Regret of action or regret of inaction!

I am sure you have heard it before – “one should live with no regrets”. It is obvious that no one wants to have regrets.

But in my opinion – it is not possible. As a normal human being, we all will have some kind of regrets in life. 🤔

However having said that – you surely will have some kind of regrets in life, you can’t avoid, I wish to tell you that you have the control over which kinds of regrets you ultimately want to have. 🤗

The “regret of action” or the “regret of passivity” (regret of not doing/ trying).

I mean – “I should have taken that opportunity, I should have gone to the place, I should have started, I should have done, I should have told, I should have called that friend or should have given some time to health, happiness & work sincerely” are entirely different regrets than being regretful for “not winning a lottery after you have bought it or thinking of doing things differently or handling a situation differently”.

The regret of trying & failing (action) is much less painful than things you haven’t done at all.

The regrets of action always come with consolation & sigh of relief because you atleast tried. It didn’t work. Though it sucks, but you did your best at that time with whatever experience or choices you had. You know at the core that you atleast gave it a shot.

But by never trying, you’ll always wonder what could have been. This kind of regret actually kills you. Regret of shitty action will cause you some embarrassment, sadness, guilt & pain but regret of not doing at all is worst, severe & dreadful.

If you ask me personally – I don’t regret things that I did & mistakes that I made, I regret things that I didn’t do at all even when I had the chance. Yes, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I’m glad that I did quite a few things at every stage of my life & tried everything that I thought I must or should, irrespective of the outcomes.

My sincere suggestion:

We all will have regrets. Let you have more regrets of action than inaction. Don’t let all the awesome shit in life pass you by without a fight.

Always remember – failing to achieve the desired outcome even after your best & honest attempts, loosing direction while heading towards your great self, not winning the race even after your persistence efforts, not graduating a particular college or not being able to travel the whole world are not going to make you feel miserable in longer run than those things you never did or tried due to your laziness, fears, confusions, stupid beliefs, bad choices & decisions. Those are the regrets that are going to stick with you & make you pull your hairs whenever you look through the windshield of your life.

In the short term, you may regret your actions more than inaction — but in the long term, I guarantee -your inaction regrets will stick around longer & torture you more.

You surely can avoid having following regrets in life by dedicating some of your time, energy & doing some efforts today:

  • Regret of not telling people you love them, timely.
  • Regret of not doing things you want & love – of setting aside your passions.
  • Regret of letting your friendships die off.
  • Regret of not starting something or doing something that you can today.
  • Regret of missing out something from hand (opportunities/ possibilities).
  • Regret of falling sick knowingly, not eating healthy & not working out.
  • Regret of not taking available chances.
  • Regret of not achieving or accomplishing even what you can.
  • Regret of not thinking of creating a legacy that you will like to leave behind.

for God sake – start doing your best. Always remember that your best will change with every passing day. It will be different when you are 21 year old as opposed to when you are at 40 or when you are strong & healthy as opposed to when you are sick & weak.

Let God bless your moment, your day & your life with more peace, love, happiness, celebrations & sufficiency.

Good luck & tons of good wishes 💐💐

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