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Who you are is not who you have to be!

Believe me, it is the time to begin cleansing, releasing & resetting, clearing old energy out, starting fresh & reconnecting with yourself & your world. It’s time to forget what happened to you in 2020 & set intentions for the bright future in 2021.… Continue Reading “Who you are is not who you have to be!”

Being your own upgrade!

Let me remind you that it’s quite normal to get distracted, feel frustrated, aggravated & disappointed now & then. But the secret of the most successful, happier, hale & hearty people is knowing how to get back on track quickly to avoid suffering for… Continue Reading “Being your own upgrade!”

Restore A Common Sense Attitude To Your Life!

The most beautiful practice is to look at yourself & examine what needs to grow & expand within you to live a more happy, worthy & meaningful life. Also see which all hidden passions, emotions & feelings are to be uncovered & regulated. Let… Continue Reading “Restore A Common Sense Attitude To Your Life!”