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May your decisions reflect your hopes not your fears!

Today I want to tell you that – never ever make decisions based on your fears or atleast not when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy or disconnected. Believe you me – when you are feeling blue, miserable, scared, anxious or pissed, then you… Continue Reading “May your decisions reflect your hopes not your fears!”

Attracting Good luck is possible!

I wish to remind you once again that you have sufficient gifted capabilities & strengths to attract better & greater. You just need to take care of your attitude, choices, daily practices & thought process. I am sure you must be knowing someone who… Continue Reading “Attracting Good luck is possible!”

खुद पर और अपने ईश्वर पर विश्वास रखें

रात के ढाई बजे था, एक सेठ को नींद नहीं आ रही थी । वह घर में चक्कर पर चक्कर लगाये जा रहा था। पर चैन नहीं पड़ रहा था । आखिर थक कर नीचे उतर आया और कार निकाली। शहर की सड़कों पर… Continue Reading “खुद पर और अपने ईश्वर पर विश्वास रखें”

You Owe Yourself Greatness!

Today let me tell you – magnificence, honour, laudation, success & greatness is available for YOU! But you are avoiding it bcoz you know that it will require consistent hard work, dedication & living up to an elevated standard. Stop fooling & holding yourself!… Continue Reading “You Owe Yourself Greatness!”

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

Let me remind you that you are destined for greatness & success. You are intelligent, confident & beautiful beyond compare. You are so loved & special. You deserve every single finer thing in life & I am sure whatever you ask for, you shall… Continue Reading “There’s nothing you can’t accomplish!”

Your future self is waiting for you..

I know that you wish to make a better you. But, do you really know – what does it mean to be better? No, I don’t think you genuinely know what it means to be a better & greater you. You really don’t know… Continue Reading “Your future self is waiting for you..”

Are you doing the things you know you need to be doing right now?

I am sure you know that every action you take has consequences & it’s impossible for anyone to escape those consequences. But that’s not the whole point today. What I am saying is – DO you know the consequences of Not Doing, Not Moving…… Continue Reading “Are you doing the things you know you need to be doing right now?”

It’s Time to Be the Extraordinary Person You Were Born to Be..

My sincere request today is to make yourself count, commit yourself & begin to reclaim your life & begin to give ample opportunities to make your family & community proud of you. I hope that very soon you become the one that makes a… Continue Reading “It’s Time to Be the Extraordinary Person You Were Born to Be..”

Nothing will fall from sky right into your lap automatically!

Someone yesterday asked me that why she is not getting success? why she is not achieving satisfaction & fulfillment in life? Why she doesn’t feel the motivation to do anything about it. Why her problems are not getting solved at first place? Why she… Continue Reading “Nothing will fall from sky right into your lap automatically!”

It’s okay if, for the time being, you don’t know what you want to do in life.

I want you to consider yourself as Usain Bolt, Dara Singh, Harish Salve, Einstein, a Warren Buffett or as simple as a Wrestler, whom God has sent with almost all the required capabilities, talents & spirit, so that you can become an olympic class… Continue Reading “It’s okay if, for the time being, you don’t know what you want to do in life.”