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Be A Blessing!

मेरा मानना है कि अगर आप अपने जीवन को असीमित रूप से धन्य, सौभाग्यवान और आनंदप्रद बनाना चाहते हैं तो आप को दूसरों के लिये भी एक आशीर्वाद और शुभकामना बनना पड़ेगा। हम स्वयं को चाहे कितना ही कमज़ोर, अधम, निर्बल या महत्त्वहीन समझते… Continue Reading “Be A Blessing!”

Little Changes In Focus & Big Results!

Let me remind you with genuine focus, you can get more things done in the next six months than you did in the last three years. Darling listen – it is not your ability, potential & talents that are holding you from creating amazing… Continue Reading “Little Changes In Focus & Big Results!”

What It Means to Be Your Best Self & How to Get There!

Being your trueself means – being aware of your own biases, lies, tricks, thickness, inertia, impulsiveness & haughtiness along with your strengths & goodness. Darling listen – one way of becoming the ‘best you can be’ is to build on your strengths & continuously… Continue Reading “What It Means to Be Your Best Self & How to Get There!”

Are you afraid of painting? start painting with the white atleast!

It is said that – more you find out who you are in reality, more unbearable it becomes to be who you are not. You have to stop living unconsciously, as if you have all the time in the world. This is the best… Continue Reading “Are you afraid of painting? start painting with the white atleast!”

Focus on a new level of success, happiness & health.

Today I wish to remind you that you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to & achieve anything you want in life! The question is WILL you? Truth is – There are no restrictions here. The only limits are those that… Continue Reading “Focus on a new level of success, happiness & health.”

Kick The Person In Your Pants!

In these trying times of great chaos, disruption & slowdown, I wish to remind you to think positive, focus on the good things- however small, try finding humor & devote yourself to things that matters most to you — whether it is your family,… Continue Reading “Kick The Person In Your Pants!”

Stop taking your life, world & your talents for granted!

Remember that you have gained all that was meant for you, at least for now. This is the time when you should pull all of yourself to be there for yourself if you really need to do well & grow in life from here… Continue Reading “Stop taking your life, world & your talents for granted!”

Universe Is On Your Side!

Today I want you to believe that this Universe is ‘friendly’ to you, no matter what. That everything, every situation or circumstance is in your best interests. Since my grandma days I have been hearing this & like everyone else, had so many of… Continue Reading “Universe Is On Your Side!”

Your “Right Now” is Important!

Yesterday my Son, Aashish said something beautiful that made me to write this thought today – Things that happened.. happened & things that haven’t, may or may not. This brings me to this excellent thought – all we have, is all we need today,… Continue Reading “Your “Right Now” is Important!”

Today, your chances of winning the match are more than yesterday.

I see people of all ages spending hours & hours playing the famous game PUBG. When Mohak babu yesterday said that people who play games should have more smartness & finesse, made me to think that yes, that’s true.. because this game is all… Continue Reading “Today, your chances of winning the match are more than yesterday.”