Get it, or die trying! That is the attitude of those who reached to peak!

Today, I wish to remind you that I agree to the thought that you shouldn’t settle for a life or anything that will not serve you fully. You should not surrender on the things you truly want & deserve in life.

Obviously good life & good things are hard to get & achieve. You are bound to sweat, cry, be frustrated, afraid, annoyed & totally beaten up to a pulp, but when the average person stops getting up, you have to rise … rise once more & then again.

I know that most good looking people will give up as soon as things get tough & then they complain that they never got what they wanted.

Get it, or die trying. That is the attitude of those who reached to peak.

Whatever it is, however impossible it seems, never surrender, never give up on it & for God sake – never settle for anything less than you want & deserve.

I want you to find your purpose. I want you to find what is that meaningful thing you can do or achieve today. I want you to find what you wish to pursue everyday for your life.

I want you to find:

– What do you love or are passionate about?
– What are you really good at?
– What does the world need or what you can offer to the world?
– What you should be recognized & appreciated for?

Believe you me – The answers to those questions can change your life.

Always remember that you are not supposed to choose your life in another 10 years. You have to choose this right now! Make the choice that the average person is too afraid to make & go for your dreams, a life you want to live & become the kind of person you wish to be.

Choose to work really hard on achieving your dreams, become master in one area, travel the world, meet more amazing & network with powerful people & get paid for what you are passionate about.

Please stop being bored, upset, annoyed like any average person. Push yourself to be ecstatic about life – excited & enthusiastic about everything you have & you are going to achieve.

Let you achieve success beyond the bounds of possibility & endless happiness.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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