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Attracting Good luck is possible!

I wish to remind you once again that you have sufficient gifted capabilities & strengths to attract better & greater. You just need to take care of your attitude, choices, daily practices & thought process. I am sure you must be knowing someone who… Continue Reading “Attracting Good luck is possible!”

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

Let me remind you that you are destined for greatness & success. You are intelligent, confident & beautiful beyond compare. You are so loved & special. You deserve every single finer thing in life & I am sure whatever you ask for, you shall… Continue Reading “There’s nothing you can’t accomplish!”

Have a Great Week Ahead!

In the midst of all the chilliness, chaos & insensibility, let you find some warmth, stability & something certain to hold on to. Let this new week drive all the clouds of uncertainties away & fill your heart with the fire of confidence, motivation… Continue Reading “Have a Great Week Ahead!”

Kick The Person In Your Pants!

In these trying times of great chaos, disruption & slowdown, I wish to remind you to think positive, focus on the good things- however small, try finding humor & devote yourself to things that matters most to you — whether it is your family,… Continue Reading “Kick The Person In Your Pants!”

Excel above your expectations!

Let you remind yourself that everything will soon fall into its own rightful place. Until then, laugh at all the confusions, live for the moments & know that everything happens for a reason. Remember that you are never truly alone. Even when you feel… Continue Reading “Excel above your expectations!”

Trust the process, things are bound to unfold for you.

You seriously have to understand that your attitude, thoughts & action determine your path in life, your point of view, motivation, passion, your personality & ultimately effect your success, happiness & health. It’s so easy to believe that everything is too hard & that… Continue Reading “Trust the process, things are bound to unfold for you.”

You don’t require extraordinary brilliance to achieve your Goals!

I know like everyone else, you too have many dreams, lofty goals, ambitions & aspirations. 👏 But the only missing key ingredient in your pursuit is – Action. 😰 You want to be a cook but you aren’t cooking. How do you get to… Continue Reading “You don’t require extraordinary brilliance to achieve your Goals!”

How to achieve greater sense of well-being & happiness?

If you want ‘more’ of abundance, happiness, peace, success, contentment or anything else in your life, then maybe it’s time to try doing something different or it’s time to do things differently. The truth is YOU have the power to make things happen in… Continue Reading “How to achieve greater sense of well-being & happiness?”

End this week with greater joy than you have started it!

As you step into this new week, let you reconnect with your your true self, dreams & jumpstart your personal transformation. I know the fact that most of us always have big dreams. But somewhere along the way, we loose the sight of them.… Continue Reading “End this week with greater joy than you have started it!”

हर क्षण का एक मोल है और आपका हर पल अनमोल है।

क्या आप इस पल में कुछ खास होने की प्रतीक्षा कर रहे हैं, कोई विशेष लक्ष्य पूरा होने की, कुछ खास कहने की या सुनने की, अपनी किसी भूल को सुधारने की या किसी पछतावे के अलोप होने की…. नही यह क्षण प्रतीक्षा के… Continue Reading “हर क्षण का एक मोल है और आपका हर पल अनमोल है।”