Nothing will fall from sky right into your lap automatically!

Someone yesterday asked me that why she is not getting success? why she is not achieving satisfaction & fulfillment in life? Why she doesn’t feel the motivation to do anything about it. Why her problems are not getting solved at first place? Why she always feel something is missing in her life & why she always feel angry & disappointed with herself & everyone around?

I simply repeated – You want success, right? You want to achieve your dreams, something big? You want to feel like you matter in this world, correct?

Then what do you have to give in order to get that? I asked her.

I am sure you know this but I will repeat – Nothing worthwhile will ever come abstractedly. No, never. Great opportunities will never fall from sky right into your lap. Your life will never become what you dream it to be by chance. All your problems will not be solved automatically while you are sleeping. Not atleast by wanting more & doing nothing.

Start doing something & stop waiting for magic to happen. Magic will happen only when you create it – intentionally, thoughtfully, persistently & by working hard.

Darling, you need to get off the idea that hoping & wishing for a great life is enough. It’s not! You will never get what you want by merely planning, thinking, wishing & by dreaming. You need to do something to get what you want. Start working on it right here & now.

In order to get to where you want to be, you must determine your endpoint & start working backward to outline the step from that point to where you are now. This is why it is necessary to be crystal clear on what you want, your desires & your goals.

As far as your problems are concerned, please do not expect to solve all your problems at once & right away. This is not going to happen. Not for anyone. Moreover, so many issues do not have instant-fixes. But when you focus on what you can do today to make these (or one of many) a bit smaller & focus on it again tomorrow, then the problem will be gone in few days & weeks, perhaps before you know it. My guarantee!

Let me remind you, like everyone else, you too hold more power than you think you do. Use that to turn your life around one step at a time.

All you need to do is to start working on your important things, things that matter to you now & in long run. Even if you take one step today & just get one step closer to your dreams, I guarantee – that soon you will achieve everything you wanted at first place.

Before I conclude this, I wish to repeat & remind you that you need to start paying attention to what excites you & what doesn’t, what ignites your spark & what dims down your light. You need to become committed to living life fully, expressing your uniqueness ( your real self) to achieve things that you want – a joyful & successful life.

The moment you begin to follow your bliss, the one who you are inside – believe you me, doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors & where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.

Good luck & best wishes 💐

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