Universe Is On Your Side!

Today I want you to believe that this Universe is ‘friendly’ to you, no matter what. That everything, every situation or circumstance is in your best interests.

Since my grandma days I have been hearing this & like everyone else, had so many of these experiences. I mean today when I look back, become grateful for certain things that happened, even though I hated so much it at that time & couldn’t understand why these were happening to me! It goes on..

Let you also explore & recall a few of such life events where you have felt that whatever happened to you, was perhaps ‘good’ for you.

Therefore you need to trust that the universe is always on your side & that it will lead you to incredible possibilities if you allow it to & understand the core message hidden in the whispers.

Let this thought that universe is on your side get you off the couch & motivate you to use whatever gets you moving. Time to replace rusted out wheels with the shiny new ones & to start dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Remember that only in the present moment you can hear these intelligent directions of the Universe, I mean your intuitions, the wise self, inner God, Angel messages, gut instincts or that inherited knowledge… etc. whatever you may call it for that matter.

Let you begin to practice listening & understanding these sincerely to forge an alliance with universe & yourself. Stop feeling stuck & start living a completely different kind of life than the one you are used to. Believe me, the rewards of doing this are sweeter than you can imagine.

Stay Healthier, Happier, Fulfilled & Successful! Blessings 💐 💐

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