I know that this will sound a bit harsh to lot of people but the truth is that there are people who wish to control, command & rule everything & everyone around them. They insist on being your top priority & want undue influence over your life. They want to regulate even to the extent what you think quietly in your own mind. They constantly push your buttons to get an emotional reaction out of you to blame you & implicate you in unnecessary brawls & arguments. You can’t be yourself around them. Not at all. It’s the only way they can tolerate being around you. 😢

They will forget what they said & did in a day but their actions & reactions will always have some unavoidable consequence for other people in their lives.

These people are not problems but their inability to keep themselves together is a problem.

This article is with a belief that when you speak to the best in people, it makes them see farther than their own immediate self-interest & egos. That’s why I sincerely hope “the best in you” is reading this. If so, I’m sure you’ll understand this.

You are far more than what you think & have become up to this point. Your world loves & respect you. Please:

  • Stop feeling hurt & offended on every damn thing.
  • Stop feeling that you are the only one who has right to be perfect, great, rock solid, an expert & a person of worth. Others too may have same feelings about themselves.
  • Stop feeling that you are the only one who is entitled & privileged.
  • Stop feeling that you need to be always right in an argument.
  • Stop expecting apologizes & sorries after every damn argument or discussion in order to get over it.
  • Manage your emotions, anxieties, fears & feelings of self-worth to give other people back their lives & emotional autonomy.
  • Value others existence, their ideas & contributions equally, if not more. Learn to give credit & appreciate others occasionally.
  • Stop belittling other’s accomplishments.
  • Stop pushing buttons of people unnecessarily. They all are your people.
  • Respect other’s boundaries, space & lives.

Believe me none of us are perfect. Even if you’re a perfectionist, you need to stay on your own case all day, not necessarily someone else’s. Everyone flies off the handle sometimes, or gets lost in their own thoughts & feelings. But that’s pretty normal. Don’t loose your calm on petty & avoidable things.

Let you continuously be a live-and-let-live person.  Let everyone be entitled to their thoughts, ideas, perceptions, beliefs, views & breathes. 🤗🤗

Remember that this universe has enough for everyone, we don’t need to snatch possessions, entitlements or damage other people’s lives in order to fulfil our desires, egos & greed.

Let you & everyone live in harmony with one another happily & peacefully! Stay Blessed!💐

I hope you are well & thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you found it useful. Please do let me know what you think of this article & share with all of us your brilliant thoughts. 🙏

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