Being your own upgrade!

Let me remind you that it’s quite normal to get distracted, feel frustrated, aggravated & disappointed now & then. But the secret of the most successful, happier, hale & hearty people is knowing how to get back on track quickly to avoid suffering for long.

The solution is simple – remain self motivated & keep doing more of those things that you are passionate about or inspire you & others to repeat more & more. While doing this you also need to keep removing everything that is blocking your motivation & your manifestation. Actually we all are born motivated but over a period of time it gets covered up by a thick layer of polluted ideas, bad habits, wrong priorities & unhealthy lifestyles.

To remain focused on being the person who you need to be & to manifest your all beautiful dreams find some simple & doable to-do list here. I mean below are some of the tips that hopefully can help you unleash your self-motivation & your greatest self.

  • Being Grateful: You & for that matter no one has another life. Why to complain. Just enjoy what you can & respect your life & your world.
  • Stop being Jealous or Resentful – How are you supposed to stay motivated when all your energy is being spent worrying about others possessions, qualities or luck? Focus on your blessedness.
  • Being Calm & Patient – Remember whenever you get impatient, you end up quitting. Stop being impatient unnecessarily.
  • Simplify your Life – Stop thinking of too many things at one time & end up doing nothing. Target one thing you want to complete every day & do that thing successfully.
  • Stop Waiting – Your inaction is the single most powerful motivation killer. Waiting just makes it harder to get motivated to do anything. Act now!
  • Get lost in some activity – You don’t need to find some grand purposes, explanations & meanings to do something. Begin with whatever comes in mind & heart – even if you are bad at it in begining. Focus on doing & not on justifications.
  • Scare yourself – Everyday is one less day. How can you be too comfortable with your ordinariness, laziness, passivity & always being behind the times. Let you raise the stakes & put yourself in a position where there is something to lose.
  • Stop being surrounded by Crappy People – who only suck & in turn motivate you also to suck. Find what’s sucking your motivation & get rid of it. Keep yourself always surrounded by motivation & positivity.

Remember that much of your success, happiness, peace & health depends on staying motivated.

Let God help you to become your own upgrade! Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐

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