Hrithik Roshan’s Note!

All of us make mistakes in life. All of us become selfish, impatient, insecure, out of mind, out of control & at times very difficult to handle.

Darling listen – You need to learn to Own Your Shit – acknowledge your misconduct or mistakes, learn & move on. The real sin is ignoring your wrongdoings, repeating your mistakes & the worst is – seeking to hide them.

Always remember – each of us have to face the consequences of what we have done – good or bad, no matter who we are & no matter where we have come from.

With this, today, I wish to appreciate the motivating note written by Hrithik Roshan for the kid in news.

Let me tell you all that I read it from a Father’s perspective. Believe me advising someone to stay strong in tough times or standing with your world in clouds is not justifying their misdoings. No, not at all. Showing support & justifying are two different things.

I want you to also share your messages loudly because someone is waiting to hear your inspiring words, thoughts & theories badly. Let you also begin to share your brightness to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life.

Stay Positive, Encouraging, Supportive & Be a Blessing!

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