Your “Right Now” is Important!

Yesterday my Son, Aashish said something beautiful that made me to write this thought today – Things that happened.. happened & things that haven’t, may or may not.

This brings me to this excellent thought – all we have, is all we need today, everything else is extra, a desire or a craving that is not so important as far as today’s fun or fulfillment is concerned.

Remember not to let the unhealthy parts of your egos, greed, resentments, comparisons, hypocrisies & unnecessary burdens overshadow the beauty of your “right now” & kill all the fun you can have today. So much warmth, love, empathy, care & help is available to you that you can’t even imagine. Don’t let anything disturb you, frighten you or drown you.

I do not know if you could understand what I am trying to say.

Let me put it like this – As long as we can think, smile & breathe in the present moment, everything is okay. We are still alive & being alive is just as important & fulfilling as success or fame or respect is mind-blowing to most of us. 🥂

But, I am not saying that become contented with who you are today, all I am saying is that do not place your peace & happiness in the unsteady hands of the future & others, place them at your feet & move forward. You’ll make progress. After all, why will you not? You’re talented, capable, clever, tenacious & driven. Of course you’ll be better, more, farther along one day. ✌️

Let you constantly use what you have – your knowledge, resources, relationships, skills & your potential to figure out what you should do to become your greater version, to throw all the mess out, to organize your life, so on & so on. I am saying that being enough doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t press forward. My belief & my experience is that as you work diligently with what you have patiently & honestly, more is added unto it, naturally.

Stay Polite, Grounded, Strong-minded & Strong-willed! Blessings 💐💐

Let us keep this topic going: add your brilliant thoughts here in the comments. Feel free to share it on your pages.

Thank you for reading it today. 🙏

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