Who you are is not who you have to be!

Believe me, it is the time to begin cleansing, releasing & resetting, clearing old energy out, starting fresh & reconnecting with yourself & your world. It’s time to forget what happened to you in 2020 & set intentions for the bright future in 2021.

I want you to realise that who you are or have been all these years, is not who you have to be. You are not any more resonating with your old reality. Trust the unfolding. Nothing is meant to stay the same, not even you.

Let you don’t limit your being by attaching to the old version of you. You really need to outgrow the old version of yourself. That should be your prime objective. Your main resolution for the New Year.

Remember, without a strong captain at the wheel, a ship will just surrender to the sea. Same has been your journey in life (I am talking in general sense). If you want to become a better person, a more fulfilled person, an overall happy person, a more fit & healthy person, a person with strong immune system & a successful person, you need to start taking the inspired action. Remember, without taking inspired actions, not much will happen, no matter who you are & where you are.

So this action, your inspired action, is the key for you to manifest your desires, dreams & should be your top priority if you want to attract your dream life & achieve everything you deserve & want in 2021.

This rightly bring me to the question so many ask me – What is Inspired action? I don’t want to go what coaches have been telling (just because their explanation is a bit complicated). My definition is – Activity (action) that brings incredible feeling of joy, positivity & experience, when while doing it, you feel that it is the right thing to do, is an inspired action.

Believe me it is up to us to notice or ignore. Otherwise Universe, by default, is continuously giving us enough signals, ideas, bringing right people, opportunities & possibilities into our lives, inspirations, dreams, moments of revelation & realizations that could inspire us to take the right action – inspired action.

It is not a trick… it is simple.

But in the end, I repeat, you have to act. Without your action, all these guidance, advices & signs of Universe are useless.

So, let you resolve to do & continue doing whatever brings you a bit more joy, bliss, happiness, excitement & real success. Start using your time & energy on things that matter you the most today & tomorrow.

Please resolve to use most of your time & energy in learning, unlearning, shedding, evolving & constantly becoming who you have to be in real sense.

For God sake, stop doing everything that move you away from your magnificent self, from your exceptional expressions & from the possibility of who you can become.

I promise – the person who you want to be is just around the corner.

I pray God to help you in recognising that you have everything you need within you to become what you should be & that you can easily grow into your greatest version with abundance of resources. Good luck!

Have a sparkling New Year! ❤️

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