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Stop selling yourself short, stupidly or mistakenly!

A lot of us have so much energy, talent & abilities that we can tap into but we sell ourselves short, either stupidly or mistakenly. Begin to tap into your internal super power, strengths & your true potential from today. Darling listen – Your… Continue Reading “Stop selling yourself short, stupidly or mistakenly!”

Stop feeling & displaying yourself as a ‘Poor Me’ kind of person!

Darling listen – you can not be a victim, a sufferer, sick or a dead person forever. Please stop thinking that the universe is working against you & stop complaining about everything. Always remember that most of the failures & setbacks are a setup… Continue Reading “Stop feeling & displaying yourself as a ‘Poor Me’ kind of person!”

When staying positive is tough..

Today it is for those who are thinking that staying positive is tough in current situation. Obviously your positivity, enthusiasm, energy, patience & your faith start dissipating when you are bombarded with a sequence of negativity & disappointments. And the truth is once your… Continue Reading “When staying positive is tough..”

Shift Your Focus and Concentration!

Let me remind you that if you remain hypercritical, pessimistic, negative, depressed & vibe lower than you should, how can you expect good things to come your way. It’s a hard pill to swallow but the energy you put out is the energy you… Continue Reading “Shift Your Focus and Concentration!”