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Are you becoming the kind of person you hate to be?

Today I wish to remind you that every choice that you make, every action you take & every reaction that you make today must help you to become a person you wish to become & not otherwise. Be cautious 🙏 I am sure you… Continue Reading “Are you becoming the kind of person you hate to be?”


हमारी मान्यता ये है की हम सब उस परमब्रह्म ईश्वर की रची रचना हैं और अगर हम उनकी रचना हैं तो स्वभाविक है कि उनका कुछ अंश तो हम सब में ज़रूर होगा। उनकी तरह पूरे ब्रह्मांड को ना सही, कम से कम स्वयं… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”

🙏 प्रार्थना 🙏

असल मे तो आनन्द ही परमात्मा का स्वरूप है और चारों तरफ, बाहर-भीतर आनन्द-ही-आनन्द भरा हुआ है। सारे संसार में आनन्द छाया हुआ है। यदि आपको जीवन मे इस आनंद का अनुभव नही हो पा रहा है तो सचमुच कुछ कमी है। हम सब… Continue Reading “🙏 प्रार्थना 🙏”

Where focus goes, energy flows..

In fact today it it is all about our attention, focus & concentration. The real power. But the sad part is that most of us have become accustomed to placing our precious attention on the wrong things – on what’s not working, on our… Continue Reading “Where focus goes, energy flows..”

When staying positive is tough..

Today it is for those who are thinking that staying positive is tough in current situation. Obviously your positivity, enthusiasm, energy, patience & your faith start dissipating when you are bombarded with a sequence of negativity & disappointments. And the truth is once your… Continue Reading “When staying positive is tough..”

Shift Your Focus and Concentration!

Let me remind you that if you remain hypercritical, pessimistic, negative, depressed & vibe lower than you should, how can you expect good things to come your way. It’s a hard pill to swallow but the energy you put out is the energy you… Continue Reading “Shift Your Focus and Concentration!”


आज पहली बात तो ये की देवताओँ और असुरों का अलग कोई अस्तित्व नहीं है। एक ही व्यक्ति में दोनों मौजूद हैं। आप का बेवजह क्रोध, घृणा, ईर्ष्या, या किसी के खिलाफ लगातार नाराजगी, अनिवार्य रूप से आपके असुरत्व को प्रगट करता है और… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”

So much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life…

I know that these Pandemic days have made every life boring to an extent. But at the same time there are people all around who are going through this phase very gracefully & smoothly. They are doing everything that they can do to make… Continue Reading “So much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life…”

May you experience a manifestation of your dreams & prayers this week!

As the New Week begins, let you realise that it could be your beginning also for so many things. Today I wish to remind you that your attitude & thoughts influence your feelings & in turn determine how you perform, do your work &… Continue Reading “May you experience a manifestation of your dreams & prayers this week!”

Kick The Person In Your Pants!

In these trying times of great chaos, disruption & slowdown, I wish to remind you to think positive, focus on the good things- however small, try finding humor & devote yourself to things that matters most to you — whether it is your family,… Continue Reading “Kick The Person In Your Pants!”