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Have a Great Week Ahead!

In the midst of all the chilliness, chaos & insensibility, let you find some warmth, stability & something certain to hold on to. Let this new week drive all the clouds of uncertainties away & fill your heart with the fire of confidence, motivation… Continue Reading “Have a Great Week Ahead!”

Mastery will soon replace the Amatureness.

Today this post is for the people who don’t stick to what they really want & somehow follow other’s ideas of life. If you are the one who is not living your life, then go ahead & read full article. I guarantee – It… Continue Reading “Mastery will soon replace the Amatureness.”

Step out of your ruts to grow in life!

It seems strange to write this, but If you think you are not exactly where you want to be & have started feeling deeply uncomfortable for being where you are now or with your overindulgence or your current life, then I must tell you… Continue Reading “Step out of your ruts to grow in life!”

Stop making your life a mess!

Life is, in fact, a very simple thing but we make it complicated, a mess & perhaps ruin it completely with our efforts. Stop working hard to make your life mishmash & miserable. 🤣 Like you, I know for sure that there are so… Continue Reading “Stop making your life a mess!”

Don’t Take The Phishing Baits!

Remind yourself once again that you have to constantly flow through all the chaos, mess, nonsense & worldly distractions. You need to stay committed to your own plans, dreams & chosen path. You need to stay connected with Universe, your essence & what you… Continue Reading “Don’t Take The Phishing Baits!”

Can you find something good in this day & make the most of it?

Do you sometime wonder why they call your present – The Present? Because every day you have on this planet is truly a gift for you & your world. Each morning you should take as the most previous gift & never take it for… Continue Reading “Can you find something good in this day & make the most of it?”

Can you summon your greatest allies.. your warriors?

I am sure you know that there is a secret internal warrior, hero or heroine with in all of us who is fearless, invincible, tremendously powerful, resilient, courageous & proactive. I am talking about your own spirit, your endorphins & your own inner core… Continue Reading “Can you summon your greatest allies.. your warriors?”

Can you claim that you have achieved all that you are capable of?

Today I wish to remind you that it seriously doesn’t matter who we are or where we are… we all want the same thing: to reach to our full potential. This the greatest challenge today. Each of us has so much potential but only… Continue Reading “Can you claim that you have achieved all that you are capable of?”


परमात्मा इस धरती के हर कण में समाया हुआ है और जिनकी श्रद्धा होती है उंनको चारों तरफ परमात्मा और उनकी अलौकिक शक्तियां नजर भी आती है। परमात्मा की हर पल में अनुभूति करना, सदैव आनंदित रहना और छोटी-छोटी खुशियाँ में भी असीम प्रसन्नता… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”

Awaken yourself – Awaken Yourself from within!

Today I wish to remind you that you need to know more about yourself than others. You need to awaken yourself – awaken yourself from within. If you begin to explore the person you see in mirror everyday, know more about your strengths, recognise… Continue Reading “Awaken yourself – Awaken Yourself from within!”