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Allow Sunshine to bloom your seeds of Greatness.

Today I invite you to stop playing small. Let this be your turn to shine, let this be your time to win, to be your greatest & grandest version – the magnificent you – in the best possible way. I want you to start… Continue Reading “Allow Sunshine to bloom your seeds of Greatness.”

It’s okay if, for the time being, you don’t know what you want to do in life.

I want you to consider yourself as Usain Bolt, Dara Singh, Harish Salve, Einstein, a Warren Buffett or as simple as a Wrestler, whom God has sent with almost all the required capabilities, talents & spirit, so that you can become an olympic class… Continue Reading “It’s okay if, for the time being, you don’t know what you want to do in life.”

New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How To Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

As December comes to a close, I wish you use these couple of days to expand your mind & elevate your spirit so that you can manifest & achieve everything you deserve in new year – 2021. I know 2020 was a year of… Continue Reading “New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How To Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!”

Why Are you hardwired for Negativity, Drama, Loudness & Hatred?

I know for sure that everyday you encounter with people, events & TV shows who suck all the positive energy out of you & fuel their relentless hunger for negativity & resentments, leaving you drained, exhausted, hopeless & unhappy. It may be a habit… Continue Reading “Why Are you hardwired for Negativity, Drama, Loudness & Hatred?”

Where focus goes, energy flows..

In fact today it it is all about our attention, focus & concentration. The real power. But the sad part is that most of us have become accustomed to placing our precious attention on the wrong things – on what’s not working, on our… Continue Reading “Where focus goes, energy flows..”

Reset, Refresh & Reenergize Yourself

Let this new month be filled with shifts in your favor, new beginnings, blessings & miracles. It’s the time for you to prioritize & strike a balance between your real goals & time spent on doing things that are not so meaningful. It’s time… Continue Reading “Reset, Refresh & Reenergize Yourself”

Shift Your Focus and Concentration!

Let me remind you that if you remain hypercritical, pessimistic, negative, depressed & vibe lower than you should, how can you expect good things to come your way. It’s a hard pill to swallow but the energy you put out is the energy you… Continue Reading “Shift Your Focus and Concentration!”

Raksha Bandhan!

Protecting & Caring is an essential expression of Raksha Bandhan & It is not just about brothers & sisters only. It is about all of us being protective of, caring for & loving each other. It is about believing that each of your loved… Continue Reading “Raksha Bandhan!”


आज पहली बात तो ये की देवताओँ और असुरों का अलग कोई अस्तित्व नहीं है। एक ही व्यक्ति में दोनों मौजूद हैं। आप का बेवजह क्रोध, घृणा, ईर्ष्या, या किसी के खिलाफ लगातार नाराजगी, अनिवार्य रूप से आपके असुरत्व को प्रगट करता है और… Continue Reading “प्रार्थना”

So much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life…

I know that these Pandemic days have made every life boring to an extent. But at the same time there are people all around who are going through this phase very gracefully & smoothly. They are doing everything that they can do to make… Continue Reading “So much is just round the corner that you deserve & want from life…”