New Year’s Resolution Ideas & How To Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

As December comes to a close, I wish you use these couple of days to expand your mind & elevate your spirit so that you can manifest & achieve everything you deserve in new year – 2021.

I know 2020 was a year of lessons after lessons. It’s not only you, but whole lot of world probably felt worn-out, washed out, collapsed, drained & stagnant in this year. But stay hopeful, COVID will be over very soon.

I want you to believe that you have all the resources, time, ability & potential to achieve anything you want in life & to make your world a much better place. Remind yourself that you are naturally & inherently blessed in so many ways.

Focus on the good that’s in your heart, the purity of your intentions & the light of your soul. Let your energy speak for itself.

I sincerely wish that you wake up to your potential in 2021 to create a life better than your wildest dreams.

I request you before anything you write about your goals, desires & wants, release all beliefs, routines, habits & activities that are blocking you from nurturing & taking care of yourself. For God sake, get rid of your bad thoughts, company, poor habits & begin to stay present more & more in present moment. Let you prevent ignorance & arrogance from knocking you out completely.

Now coming to the ritual of making new year resolutions once again just to forget it in less than a month 🤣

Nothing wrong about making new year resolutions. You can perfectly decide what you expect to become in new year & how this new year should lool like for you & your world. No harm in making yourself more clear on what is best & what you want from yourself in New Year.

With the long list of things you want to achieve, please also write down 2-3 corresponding actions you can do to bring you closer to all these wishes, resolutions & goals. If you don’t know what you want or what you must do, use Google to figure out what resolutions you should make & what actions you can take to fulfill those. Most likely someone has already written about it. Allow yourself be inspired by what others have already done.

Work toward your goals. It is only your consistent working toward your goals that will increases your chances of receiving what you deserve & want whether it is 2021 or 2022… 😁

Don’t forget to include in your resolution list:

  • to travel to places you never have been,
  • to explore newer side of you,
  • to start doing something as per your full potential,
  • to take that required leap & explore new options for you,
  • to start taking moderate risk,
  • to rekindle an old friendship/relationship before it’s too late,
  • Commit to getting in shape…

I pray God to let clarity enter your life. Let the peace of God surround you as 2020 turns to 2021. Let everything work out in your favor. Let your good thoughts, deeds & prayers heal & comfort your every pain. Let calmness be within you & love covers you in all the possible ways. Let all your wishes come true & you achieve everything you desire in 2021.

Good luck & Seasons Greetings ❤️

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