Are you afraid of painting? start painting with the white atleast!

It is said that – more you find out who you are in reality, more unbearable it becomes to be who you are not.

You have to stop living unconsciously, as if you have all the time in the world. This is the best tip I can give you today.

I can’t tell you what your next action should be, but all I can say is – start the action. The moment you begin, universe will begin to orchestrate the details for you. Always remember, most of the time things work out in perfect order.

Great painters when start painting do not have a complete picture in mind. Not everyone knows in the beginning what completed picture would look like. They start throwing the paint on the canvas to slowly find out that it is not what they want. That’s how they actually start finding what it should be – a great piece of art.

Start painting with the white atleast. Don’t be afraid of painting (making a start & then moving forward). The future is bright. Things & path will reveal by default.

I am sure you are tired of delaying & wasting your time & energy. I know a deep desire of doing something meaningful now is becoming forceful in you. I know that a need to activate yourself & to start something is becoming serious & compelling.

One more piece – Don’t let your laziness, hesitation & uncertainty stop you from doing things that you know you must do. Pick anything & get started. Just take one small step today.

I today will pray that you gracefully find who you are not, who you deserve to be or who you can or should be & that you find courage to begin from where you are with whatever little knowledge, sources & idea you have.

I repeat – you may not be as experienced, as well funded, as well connected or as talented as you think you should be, but you can always outthink, outhustle & outdo your former self to be a little bit better today than the person you were yesterday, last week or last year. That’s the game!

The future is bright & beautiful. I promise!

Good luck and tons of best wishes. Let all the coming days of your life be filled with God’s divine favours & abundant blessings🙏

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