Achieve Peace & Joy With Minimal Cost & Effort!

I know some of us have used these lockdown days to find our solitude & have learnt to focus on our realities, strengths & our true self. I am sure most of us have become more conscious of ourself & the world around us. I am sure most of us have become mindful of what we consume in our body & mind everyday. I am sure by now we all must have begin to notice beauty, joy & happiness hidden in the most simplest of things & must have started enjoying simple pleasures. πŸ₯‚

I am sure that those little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly have started giving you more pleasure & thrill. Isn’t it? πŸ˜‚

β€˜The world is made what it is each day in part by countless tiny, almost unnoticeable things. When we practice greeting the world with awareness, we begin to tune into things, little things, happening all around us’

Julie van Amerongen

Believe me, a wealth of small pleasures & blessings are always all around us. If we learn to pay a little more attention to them, they could bring us both peace & joy with minimal cost & effort.

But the common belief was that happiness can only be found only in attaining big things, peace can be found only when whole world is at peace, Putting yourself in last is the healthiest thing, you will get satisfaction only upon great achievements & attainments of lavish possessions & so on β€” but is that really the case? No, certainly not!

On the contrary, most of these beliefs & thoughts have made us suffer more & perhaps made us more miserable instead of making us feel better.

Let you remind yourself to be more present, to change your focus in the now rather than losing yourself in worries about the past or future. Let you learn to find joy in the simple things, peace in the modest & contentment right where you are at right now.

Please don’t take it that I am saying you shouldn’t work for your growth or progress. You must but without loosing your “right now”. You must consciously decide how to spend every year, every month & every minute of your precious time to become your truest & greatest self.

Stay Healthy, Safe, Successful & Cheerful! Blessings πŸ’

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