It’s okay if, for the time being, you don’t know what you want to do in life.

I want you to consider yourself as Usain Bolt, Dara Singh, Harish Salve, Einstein, a Warren Buffett or as simple as a Wrestler, whom God has sent with almost all the required capabilities, talents & spirit, so that you can become an olympic class material – One Of Them, One Day.

Believe you me, for each of those successful athletes, celebrities & tycoons, everything began as an unknown – as an irritating question & an alien concept. Nobody had any clue what was going to happen, but they went along with it anyway. There is no other way!

Therefore please don’t panic. Stop being disappointed or frustrated. You don’t have to make all the right choices here & now. You can’t. Also please don’t get caught up in just making choices right now, choose them all 🤗

Let your these moments of confusions, your inability to decide & choose fuel you & ignite your spark. Believe you me your spark will finally bring you out from all the cloudiness.

Remember, this unknown, momentary confusions, uncertainties & darkness will only make you think a little deeper, stronger, curious, careful, less reckless & push you to act bravely & wisely.

Let you begin to give it your all, your best shot even if you’re not really sure what it is, right now. Let you commit to put your 100% into whatever you pick or begin to do. Be kind, 100% of the time. Be truthful, 100% of the time. Be reliable, dedicated & passionate, 100% of the time.

Today you may not know what it is you are embarking upon, but as long as you know that you are doing it for the right reasons, then you will end up with a trophy & a crown. I guarantee. We always do.

While concluding this, I wish to remind you that we are all are a work in progress. Until, our last breath. Our story continues to unfold, our universe continues to expand & our life continues to evolve, page by page, inch by inch, day by day. For God sake, don’t give up before the miracle happens.

Let you step forward today, despite the uncharted terrain beneath your feet & don’t ever look back.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you.. 💐💐

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