You Are Stronger Than You Think. Believe It. Feel It. Own It!

At times, we all have come under fire in one way or the other. I mean who will be there in this world who hasn’t been thrown or tossed or fed to the lions. Tell me one person who, at times, hasn’t been the butt of something. Life is full of challenges & none of us is exempt. Believe me.

Illnesses, problems, setbacks, roadblocks, troubles, difficulties, challenges, obstacles – whatever you want to call them – happen all the time & to everybody. Remember, you are not alone. It’s a normal part of life, like it or not. If you treat them as a normal part of life, you will probably solve them much easily than others.

But it is not that everything around you is just fake, dingy, negative, awful & hopeless. If you are noticing only the negative, please also make an effort to notice the good things in life. Try to notice one thing, then try to think of one more. Look around, try counting your blessings no matter how small or big they are & stop letting your lacks blindfold you from noticing how blessed you are. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

Try to identify what’s got you feeling blue & why, talk about it with your family & friends. Don’t hide it. Don’t be scared or feel guilty in sharing your problems. Because once you air out those thoughts & feelings, you & everyone else will begin to solve the problems. You will surely come out of the challenges. Remember, when you don’t give up hope & keep reaching out to others, you will eventually find the people, tools & resources that you need to heal. I guarantee you. πŸ™πŸ™

Let you START from today:

  • Engaging. Living. Trying!
  • Laughing at yourself when you commit a blunder.
  • Eliminating all distances between yourself & others.
  • Dropping your all nonsensical prejudices toward others & connecting easily.
  • Going beyond your neediness (greediness) – I mean just check what more you need to add to your already overflowing cup? Let you begin to recognise all those fake needs, improper wants & root them out.
  • Seeing if you can practice to make your world to celebrate more instead of you feeling a need to party always,
  • Praising others instead of always in need of praise for your efforts & achievements.

You can’t talk negative with yourself & keep bashing yourself all the time & expect to blossom into a fulfilled person. Fulfillment is something you achieve by engaging fully in life.

Let you STOP from today:

  • Magnifying the negative details from a situation while filtering out all of the positive aspects.
  • Viewing everything as only β€œgood” or β€œbad” in an overly uncompromising manner.
  • Coming to a conclusion about your capabilities based upon a single incident
  • Believing that you know all about how others feel about you. I mean Stop reading minds of the others & presuming that you read it right. πŸ˜‚
  • Telling yourself that you understand how others feel & you know why they act as they do.
  • Expecting disaster from every interaction or situation.
  • Thinking that everything people do or say is a reaction to you, your thoughts & your deeds.
  • Comparing yourself to others in an effort to determine who is more intelligent, better looking & so forth.
  • Holding others responsible for the pain you feel or blaming yourself for every problem in your world. πŸ™
  • Having a list of restrictive rules about how you & others should act. Don’t feel angry when others do not follow your rules & do not feel guilty if you violate some of these.

When life gets overwhelming, don’t just throw in the towel. You are stronger than you think. Believe it. Feel it. Own it. You are a Champ. Believe me you’re much bigger than your problems. πŸ™

My best wishes are with you πŸ’πŸ’. Stay Dancing, Smiling, Giggling, Marveling & Living More & More!

If you are in low spirits, feel free to write to me anytime, I will go through these sincerely & try to offer you my best advices & solutions complimentary. πŸ€—πŸ€—

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