Your happiness, peace & success is in your hands!

There are a thousand explanations for the same thing. Pick & only choose the ones that are helpful & what is right for your spirit.

Let me remind you once again that your life, your happiness, success & peace is in your interpretations, judgements, calls you take, your responses & daily choices you make knowingly or unknowingly. So if you find yourself stuck In deep shit, no one to blame, except yourself, your choices & decisions.

It’s all up to you, no one else, no matter the help you seek, if you don’t personally choose to make things better by the things you do, by the way you respond to people & situations, by the way you pick your battles & by the way you perceive things, then no help or support will really suffice.

Let God help you to choose, perceive, resolve, act or react in such a way that your love, joy, happiness, sufficiency & influence grow everyday. Stay Blessed 💐💐

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