Destiny – A Vicious Cycle Of Action-Reaction-Action!

In my opinion, we all are absolutely free & there is no predestined destiny for individuals. I mean you are absolutely free to do your deeds, free to think, feel & react. You can not blame the planets for guiding you to do a specific thing or for your choices or for your decisions or for your intentions & motives, planets are only destined to give you the specific result linked with your these specific actions ( I believe astrology & destiny to that extent).

Let us take an example, if you put your finger in hot boiling water, it is obviously going to burn your finger & if you put your finger in ice then you are bound to feel cool. The destiny is not in the selection of the act, it is in the result. I mean what you choose to do will bring a more or less predetermined specific result… & that is called destiny. But God or planets do not force you to do this or that & no one is ordering the boiling hot water to burn your finger at that particular moment. The subsequent fruit for a specific act or reaction is already destined. That’s the whole concept of destiny. I hope I am making some sense 🤔.

Please remember that God or the destiny does not interfere with the choice of your selection of a specific action or reaction. The destiny lies only in the link between a specific action or reaction & corresponding specific result/outcome. It is pre destined that the fire burns your finger & the water will keep your finger cool. No great wisdom is required to understand this! It is always about your choice, will & decisions in first place.

Whatever resource, possibilities & opportunities you have today are in accordance with your yesterday’s deeds & how you utilize these today decides your tomorrow. Simple. Isn’t it. ☺️

In other words, your today’s life is based upon your past actions, inactions or reactions & tomorrow’s life is going to be based upon what you do today. This goes on i.e. action-reaction-action. Most of the world will treat this vicious cycle as destiny & call it as destiny is guiding everything. No, It’s completely in your hand at first place.

It means you alone are responsible for anything & everything happening to you as you yourself have created it by your actions, inactions & reactions.

Let me remind you that your destiny is too great, you are born important, significant & sufficient. Don’t let your yesterday define your today & tomorrow.

Think good thoughts today, perform good deeds today & react wisely today. Your future lies on your hands, take control & drive it to a better place. Stay Blessed! 💐

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