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You Too Can Build A Ladder To Stars.

I have firm belief that it’s quite possible for any ordinary person to become an extraordinary person, The Legend. Believe me, You Will. The author of “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.” says Steve spent the summer of 1985 in a “midlife crisis” trying… Continue Reading “You Too Can Build A Ladder To Stars.”

मैं न होता, तो क्या होता?

“अशोक वाटिका” में जिस समय रावण क्रोध में भरकर, तलवार लेकर, सीता माँ को मारने के लिए दौड़ पड़ा, तब हनुमान जी को लगा, कि इसकी तलवार छीन कर, इसका सर काट लेना चाहिये। ये सुंदर कांड से लिया गया प्रसंग है। किन्तु, अगले… Continue Reading “मैं न होता, तो क्या होता?”

Step out of your ruts to grow in life!

It seems strange to write this, but If you think you are not exactly where you want to be & have started feeling deeply uncomfortable for being where you are now or with your overindulgence or your current life, then I must tell you… Continue Reading “Step out of your ruts to grow in life!”

Happy New Week

Let the new week drive all the clouds of doubts, uncertainties & uneasiness away & fill your heart with the fire of confidence. Let you receive insight that brings you clarity, peace of mind & hopes that things will surely get much better. Let… Continue Reading “Happy New Week”


हमारे वेद बताते हैं कि सच्चिदानन्द ईश्वर तो आकार से रहित निराकार है। ईश्वर के असली रूप की कल्पना ही नहीं की जा सकती है। कम से कम हम जैसे साधारण बुद्धि वाले मनुष्य तो नही कर सकते हैं। इसलिए हम अपनी अपनी कल्पना… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”

Moving Into Your Real Magnificence!

It is not God & this Universe who is pushing you towards meagerness, non-existence, unimportance or failures. No, not at all. Please stop blaming 🙏 Truth is – It is you who are standing in the way of your own success, greatness & happiness.… Continue Reading “Moving Into Your Real Magnificence!”

You attract how you react & whatever you give your attention, time & energy to.

What if instead of asking “How are you” we begin to ask “How are you receiving” ? I mean you can begin to ask what are you doing to attract bigger & better things into your life, abundance, prosperity, fulfilling relationships, solutions to your… Continue Reading “You attract how you react & whatever you give your attention, time & energy to.”

How to Be Successful in 2021 & Get Everything You Want In Life!

Have you downloaded every million dollar idea, trick or hack you can find & you are still not where you want to be? You have a feeling that you are working at an incredible pace & intensity, but making very little progress. Wondering why?… Continue Reading “How to Be Successful in 2021 & Get Everything You Want In Life!”

How to keep & achieve your new year’s resolutions?

It is the eleventh day of the new year. I am sure by now you must have started working on your resolves that you made a night before the New Year 2021. 🤗 I hope you remember your New Year’s Resolutions for this year.… Continue Reading “How to keep & achieve your new year’s resolutions?”


क्या आप सचमुच ये मानते हैं कि – हम सब मे ईश्वरीय अंश है? या ये मानते हैं कि – वे सिर्फ इस सृष्टि का कोई अज्ञात स्रोत या संचालक हैं और जब चाहे किसी को बना और बिगाड़ सकते हैं? अगर इसी कुछ… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”