Focus on the Abundance, not on the Lack!

Not only you but much of the whole world enjoy this poor scarcity mentality. They continue to remind themselves that there is a lack in life, that opportunities are few & that their present life is not good. This feeling is always fueled by the present economy, web world & society that continue to prosper only by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people (always selling something).

Continuous focus on lack is quite painful & create a lot of unnecessary fear, anxiety & desperation. An abundance mentality, on the other hand, tells you that there are always ample chances & opportunities for everyone & everything. Believe me you do not have one shot only. Remind & reassure yourself that you can play as much as you want without any pressure, anxiety & fear.

From today onwards allow yourself to see the abundance in your world which perhaps is missing right now. For instance, if you are thinking to achieve something (fitness, success, long term prosperity, energy, love or anything for that matter), then don’t focus on something you lack right now. Focus & think about the abundance of possibilities in the world to make it happen & to achieve that. Soon ideas & opportunities to make that happen will start to “pop up” in your mind & world. You will see how everything including all the solutions, people & resources that have been always there in the background for quite a while just jump out at you. Try this for sometime.

It is truly said that what you focus on, you will see in your world (When you focus on what you lack, you only create more lack. It’s the law of attraction).

Remember that this universe photocopies your intentions, thoughts, words, actions & sends them back to you as your next experience.

Therefore stop spending your life with no goal, purpose or mission. Find motivation to seize everyday. You have the power to write your destiny.

Let you begin to do something important each day. Do something for your mind, body, soul & your world every day. Get some more air, light & space. Let you walk, write, learn, dance, paint, stretch, cook & most importantly laugh with your friends & family. I also recommend you to use this time to make yourself more happy, healthy & thriving by adopting some new habits, routines & techniques that work for you.

Let you begin to attend to all of yourself on a daily basis.

Let God bless you far more abundantly than all you can ever ask or think. Stay Safe & Sound 💐💐

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