cheers & love. Stay Blessed 💐💐

Time To Stop Existing & Start Living!

Are you dreaming of a better life every night, but never consider it a real possibility. Is your life passing you by every day & you have nothing great to say, read, write or do? You don’t have meaningful interests to pursue? 🤔

I know it very well that so many have gone through this year, 2020 without having done anything great, without having really lived life. 😥

I also know that you are going through life on autopilot i.e. going through the motions & having each day pass like the one before it.

You are not alone. Many people are in existing mode & they are not living.

I am sure you must have traveled by train & engine pulling coaches (bogies). Bogies move because they have no choice. They are pulled forcefully by the engine. Are you a bogie or an engine. Answer yourself in private.

So many have simple formula, continuously live an average life without trying to do something extraordinary & keep blaming everything for what they are in. That’s so stupid! 🤣

Remember life is meant to be lived wholeheartedly & very few actually live life to its potential. You can’t forever live in a dark shadow of what your life could be – not atleast while you don’t even consider what your life could be.

You don’t need to look at sky & the God for the answers.

When you choose to “live” rather than “exist,” you need to look at your life from a completely different perspective. That’s it!

There can be so many ways to start living a life you actually deserve. There is so much on Google. But having coached all my life, I can tell you that you can begin to live a dream life by believing firmly that you deserve a life filled with abundance, happiness, freedom & whatever else you desire. Remind yourself this everyday.

Tell yourself today that you deserve Much More, Greatness & Extraordinary Life. You Deserve Success. 🙋

Abandon the mindset of – what this world has for you & instead adopt a mindset – what you have to offer the world… Build A Craftsman Attitude.

I mean – Build things & watch them grow. Choose to develop your skills, products & abilities that benefit the lives of others.

I agree that it’s far easier to be told how to live than to decide how to live. But there is no alternative. You don’t have a choice. That’s the way.

You have to find out – What you want, Own yourself. Be yourself, Take control of your reality, Challenge yourself. No one else is going to push you, so it’s up to you to do it. 🙏

You have to remind yourself that you are not living your life fully because of you. The only thing holding you back from doing something truly amazing is you. If you want to achieve a life you actually deserve, don’t just talk about it, just go do something great today. Take charge of your life today. If you’re unsatisfied with the present, do something different — your life won’t change unless you create the change.

In last, wish to repeat, meaning of life is growing your consciousness & living your life enthusiastically, wholeheartedly with positive mental attitude.

I wish that this write-up gives you a required kick in the butt to start living instead of merely existing. Let this New Year be the year to make the most of your life. 🤞🏼


Good luck & Season’s Greetings❤️

Have you prioritized your most authentic dreams, goals, wishes, desires & needs?

It’s the New Year next week. Yes that’s true. But nothing is going to change automatically in 2021 unless you start addressing the things that have been bothering you or holding you stuck. 🙋

Your level of health, enlightenment, contentment, happiness & growth will not rise until you start understanding the truth – that you can rise your levels only by always being your best self & doing the best you can, with what you have & where you are, no matter what. Level up means doing & trying earnestly. It is all about reaching for the highest that is in you & becoming all that you can be, everyday. You can! 🤞🏼

Let you also use this week to release your fears, doubts, lostness, disappointments, hesitations & weaknesses. Let you start overlooking your limiting opinions & beliefs. Believe you me, you have everything within you to create an incredible life – the life you deserve!

I want you to begin prioritizing your most authentic dreams, goals, wishes, desires & needs. Figure out what matters most to you & what is applicable to your life. Start focusing on these & start doing what you should.

That also means – you need to stop wasting your time, energy & resources on activities that do not contribute to your greatest success, happiness or keep you from moving forward & growing.

One more thing, also use these days to decide firmly that you will not try to prove that you are right always & will not want to appear better than others. You can’t be! That’s pretty illogical & stupid. Don’t allow your ego to obstruct your growth, expansion, success & peace within your relationships unnecessarily.

Please think & decide not to bring any ill feelings towards anyone, in to this Next Year. Let you wish everyone in your circle to be more bigger & successful than you because not everyone is thinking it that way.

If you take my advices sincerely, I’m sure you’ll lead a full, blissful, meaningful & successful life in 2021.

Good Luck & Good Wishes ❤️❤️

Common practices that successful people exhibit. Copy them to achieve anything you want in your life!

I know for sure like everyone else, you too want to make your life most beautiful, successful & meaningful, wish to accomplish great things, build stronger self-awareness & connections, embrace greater empowerment & want to have all the fun & feel more alive en route. 🥂

Yet so many haven’t created the life they want as of yet. They are still complaining that they don’t have enough money, love, fulfilment, success, contentment or joy in their lives. They are saying they don’t feel too much alive. They are pointing fingers & blaming outside problems that “happens” to them & making life more difficult. Corona year 2020 is going to be another big reason for all of them. 🤣

But I wish to remind once again that we all have the ability to create the life we want regardless of any personal circumstances, pandemic, economic crisis & access to resources. You are more powerful than you think, you are sufficiently blessed & have number of inborn talents. Remember that Greatness exists in all of us. It is simply up to us to pull it out of ourselves.

Keep Discovering Your Power, Potential & Possibilities. 💪

Though there is no single formula or hack or shortcut to make you achieve all that you want (atleast I don’t claim to have), but there are certain common practices that successful people exhibit & that you too can practice. Believe me, if you eagerly & honestly try to copy these in your daily life, can rally your expansion, growth, your success & help you attract whatever you want in life. 🤞🏼

I am also sure you won’t find a single high achiever who are not practicing these in one or another in their daily lives.

  • They don’t align & adapt to the lowest common denominator of behaviours/ habits/ efforts easily available around them in surroundings. It’s important that you stay conscious so that you can choose otherwise. Keep rising in whatever way you can, regardless of your environment & circumstances.
  • They don’t live in a state of constant fear, anxiety, stress, fretting & overthinking every little thing that they do. Stop focusing on negative thoughts.
  • They don’t waste their time, energy & resources on things that doesn’t matter to them. Get rid of your Distractions. Meaningless things & distractions will always be in your way, especially those easy, usual things you would rather do instead of focusing on real things to do. Learn to focus on what is the most important.
  • They always deliver Promise & Value. Remember Success in life, in whatever area you’re speaking about, is about delivering the VALUE & whoever delivers the most value in the world, are the ones who can achieve anything they want.
  • Commit to living a Value-Driven Life & don’t look here & there for shortcuts or underhanded strategies that will help you to advance at the expense of others.
  • Their Commitment & Consistency keep the momentum of their journey. You also have to remain responsible & accountable.
  • Remind yourself again & again What You Want & Why You Want It.
  • Create & follow a massive action plan. Remember, one of the biggest things holding most of us back from achieving what we want is the necessity to take massive Action on a Consistent Basis.
  • All the successful have the unfettered & unwavering belief that they can achieve anything they want in life. It is a fundamental tenet to fulfilling your deepest desires & dreams. Believe that you are destined to attain greater things, is one of the most crucial determining factors in your ability to do so.

While these habits, practices, rules & tips might seem simple at the outset, they involve a completely revamped way of your thinking & living. Any further delay will delay your achieving the things you want out of life. I sincerely request you to take them seriously & commit to putting the necessary time, energy & effort to see things through. I promise, you can achieve even the loftiest goals that you set for yourself in the upcoming year 2021.

I wish you a lot of success, happiness & long healthy life. Stay blessed ❤️