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Regret of action or regret of inaction!

I am sure you have heard it before – “one should live with no regrets”. It is obvious that no one wants to have regrets. But in my opinion – it is not possible. As a normal human being, we all will have some… Continue Reading “Regret of action or regret of inaction!”

Are you doing the things you know you need to be doing right now?

I am sure you know that every action you take has consequences & it’s impossible for anyone to escape those consequences. But that’s not the whole point today. What I am saying is – DO you know the consequences of Not Doing, Not Moving…… Continue Reading “Are you doing the things you know you need to be doing right now?”

Destiny – A Vicious Cycle Of Action-Reaction-Action!

In my opinion, we all are absolutely free & there is no predestined destiny for individuals. I mean you are absolutely free to do your deeds, free to think, feel & react. You can not blame the planets for guiding you to do a… Continue Reading “Destiny – A Vicious Cycle Of Action-Reaction-Action!”